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Multidimensional Love: Poems to in the Key to My Love

Multidimensional Love: Poems to in the Key to My Love

by Charles D. Lumpkins

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This is a literary book of poems and prose to enhance doers and thinkers too see how you can perceive your life through love. Love is the chief cornerstone of all things known and unknown. Knowingly, with love, life ( your present life), can blossom into beauty, joy, creativity, art, form, substance, and a myriad of personal experiences that can be felt and


This is a literary book of poems and prose to enhance doers and thinkers too see how you can perceive your life through love. Love is the chief cornerstone of all things known and unknown. Knowingly, with love, life ( your present life), can blossom into beauty, joy, creativity, art, form, substance, and a myriad of personal experiences that can be felt and appreciated during your lifetime.

As a man of African and Native American decent, I wanted gather all the text(s) of the downtrodden American citizen and literally find an answer and a solution worth it's weight in gold. That, my friend, is the vortex of inner love. By first loving yourself and using love as your conscious inner vortex, any person, especially the black man in America can use this solution in his life to tell a new story.

My late spouse of twenty-eight (28) years, Remelle Lumpkins, ask; "why can't a black man tell a personal life occurrence without playing on the ills of the American society against him." My confession and personal thrust into well being as a citizen of America is to infuse love into all the changes of the downtrodden motif and now speak about the wonderful book of poems and prose called, "Multidimensional Love." As you will see with my poetic life, living in the present with love has a value more precious than gold. PEACE. Charles Lumpkins author of "Multidimensional Love"

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Multidimensional Love

Poems To In The Key To My Love

By Charles D. Lumpkins


Copyright © 2014 Charles D. Lumpkins
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4917-3564-0


    It Is All About Love
    A Love Supreme

    A love supreme for you and me
    Realizing my love relations
    Energy pushing and pulling in continual harmony
    Naturally like colorful tonal vibrations
    Soul singing so lovely without pain
    Like harmonizing love in a dream
    Two existing lovers creating a lovers lane
    Joyous love so lovely so supreme
    Complimenting a lovers oneness thought
    Feeling the truth of a supreme love sound
    Ever expanding the love I brought
    Connecting also with a great partner I have found

    Music Is The Natural
    Voice To Nature

    Music is the means by which Nature sings sweet melodies of life
    Listen to the brook cascading downward through the rocks
    See the butterfly in Belize dazzle beauty, movement and form
    Taste the sweet nectar of the fruits of the earth
    Smell the awesome aroma of a bed a flowers in California on a sunny day
    Touch the heart of man with soul love
    Then experience a joyful life and proceed to be consciously aware of the onemess of love

    Oh God

    I would like to say
    How I love thee in three different ways
    When one is appreciative of Your Grace Breath
    Who carries persons from life to life to death to life
    Happiness in the form of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding
    Which brings about a divine man
    From the muck and mire to a life of light waxing and waning
    And finally interpenetration the word which is not alone to see
    When nature needs man and man needs God in continuum
    Of life creativity beauty and harmony
    Thank you God for letting me say
    I love you with all my heart
    And here is where my heart ig going to stay
    Always in love Peace

    Percussion Discussion

    Drummers communicating in a call and response percussion
    Alerting accents and flowery musical changes
    Electrifying a flowing percussion
    When sound moves as the moments need rearranges
    Several instruments blend together creating a beat
    Communicating in consistent rhythmical medleys
    Striking a command of a songs inner heat
    Harmonizing tempos reaching to Pleiades
    A rhythm being sounded
    Full of vision and fury
    Fast moving and grounded
    To the listening hearts like a jury
    The heat dissipated makes you want to dance
    When the drums ring sweat and accent together
    Just like the drummers seemingly forever
    Speak oh rhythm and dance away
    With joys love and embrace
    Touching all life that feels you and sway
    Connecting hearts with a smiling face

    A Mothers Love

    The life you live is not worth living
    If we do not love our mother and all her giving
    Because it is she who labored nine months for our birth
    Feeding us clothing us taking us to church
    We as helpless babes traveled into this world
    Connected to our physical life source a pearl
    Mom has been nearer to us since our first breath
    Feeding us changing diapers watching our health
    Unfortunately for some of us even our death
    She is the pearl of great price of every mans dreams
    And as we look for a lover we look for someone like mom it seems
    What is this love that a mother has for her child
    That never ending sensation that even nature hold in the wild
    Yes it is warmth compassion trust and dedication
    To see her children grow in maturation
    A chance for her to see her seed germinate
    Through life with the same love she first started to generate
    Every mother has to be thankful to mother
    Because after her there will be no other
    Love respect and cherish her as long as you can
    Knowing all the while she gave you the right ingredients to stand
    That someday my children may respect me and always behave
    Mom I love you

