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Murder by Manicure (Bad Hair Day Series #3)

Murder by Manicure (Bad Hair Day Series #3)

4.0 5
by Nancy J. Cohen

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Both Nancy J. Cohen's debut title Permed to Death, and her follow-up, Hair Raiser, have wowed fans and critics alike. Now, in this eagerly anticipated third entry in the Bad Hair Day Mystery series, stylist Marla Shore is back with another nail-biting tale of murder. Since beauty is her business, salon owner Marla Shore figures she can surely rid herself


Both Nancy J. Cohen's debut title Permed to Death, and her follow-up, Hair Raiser, have wowed fans and critics alike. Now, in this eagerly anticipated third entry in the Bad Hair Day Mystery series, stylist Marla Shore is back with another nail-biting tale of murder. Since beauty is her business, salon owner Marla Shore figures she can surely rid herself of a few excess pounds of holiday flab without joining a gym. But when daily walks with her slowpoke poodle fail to whittle her waistline, Marla reluctantly gives in to a trial membership at Perfect Fit Sports Club. She never dreamed that slimming down would mean running into a deadly case of foul play. Marla's in the middle of her body fat analysis session when the blood-curdling screams of a hysterical patron send her charging to the "wet area." It seems that after ingesting a gelatin capsule to strengthen her nails, Jolene Myers slipped into a whirlpool-and drowned beneath the swirling waters. Marla isn't the only one in sunny Palm Haven who sees a dark cloud hovering over her former client's demise. Homicide Detective Dalton Vail is convinced Jolene's death was no accident-and Marla intends to join forces with him and give her deductive skills a workout. Marla quickly discovers that there's no shortage of suspects. Apparently, Jolene didn't have many fans at the tony sports club. Furthermore, somebody apparently swapped her nail-strengthening capsule for a poisonous gelcap. A likely candidate is the victim's pal Hank Goodfellow, a philandering pharmacist who hardly lives up to his name. But Jolene also had her share of spats with bribe-accepting city councilman Wallace Ritiker, vocal animal rights activist CookieCalcone, Dancercise instructor Lindsey Trotter, and realtors Sam and Eloise Zelman. Then there's massage therapist Slate Harper, whom Jolene jilted one too many times--and who reportedly went from smitten to stalker. With a second corpse on her manicured hands, Marla would like nothing more than to nail the killer and wrap the case. But things are shaping up to be more complicated than she or Vail ever imagined--and unless Marla exercises the utmost caution, the next buff body on its way to the morgue will be hers. Hijinks abound in this harrowing--and often hilarious--mystery, as Nancy J. Cohen files another winner and grooms her sassy southern sleuth for eagerly anticipated cases to come.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
In this middling cozy, Florida hairdresser Marla Shore steps out of her salon into a deadly fitness club for her third excursion as an amateur sleuth (after 2000's Hair Raiser). Taking advantage of a free trial membership, Marla encounters one of her customers, Jolene Myers, on her first visit. Jolene has a rather heated argument with another member, Cookie Calcone, and not long after that, Jolene turns up dead in a whirlpool. Marla's love interest, homicide detective Dalton Vail, thinks Jolene's death was no accident, and Marla starts poking around, trying to dig up information to help solve the case. Marla's list of suspects includes staff members of the fitness club the handsome massage therapist Slate Harper and pushy Keith Hamilton as well as local realtors Sam and Eloise Zelman, local councilman Wallace Ritiker and pharmacist Hank Goodfellow. A second murder and a disappearance muddy the waters, but Marla continues doggedly on, despite a couple of attacks trying to warn her off. Det. Vail does more posturing and smoldering than actual detection, while Marla stews over making a commitment to him. Cohen leavens the narrative with Marla's comments on hairstyles and makeup, and the premise is a promising one, but the mostly one-dimensional characters and strained dialogue dilute the effects. Agent, Linda Hyatt. (Dec. 4) Forecast: Dazzling jacket art in primary colors will get potential customers to pick this off the shelf. Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information.
Library Journal
In her third adventure, Palm Haven hairdresser Marla Shore (Permed to Death) happens to be present when the body of one of her clients is found at a fitness club. Suspects in the club at the time of foul play include a city councilman, a female mortgage broker, a rabid animal rights activist, and various combative employees. Marla's boyfriend, homicide detective Dalton Vail, who heads the case, cautions her against getting involved and then lets her in on clues that encourage a series of interrogations some dangerous, some not. Observations about makeup, hair, and apparel mix with humorous, sexy overtones and catty remarks. A solid series addition. Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
You can never be too thin, so 120-pound South Florida hairdresser Marla Shore (Hair Raiser, 2000) and her even sleeker best friend Tally Riggs sign up for three-month trial memberships at the Perfect Fit Sports Center in hope of dancercizing off the two or three pounds they gained over Christmas. But before she can get close to a StairMaster, Marla's summoned to the whirlpool by the receptionist's screams-to find Jolene Myers, corporate executive at Stockhart Industries, drowned at the bottom. Detective Dalton Vail, angling to get closer to Marla, invites her out for coffee, but instead of giving her the inside scoop on the murder, coaxes her into driving his 13-year-old daughter Brianna to ballet while he spends evenings on the investigation. To make matters worse, Marla's old friend Arnie, owner of Bagel Busters, convinces her to pretend she's his fiancee to ward off advances from horrible Hortense Crone, who's had a crush on him since high school. These social entanglements leave Marla precious little time to interview suspects-like animal rights activist Cookie Calcone, who confronted Jolene over Stockhart's use of animals for product testing, or Eloise Zelman, who resented her husband Sam's business meetings with Jolene at the Holiday Inn. So what Marla ends up exercising most is her ingenuity, solving the case without either trashing her relationship with Dalton or making commitments she can't keep. An amusing, well-paced mystery-to the extent it can be disentangled from the humdrum romance.

