The Muckrakers / Edition 1

The Muckrakers / Edition 1

by Arthur Weinberg

ISBN-10: 0252069862

ISBN-13: 9780252069864

Pub. Date: 01/28/2001

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

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University of Illinois Press
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Edition description:
New Edition
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6.00(w) x 9.25(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Preface to the Illinios Paperback
Pt. 1In the Beginning1
Concerning Three Articles in This Number of McClure's, and a Coincidence that May Set Us Thinking4
The Shame of Minneapolis - Boss rule of a city6
The History of the Standard Oil Company: The Oil War of 1872 - How the "Mother of Trusts" operated22
The Right to Work - The story of the nonstriking miner, or how union men kept scabs from working40
Pt. 2A Name Is Born55
The Man with the Muckrake - The President of the United States makes a speech58
Pt. 3Behind Political Doors67
The Treason of the Senate: Aldrich, the Head of It All - The "millionaires' club." The high point in muckraking71
"Uncle Joe" Cannon - Unmasking the "Czar" of the House87
Comment About Congress - How is your congressman voting?99
The Story of Montana - Personal, commercial and political rivalry convulses a state104
Tweed Days in St. Louis - A circuit attorney keeps his campaign promises122
The First Ward Ball - "Pickpockets, bartenders, prostitutes, politicians and police captains celebrate the reign of graft."139
Can This Be Whitewashed Also? - Land-office investigator touches off a national controversy150
Mr. Ballinger and the National Grab Bag - Shall public property be grabbed by monopolists?158
Pt. 4Poison - Beware!175
The Patent Medicine Conspiracy Against Freedom of the Press - Patent medicine advertisers coerce newspapers into a "hands-off" policy on their merchandise179
The Great American Fraud - Fraudulent claims and endorsements of patent medicines195
The Jungle - "I aimed at the public's heart, and by accident I hit it in the stomach."207
Pt. 5People in Bondage213
The Clash of the Races in a Southern City - Sheds light on a problem216
The Racd War in the North - A challenge to the "spirit of the abolitionists."233
Pt. 6High Finance241
The Rise of the Standard Oil Company - Insight into the manipulation of trusts245
Frenzied Finance: (The Story of Amalgamated) - The phrase "the System" is coined as it pertains to stock manipulation and trusts in general264
Lawson and His Critics - Questions from his reades erupt into a national exposure of insurance286
Railroads on Trial - How railroads make public opinion300
Pt. 7The Church307
The Tenements of Trinity Church - Does the good done by the charitable enterprises of Trinity Church equal the evil of tenements which help finance them?311
Pt. 8Prisons321
A Burglar in the Making - Convicts sold to contractors to work out their sentences325
Pt. 9Labor339
Making Steel and Killing Men - Unnecessary accidents in the steel mills342
The Hoe-Man in the Making - Children of the looms361
"De Kid Wot Works at Night" - The Newsboy and his newspapers369
Pt. 10Vice385
The City of Chicago: A Study of the Great Immoralities - The reign of vice and its police protection389
The Daughters of the Poor - Immigrant girls caught in the center of the white slave trade408

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