Multimedia Authoring: Building and Developing Documents

Multimedia Authoring: Building and Developing Documents

by Scott Fisher

ISBN-10: 0122575601

ISBN-13: 9780122575600

Pub. Date: 01/28/1994

Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology Books

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Elsevier Science & Technology Books
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Learning to Think Multimedia1
The Restrictions of Linearity2
Interactive Documents before Multimedia: Hypertext4
Goals of This Book7
Terminology Used in This Book8
Applicability: Who Needs Multimedia?19
Is There Anything Multimedia Can't Do?20
What Makes Multimedia Special?26
Making Music: How Many Tunes from Only 88 Keys?41
The Author as Composer42
Pace, Volume, and Tempo45
Storyboards: Visual Outlines53
Storyboard History54
How Do You Start?56
Storyboarding for Interactive Media59
Different Kinds of Stories, Different Kinds of Boards60
Components: Modules and Links77
What Is a Module?78
What Is a Link?81
Restrictions of Tools and Media84
How the Brain Retains Information85
Moving Modules90
In Our Last Episode...92
Open-Ended Links98
Structure: Analyzing the Information in Your Database103
What Is an Information Database?104
What Comes First?106
Profiling User Information111
The Nature of the Information Database113
Information Hierarchies115
Flat Versus Structured Information Layout118
Assumptions: Right Ones and Wrong Ones125
The Myth of Prerequisite Information126
Is There Such a Thing as a Valid Assumption?129
How Information Is Used130
Building Assumptions into the Document133
In the Audience's Shoes136
Preparing Paper and Online Documents from Common Source138
Road Maps: How To Get Around In Cyberspace151
What is Cyberspace, Anyway?152
Orienting the Reader: The Table of Contents153
Directory Listings156
"You Are Here"159
Is That All There Is?161
Guided Interactive Navigation169
Document Structure: Islands and Streams181
Document Conversion Versus Document Creation182
From Text to Hypertext183
From Hypertext to Hypermedia187
Advantages of Conversion190
Advantages of Modular Design194
Creating or Adapting - Common Needs197
Adapting an Existing Document198
Creating a New Document199
Multimedia Projects: Checklists, Issues, and Questions207
Integrating System Components208
Using the Checklists210
Checklist - Document Analysis212
Checklist - Roles of Development Staff213
Checklist - Authoring System Analysis216
Checklist - Delivery System Analysis218
Checklist - Understanding your Resources222
Timeline - Project Overview223
Conclusion - New Technology, New Information, New Aesthetics229
Appendix A - Online Examples233
Appendix B - Glossary245
Appendix C - Bibliography273

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