    The Champ

    It was love at first sight
    My souls delight
    To have the Champ a part of me
    And together we had a family
    Life's joy seems so beautiful
    Our home was blessed and peaceful
    My heart belongs to the Champ
    And his to me
    Champ I truly love you
    Love is l o v e
    Champ our children need you form Tony to Mary
    Listen let me tell you
    The Champ is for me
    The experiences of life
    Became meaningful through strife
    Ups and downs came our way
    But the Champ was there to save the day
    Through all of childrens birth
    Our body language talked first
    My heart belongs the Champ
    And his to me
    Champ missing you hurts me
    When God called on you
    Champ I always felt that we were one and never two
    Listen let me tell you the Champ for me

    A Fathers Love

    The love from my father is like precognitive thinking
    Where his teaching and life examples reinforce simultaneous concepts
    Concepts received with patterns overlaying thoughts while my eyes are blinking
    To the iambic pentameter of creative flow energizing my mind and biceps
    Dad you taught me multitasking in music like the Dogon I am told
    Using several probabilities of sound to learn lesson multilayered
    Acquiring proficiency in self development and ethical stature of maturity like men of old
    Where boys develop to be men for a reason not a season because dad you truly cared
    Happy is the son to have embraced a fathers love
    Forever reaching out to you like sparking stars above
    Letting me know him, my special father of mine.
    My hero

    Brother Brother

    From the depths of my inner being
    Brother I want to share something worth seeing
    A vivid life loving relationships and a close friend
    I open my heart to receive your heart
    Love relationships take place when a heart for heart is displayed
    Love relationships are to give representation of personal freedom
    Commitment trust collectivism and mutual respect
    Having freedom of choice enables you to create your own reality
    A reality where a man or woman can maintain mastery of self
    And instill confidence friendship and agape love one to another
    In order to have a friend you must first be one
    A close friend is one who never abandons you for the vain promises of the moment
    My friends rely on personal integrity confidence and reciprocity
    As a means to build your intestinal fortitude in personal challenges or depression
    This means we must show genuine love as an example to all the children of God. Peace

    A Continuum With God
    A continuum with God is a blessing. Being blessed by God is a sacred experience. The two
    together illustrates how men and women throughout the ages valued life.
    I know for a fact that I want God firmly rooted in my life for the rough road ahead of me in life.
    Nature has a continuum with God in many interesting ways. The four seasons, the replenishing
    of life on the earth, a brook, the inapt equilibrium of a dualistic world, the spinning of the earth
    on it's axis through space, and the heart of man are examples of a great Creator enjoying the many
    splendored things with creation.

    There is a frontier inside humanity called inner space. This space inside you and I holds the
    unsolved mysteries of life and love. To understand this truth we must use awareness beyond
    empirical knowledge and that would be the wisdom of the heart. Consciousness as it relates to
    energy will begin us on this new journey into self hood with our Creator.

    I Bring To You A
    Diamond Funk In The 21St
    Century Experience

    Today the California sunlight shine brightly on my flesh
    Activating my melanin to dance and harmonize
    By focusing attention to generate my minds best
    By thinking feeling and attaining the prize
    This prize is a diamond from within
    Yes it is my soul where love begins to give
    Moving in a clockwise fashion continually in a spin
    Where the love of intelligent energy can live
    My love for performing music blends into funk
    Where a song and dance connects into the oneness of thought
    Playing in many nightclub bands with renewed spunk
    Joy is what a diamond funk brought
    Music sweet music from my experience
    Moving through the embodiment of the 21st century
    Enabling me to relive this visual appearance
    Of a humble heart in a musical sea of plenty
    As a possessor of music you must always understand
    How important harmony need to implode
    From your heart center to a miked band
    Reaching out to all humanity deep within loves hold
    Jam On It is a phrase of my souls camp
    Jamaican Funk is a dance song with a strong beat
    It Is All About Love encodes light energy like a stamp
    Oh how my heart lives with Happy Music in all this heat

    Miss Remelle

    I live my life through song
    Where my beliefs and thoughts are abound
    To an ever present tone in continuity
    With my reality existing through spontaneity
    Somehow my feeling and psychology come together
    Into a kind of gestalt like the weather
    Creating various occurrences of a loving nature
    Consciousness energy inside and outside my stature
    Of a being unlimited in nature to survive
    Embracing value fulfillment as I am alive
    To all the joy life brings
    It is like each breath creates many springs
    Love in it's multidimensional creativity
    Create many manifestations like you and me
    The joy is alive in the sound of music
    Forever expanding in form or static
    Music is the key of life voiced through song
    Letting me know all things have place they belong
    To this full expression of love loving living
    And love always spontaneously giving
    To light sound feelings and you
    Affirming through love what is willed you can do

