Multicultural Law Enforcement: Strategies for Peacekeeping in a Diverse Society / Edition 1

Multicultural Law Enforcement: Strategies for Peacekeeping in a Diverse Society / Edition 1

by Robert M. Shusta

ISBN-10: 0135540801

ISBN-13: 9780135540800

Pub. Date: 10/07/1994

Publisher: Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference

Fourth Edition



Strategies for Peacekeeping in a Diverse Society

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Fourth Edition



Strategies for Peacekeeping in a Diverse Society


Robert M. Shusta, Deena R. Levine, Herbert Z. Wong, Aaron T. Olson and Philip R. Harris



 “The authors of Multicultural Law Enforcement: Strategies for Peacekeeping in a Diverse Society illustrate that an awakening must take place if law enforcement is to adjust successfully to the demographic realities facing the United States in the 21st century. This text shows why an enhanced sense of cultural awareness and understanding of multicultural diversity issues have become increasingly essential for today's police officers.”


Retired Captain Alan C. Youngs, Lakewood Police Department (Colorado)




The five authors of Multicultural Law Enforcement provide a comprehensive look at the challenges that police officers face as they interact with individuals from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The authors focus on cross-cultural contact withlaw enforcement and the associated professionalism required to deal with issues of multicultural diversity. They highlight the fact that, with the respect that law enforcement exhibits, members of minority communities and law enforcement will develop excellent relationships and mutual trust. .


This completely updated Fourth Edition of Multicultural Law Enforcement: Strategies for Peacekeeping in a Diverse Society provides key insights and information relevant to criminal justice professionals on law enforcement contacts across cultures and races. Chief executives, managers, supervisors, police and correctional officers, federal agents, and students will all benefit from the book’s guidelines, its insights and the practical knowledge in every chapter. .


This fourth edition includes new or updated information on:



·        Community policing — new success stories and illustrations.

·        Immigration and unauthorized migrants in the U.S.

·        Racial profiling status and new legislation

·        Recruitment and retention of women and minorities

·        Issues pertinent to sexual orientation and law enforcement

·        Native American tribal police and issues of identity

·        Multicultural issues related to terrorism, homeland security, and disaster preparedness. 

·        The "Patriot Act" and related  issues for law enforcement.


·        Effective response strategies to reduce hate and bias crimes; post 9/11 updates



Criminal justice instructors, students and law enforcement trainers will welcome Multicultural Law Enforcement (4th Edition) as a complete learning package that offers the following time-saving supplements: Instructor's Manual, Student Study Guide, Chapter Tests and an Instructor's Resources CD with Chapter Teaching Point Slides. 


“One of the greatest challenges to American Society is developing the ability to respect and acknowledge cultural differences while drawing on the strengths of diversity. The police and all other law enforcement professionals need to be on the cutting edge of meeting that challenge — this text will help them to effectively fulfill their responsibility.”


Darrel W. Stephens, Chief of Police

Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina

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Table of Contents

Pt. 1Impact of Cultural Diversity on Law Enforcement1
1Multicultural Communities: Challenges for Law Enforcement3
2The Changing Law Enforcement Agency: A Microcosm of Society32
3Multicultural Representation in Law Enforcement: Recruitment, Retention, and Promotions63
Pt. 2Training in Cultural Understanding for Law Enforcement89
4Preparation and Implementation of Cultural Awareness Training90
5Cross-Cultural Communication for Law Enforcement114
Pt. 3Cultural Specifics for Law Enforcement139
6Law Enforcement Contact with Asian/Pacific Americans140
7Law Enforcement Contact with African Americans166
8Law Enforcement Contact with Latino/Hispanic Americans193
9Law Enforcement Contact with Arab Americans and Other Middle Eastern Groups214
10Law Enforcement Contact with American Indians242
Pt. 4Response Strategies to Crimes Motivated by Hate/Bias265
11Hate/Bias Crimes: Insights and Response Strategies267
12Hate/Bias Crimes: Reporting and Tracking294
13Hate/Bias Crimes: Investigations, Control, and Victimology315
Pt. 5Cultural Effectiveness for Peace Officers345
14Peace Officer Image and Cultural Sensitivity346
15Police Officer Professionalism and Peacekeeping Strategies in a Diverse Society367
Appendix A Multicultural Community and Workforce: Attitude Assessment Survey395
Appendix B Cultural Diversity: Survey for Needs Assessment401
Appendix C Recruitment Action Plan407
Appendix D Techniques and Methods of Recruitment: Expanded Course Outline410
Appendix E Sample Agency Courses412
Appendix F Guidelines for Design of Cultural Awareness Programs422
Appendix G Cultural Holidays and Religious Celebrations434
Appendix H Models for Management438
Appendix I Directory of Organizations: Antibias Education440
Appendix J Hate Violence Tracking Forms442
Appendix K Listing of Consultants and Resources446

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