Multi-Copper Oxidases

Multi-Copper Oxidases

by Albrecht Messerschmidt

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Ch. 1Early and More Recent History in the Research on Multi-Copper Oxidases1
Ch. 2Spatial Structures of Ascorbate Oxidase, Laccase and Related Proteins: Implications for the Catalytic Mechanism23
Ch. 3The Structure of Human Ceruloplasmin at 3.1 [actual symbol not reproducible] Resolution81
Ch. 4Spectroscopy of Multi-Copper Oxidases103
Ch. 5Bioinorganic Chemistry of Laccase129
Ch. 6Kinetic Studies on Polyporus and Tree Laccases167
Ch. 7Fungal Laccases: Role in Delignification and Possible Industrial Applications201
Ch. 8Spectroscopy of Cucumber Ascorbate Oxidase and Fungal Laccase225
Ch. 9Biological Function and Enzyme Kinetics of Ascorbate Oxidase251
Ch. 10The Biology of Human Ceruloplasmin285
Ch. 11Molecular Properties of Ceruloplasmin from Different Species307
Ch. 12Electron Transfer Reactions in Multi-Copper Oxidases355
Ch. 13Redox Properties of Blue Multi-Copper Oxidases391
Ch. 14Model Compounds for Multi-Copper Oxidases431
Ch. 15[superscript 199m]Hg-Derivatives of Laccase and Ascorbate Oxidase: A Hyperfine Spectroscopic Study431

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