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Bad Hair Day Series , #3
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4.32(w) x 6.90(h) x 0.82(d)

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Chapter One

"I can offer you a fantastic deal if you sign up for membership now," urged Gloria, an account executive at Perfect Fit Sports Club. Sitting behind a desk in her office, she gave her customer a patronizing smile.

"I'm just here to register for the three-month trial membership," Marla Shore explained. Crossing her legs, she surveyed the girl's svelte figure, coiffed hairdo, and flawless makeup. You'd look better in a layered cut, pal, she thought with the critical eye of an expert beautician.

"How can you turn this down? Don't you want to save money?" Gloria persisted. "Normally, our contract runs for three years with an initiation fee of two hundred and ninety-nine dollars. But if you join today, I'll give you a hundred-dollar discount off that price. It's a real bargain with the forty-dollar monthly fee."

Just what I want to do with my money--tie up another monthly payment for three years. Marla wondered how often Gloria worked out, or if she even bothered. Heaven forbid the girl should break a manicured fingernail on one of the exercise machines. Not that Marla was so familiar with the gleaming metal devices. Owner of Cut 'N Dye Salon, her main form of exercise was to take her poodle, Spooks, for his daily stroll. She felt as out of place in a fitness club as a white hair on a brunette.

"I'm just interested in the free trial," Marla replied. "Is there someone who will show me around so I can get started?"

Gloria pursed her lips. "As a member, you'd receive a tour by a personal trainer. Otherwise, you'll be on your own." She sniffed. "I might add that people who come in for the free trial period never sign up formembership."

Why is that? Because you're so rude? "I don't buy anything unless I try it out first," Marla snapped.

"If you pay the full initiation fee at the end of the month, you'll be sorry you didn't join today. I'll even throw in a coupon for a free massage if you sign up now."

"Don't you understand the word no?"

The girl's face closed like a clamshell. "People like you never come back after the free offer is over." Opening her desk, she pulled out a form and scribbled her signature. "Here's your trial membership card."

Grasping her bag, Marla muttered an expletive before stalking out. This place would never get her award for courtesy to customers.

She began her self-guided tour in the lobby, which held the front desk, a juice bar, and a comfortable lounge with leather armchairs. A glass partition walled off the wet section with its whirlpool and aquatics area. Offices and massage suites branched from the opposite side where a staircase led to an upper level.

Now you've gone and done it, she thought, glancing around in bewilderment. Coming here had been a gross mistake. She could feel it in her bones as surely as the January chill that penetrated through the green-tinted windows facing the parking lot. Schmuck. You should never have let Tally talk you into this! It's your fault for gaining weight over the holidays. Her best friend couldn't make it tonight, so Marla had decided to get oriented by herself. Then, when she met Tally here on Sunday, at least she'd know her way around already.

"Is it always so quiet on Friday evenings?" she asked the receptionist, a ponytailed brunette focused on a computer.

The girl glanced up, her jaw working a piece of gum. "Oh, no, honey. Everyone's at the competition over at Dayna's Gym. I guess you weren't interested in the prize, huh?"

"What's that?"

"A date with Mr. World Muscleman."

"You're right, I'm not interested. Where can I get changed? I came here directly from work but packed a bag earlier."

