Multiparticle Dynamics: Proceedings of the XXIV International Symposium

Multiparticle Dynamics: Proceedings of the XXIV International Symposium

by Alberto Giovannini, S. Lupia, R. Ugoccioni

ISBN-10: 9810221282

ISBN-13: 9789810221287

Pub. Date: 03/28/1995

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated

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World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated
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Table of Contents

Intermittency and space-time structure3
On Bose-Einstein correlations and generating functions15
Forward-backward multiplicity correlations in hadronic Z[superscript 0] decays37
Leading heavy quarks, multiplicity distributions and correlations in e[superscript +]e[superscript -] annihilations42
Multiparton angular correlations in e[superscript +]e[superscript -] interactions52
W-jet rapidity correlations in [actual symbol not reproducible] collisions at [actual symbol not reproducible] = 1.8 TeV59
Correlation moments in experimental distributions and QCD cascades67
The relation between average transverse momentum per event and the correlation strength77
Intermittency signals and their interpretation85
Strange baryon correlations in e[superscript +]e[superscript -] collisions at LEP92
On the charge dependence of factorial moments in e[superscript +]e[superscript -] processes104
On possibility of existence of gluon squeezed states in QCD jets112
Self-affinity of multiplicity fluctuation in the anisotropic phase space of multiparticle production117
Change with energy of source geometry as seen in hadron interferometry127
Continuation of F[subscript q] to noninteger q139
Colour deconfinement in nuclear collisions149
Recent results from relativistic heavy-ion collisions at the CERN SPS163
Cluster growth in heavy-ion collisions185
High energy nuclei collisions and phase transitions189
Fusion of strings and particle spectra199
Monojet production in ultrarelativistic AA collisions209
[gamma]p and [gamma][gamma] physics at high energies221
QCD predictions on multiparticle final states243
Adventures in QCD, i.e. trying to make it collective as well as discrete263
Quarks and gluons - studying jet properties using the OPAL detector at LEP280
QCD showering and multiplicity fluctuations290
Multiparton interactions: from Feynman diagrams to a probabilistic description300
Scale-invariant Lipatov kernels from t-channel unitarity309
Semi-hard parton rescatterings in high energy nuclear collisions319
Clans as independent patron sources in the generalized simplified parton shower model329
Multiparticle entropy from parton quantum decoherence339
A test of the Standard Model, using Da[Phi]ne349
Properties of the Z[superscript 0] [actual symbol not reproducible] events359
Multiplicity distributions384
Inclusive properties of [actual symbol not reproducible] in hadronic decays of the Z[superscript 0]406
Hadron and photoproduction of charmed particles at fixed target416
Study of the structure of the events produced in soft [actual symbol not reproducible] interactions at [actual symbol not reproducible] = 1800 GeV428
Recent results in semileptonic B decay from ALEPH438
A new phenomenological model for strange baryon production in hadronic interactions448
What can we learn from clan structure analysis on rapidity gap probability458
Hadron production at cosmic ray energies468
The high energy behavior of the forward scattering parameters - [actual symbol not reproducible], [rho], and B478
Hadronic final states in DIS at HERA493
Proton structure functions and diffraction in deep inelastic scattering at HERA503
Structure functions and low-x physics517
Diffraction and low-x physics at HERA524
A study of the hadronic shower produced in high energy muon-nucleus interactions531
Proton and deuteron structure functions and structure function ratio in inelastic muon scattering532
The F[subscript 2] structure function of the proton, of the deuteron and the ratio [actual symbol not reproducible]540
Saturation of structure function ratios [actual symbol not reproducible] at small x550
Results on the spin-dependent structure functions of the proton567
Geometry of multihadron production579
List of Participants597
Conference Picture609

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