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Mrs. Malory: Detective in Residence (Mrs. Malory Series #5)

Mrs. Malory: Detective in Residence (Mrs. Malory Series #5)

by Hazel Holt

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Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
In her first Dutton hardcover appearance, British widow and author Sheila Malory agrees to an old friend's long-standing request that she teach a course on women writers at Wilmot College, near Bucks County, Pa. Upon arrival, she catches up with her friend and then learns about the college, its members, including drama specialist Max Loring, whom the rest of the English faculty abhors, and the Whittier Institute, the area's cultural center. Sheila and the head of the Institute find Loring's body in a blanket chest in the Whittier Mansion after a concert; then the visiting professor befriends police lieutenant Mike Landis, in charge of the case. Her involvement in the investigation deepens after Loring's similarly despised brother is murdered. Despite a very slow start-the murder occurs a fourth of the way into the story-the charming and intuitive Sheila, last seen in Mrs. Malory and the Festival Murder, whose British sensibilities color her view of America, will charm readers of cozies. (Dec.)
Library Journal
Visiting professor Sheila Malory, a rather timid and wimpish import from Taviscombe, England, becomes the "insider" for a chummy policeman when murder strikes a Pennsylvania college town. Malory gathers hearsay evidence about two odious and universally disliked brothers murdered within days of each other. Various pets appear as part of the domestic scence, but what really creates atmosphere are the gossipy, catty remarks made about the victims. Though Malory appears to be too nave for a sleuth, this marks her fifth adventure and her first appearance in hardcover.
Emily Melton
Holt's first hardcover outing and fifth Sheila Mallory story features the indomitable middle-aged widow working her amateur (but considerable) sleuthing skills on an American college campus. Invited by her old friend Linda Kowolski to travel across the Atlantic to a small liberal-arts college in Pennsylvania to serve as guest lecturer in Women's Studies, Sheila approaches the assignment with some trepidation, especially after she realizes how consumed the Wilmot College faculty is with petty rivalries and professional one-upmanship. But the political machinations pale when Sheila discovers the body of Max Loring, head of research for Wilmot's renowned Whittier Institute, shot through the head. The local cop assigned to the investigation, one Lieutenant Landis, immediately recognizes Sheila as a kindred spirit, but even Landis doesn't figure that the intrepid Brit will be the one to identify the killer after unraveling the odd and convoluted story behind the murder. There's nothing outstanding about this typical British cozy, but it makes pleasant reading for a cold winter day.

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Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date:
Mrs. Malory Series , #5
Product dimensions:
4.28(w) x 6.86(h) x 0.70(d)

Meet the Author

Hazel Holt is the author of seven previous Mrs. Malory novels. She was a personal friend and literary advisor to Barbara Pym, and the author of Pym's official biography. A former television critic and feature writer, she lives in Somerset, England.

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