Pointing a finger, the girl said, "Walk through the wet area, and you'll come to the locker room." Her gaze surveyed Marla's denim jumper dress. "Are you new here, honey?"

"Yeah, how could you tell?"

A grin split the girl's face. "You have that lost look about you. Don't worry, you'll learn your way around. My name is Sharon if you need anything. By the way, I love your hair. Is that your natural color?"

Marla bristled. "Of course it is." Her brow furrowing, she patted her chestnut hair, curled inward at chin length. Even though her thirty-fifth birthday approached, she didn't look old enough to gray yet, did she? Maybe getting in shape wasn't such a bad idea. "I'm a hairstylist. Stop in at my salon sometime," she said, handing the girl a business card.

Glad she had worn rubber-soled shoes, Marla padded through the wet area, treading carefully along the slippery tiles. A whirlpool hissed and bubbled on her left, while on the right an aqua pool smelled strongly of chlorine. At the far end were doors to the sauna and steam rooms. I don't need to go in there to feel the humidity, she thought, perspiration rising on her upper lip. The place oozed dampness like a mangrove swamp.

In the rear, she pushed open the door to the women's lockers. Cool, citrus-scented air freshened the spacious area. Her quick glance noted polished wood benches, stacks of open cubicles, peach-and-turquoise floor tiles, and mirrored walls. Piped-in music played tunes from a popular radio station.

At least she was alone and could change in peace. But as she selected an empty cubbyhole for her street clothes, voices drifted her way.

"You're a murderer! I know what you've done!" a woman cried.

"I'm warning you, leave me alone or I'll file charges."

Marla's ears perked up. She recognized that smoky tone as belonging to Jolene Myers, one of her clients. Palm Haven was a small community, even though it counted as a western suburb of Fort Lauderdale, and she often ran into customers around town.

"I won't rest until you stop that torture," the unknown woman said. "Do you realize the pain and suffering you're causing?"

"Give me a break, Cookie. We're talking about laboratory animals here, for God's sake."

Marla rounded the bend and entered a tiled section with a row of sinks. Hairdryers and various toiletries sat on the counter. In front of a wall-sized mirror, the two combatants faced off. Jolene's eyes widened in recognition as she caught sight of the newcomer.

"Marla!" she rasped. "Will you tell this pest to get off my case? Our company goes out of its way to use the safest possible research techniques."

"Who are you?" the stranger demanded.

"Marla Shore. I'm Jolene's hairdresser."

"Oh yeah? Cookie Calcone here." Cookie, a diminutive woman, glared up at her. "Do you know what this twit calls harmless? Her scientists use the Draize irritancy test. They drip caustic substances into the eyes of rabbits to assess damaging effects. The test may last for days, while the animals are restrained to prevent them from rubbing away the chemical. Since their tear ducts work poorly, the stuff won't wash out. Blistering and ulceration of the cornea often occurs. Can you imagine the pain they suffer?"

"Well, yes," Marla began, but Jolene cut her off.

"Those tests are necessary. Better we should find out if a substance is toxic before it's applied to humans."

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Murder by Manicure 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Marla the hair stylist/slueth is uncanny in her ability to catch a killer. And, Nancy Cohen's use of hair salon settings to knock-off an unsuspecting victim makes a girl think twice before heading off to have her nails done! Murder by Manicure is a must read.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is one of the worst books I've ever read. Poor character development, wafer-thin plot, bad sentence structure. I enjoy murder mysteries and chick lit, so I thought this might fit the bill. Yuck.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed the book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
harstan More than 1 year ago
Beauty saloon owner Marla Shore lives and toils in Fort Lauderdale. She also works for an organization that tries to make home swimming pools safe for children because she witnessed the drowning death of a child. When it comes to pool safety, Marla will do anything, even investigating homicides involving clients.

Marla applies for a trial membership at Perfect Fit Sports Club. On the night she enrolls, a swimming pool client dies in the sports club¿s whirlpool. The post mortem toxicology reveals the victim¿s blood stream contained a strong sedative. Marla knows this woman would never risk medication just prior to entering the heated whirlpool. Unable to resist, Marla interferes with the official police investigation to quickly learn that many members and the staff prefer having the victim dead.

Nancy J Cohen has written another romantic mystery starring delightful characters from her previous novels in this lighthearted amateur sleuth series. The story line is fun due to Marla¿s machinations. However, the plot works because so many suspects exist, which leads to readers making MURDER BY MANICURE a one sitting experience to learn who did it and why.

Harriet Klausner