    Call Of The Birds

    I awaken to the call of the birds
    Chirping communicating singing their songs
    In the early morning hours as the sun rises
    They find peace and happiness in themselves
    As they look to start another day
    It sounds like the birds are planning out their day
    Filling each other in on the joy of being a bird
    Each one having a song story to share
    Everyone receiving the message of I care
    Soon after the birds take flight for food
    Flying across the landscape singing their song
    Each one finding food for themselves and their young
    The call of the birds rings songs of fulfillment
    Sounding a joy to be a bird in peace
    Content to their reality in life
    Thanking the Creator of life for opportunity
    In finding value fulfillment in being a bird
    The call of the birds I hear everyday
    Coupled with the rising sun fresh air and the spirit of being alive
    Sing bird oh sing away
    With expressions of songs that inspire me to enjoy another day

    As The Key To My Lif Goes

    As I sit here in my four cornered room I think of my life on the third rock from
    the sun contemplating how unevolved energy can transform into love? How
    my heart center wants all unevolved energy to be directed to my heart center.
    Only love can release energy from a resistive point of flow in my personality
    to the oneness of love. By focusing on the oneness of love I can generate a
    continual experience of soul love. So my deliberate intent in this life is to
    master the oneness of love in and out of myself! With this love in my life I can begin
    to see light, love, and beauty everywhere! Oh what a feeling!

    Life Experiencing Art Poetry

    Life has living challenges coupled as art
    Encouraging each of us to at least start
    To learn through life a living poetry
    Where the full expression is about you and me
    This expression most times is not put in words
    This poetry of life can also be seen in birds
    It is a communication generated through living
    Gracious and majestic as benevolent giving
    Your lot in life to cleverly create
    With those same challenges you perspirate
    It is an organic music of sorts
    Soul singing in love like when a couple courts
    Value fulfillment is poetry from the heart
    Where energy transformation is released through every part
    Spontaneity simultaneously stimulating the senses
    Of our inner kind of durability in happenstances
    Always in continuum like conscious energy
    Forever moving changing singing into eternity
    Dance with your life art poetry
    As you learn the joy of this inner quality
    Experiencing a refreshing life day to day
    A joy where you do not have to financially pay
    Let life love you back through living
    Let poetry express in you the creation of giving

    Latif Blues

    Music is my expression of choice
    As I develop my heart in sound
    My pulsating heart sings my inner voice
    Like a medley canon or round
    May the Latif Blues move
    Touch me let me go
    To a vision of greatness I see
    Where my music has a constant flow
    Giving back at the World Stage
    It is a page in my book of life I treasure
    Watching musicians absorb a jazz page
    Full of blues art and pleasure
    May the Latif Blues move me
    Touch me let me go
    To a vision of greatness I see
    Where my music has a constant flow
    Now the last song is played in common time
    But I still feel the surround sound
    With music love this hearty of mine
    My enjoyment in life is found
    Touch me and let me go
    To a vision of greatness I see
    Where my music has a constant flow

    A Supreme Theme About Love

    There is an interconnecting chord of songs I hear
    A sound Barry John and Maurice chimed very clear
    It is a world based on love aspirations
    Forever seeking expanding aspirations
    Of value fulfillment energy transformation spontaneity and durability
    Feelings from within approaching love from their ability
    To resonate love thoughts into sound
    Bringing happy faces all around where joy accents love and impregnates
    Spontaneous simultaneous star gates
    Vortexes as such for energy to move
    In our lives as we vibe with the groove
    Of an ever love encompassing self reigning supreme
    All through the created universe carrying a theme
    It is all about your love!

    Chuck In Peace Muddy
    Waters Feel

    I am Chuck in Peace everyday of my life
    I seek tranquility with my wife as one
    Though times might seem quite hard to handle
    Keep on moving and you will not get tired
    Muddy Waters Feels that now is the time
    Stop talking and attempt to give
    You are here for a fulfilling reasonable space
    Make your life last for more than a fleeing season
    I am Chuck in Peace so hold on to the realities of your heart
    Take the first step to a wonderful start and move
    Where love compliments your desire
    To meet all life tasks with the fire of your soul
    Muddy Waters Feels simultaneous vibes harmonizing your tones
    Electrifying the spirit of peace in your bones to feel
    Bringing about a perceptive consciousness to see
    As it permeates your life and thoughts like a dream
    I am Chuck in Peace as the world stage calls you out by name
    Knowing your reality as your life goes on
    Through thoughts and emotions from your head to your toes
    Muddy Waters Feels like embracing this moment in time fluidity
    Listening to the way the air breathes in your lungs
    Counting it all joy learning from your inner school


Excerpted from Multidimensional Love by Charles D. Lumpkins. Copyright © 2014 Charles D. Lumpkins. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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