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Murder in Clichy (Aimee Leduc Series #5)

Murder in Clichy (Aimee Leduc Series #5)

3.2 5
by Cara Black

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A botched assignment leaves Parisian P.I. Aimée Leduc in possession of a cache of priceless Vietnamese jade. The jade’s history is steeped in colonial bloodshed—and someone is willing to spill even more blood to get it back

Private investigator Aimée Leduc has been introduced to the Cao Dai temple in Paris by her partner, René


A botched assignment leaves Parisian P.I. Aimée Leduc in possession of a cache of priceless Vietnamese jade. The jade’s history is steeped in colonial bloodshed—and someone is willing to spill even more blood to get it back

Private investigator Aimée Leduc has been introduced to the Cao Dai temple in Paris by her partner, René Friant. He urges her to learn to meditate: she could use a more healthful approach to life. The Vietnamese nun Linh has been helping Aimée to attain her goal, so when she asks Aimée for a favor—to go to the Clichy quartier to exchange an envelope for a package—René prompts Aimée to agree. But the intended recipient, Thadée Baret, is shot and dies in Aimée’s arms before the transaction can be completed, leaving Aimée with a wounded arm, a check for 50,000 francs, and a trove of ancient jade artifacts.

Whoever killed Baret wants the jade. The RG—the French secret service—a group of veterans of the war in Indochina and some wealthy ex-colonials and international corporations seeking oil rights are all implicated. And the nun, Linh, has disappeared.

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
Praise for Murder in Clichy

"Weaving culture, history and suspense, Black scores again."
Publishers Weekly

Praise for Cara Black's New York Times bestselling Aimée Leduc series

“Charming . . . Aimée is one of those blithe spirits who can walk you through the city’s historical streets and byways with their eyes closed.”
—Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review

“Leduc has a thorough grasp of the practicalities of investigation, plus a penchant for undercover work that will have readers on pins and needles.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“Conveys vividly those layers of history that make the stones of Paris sing for so many of us.”
Chicago Tribune

“Wry, complex, sophisticated, intensely Parisian . . . One of the very best heroines in crime fiction today.”
—Lee Child

“Like having your own personal tour guide to quartiers of Paris you might otherwise be too timid to explore on your own, a very sophisticated guide in heels and retro Givenchy, who livens the tour with street-smart observations. Cara Black’s scene-setting details blend into the mystery as smoothly as crème de framboise into champagne—unnoticed at first amid the bubbles, but oh the kick!”
—Margaret Maron

Publishers Weekly
A small act of generosity leads to murder in Anthony-nominee Black's beguiling fifth outing for savvy and sensitive Parisian PI Aimee Leduc (after 2003's Murder in the Bastille). Still reeling from injuries sustained in her previous adventure, AimEe agrees to help a middle-aged Vietnamese nun, Linh, by delivering an envelope to Thadee Baret. When Aimee meets Thadee for the drop-off, he hands her a bag of precious jade; soon after, an unseen gunman murders Thadee. Who was Thadee? Why did he give Linh the jade? Who wanted him killed? Once it becomes apparent Aimee is involved in something bigger and more dangerous than at first seemed the case (a government surveillance team threatens her; her partner, Rene, is kidnapped), even more questions arise. Readers may feel in the dark at times, and it's consoling to know that Aimee is often just as baffled. As usual, the author renders the city in dazzling detail. She paints an especially rich portrait of the curious Clichy neighborhood, a district made up of "Aristocrats with de la before their name," and "immigrants with -ski, akela, or khabib at the end of their names." Weaving culture, history and suspense, Black scores again. Agent, Linda Allen. (Mar. 15) Forecast: Blurbs from Val McDermid, Alan Furst, Stuart Kaminsky and Linda Fairstein should help broaden the appeal beyond Francophile mystery fans. Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
Her eyesight restored, Aimee Leduc investigates an ancient Asian mystery in modern-day Paris. To try to rest her fragile optic nerve, Aimee (Murder in the Bastille, 2003, etc.) studies meditation at a storefront Cao Dai temple, where she meets Linh, a Vietnamese nun new to Paris. Linh begs her to deliver an envelope, but when Aimee tries to meet Thadee Baret in a boulangerie near Place de Clichy, shots ring out, and Aimee has just enough time to snatch the backpack containing several exquisite jade carvings and run before the flics arrive. Spooked, Aimee hides the bag in the office of her lover, ophthalmologist Guy Lambert-but before she can retrieve it, the office is ransacked and the figures taken. Now Guy is angry at Aimee, not only for causing the break-in but for risking her sight again. Even though their relationship may not survive, Aimee can't stop her investigation because someone's kidnapped her partner, Rene Friant, and she knows that finding the jade is the key to finding Rene. Baret's ex-wife Sophie and his daughter Nadege might help her, a thug named Blondel definitely wants to hurt her, and secret agent Fabien Regnier may not be at all what he seems. Although Aimee's imperiled romance sprawls, Black's fifth leaves plenty of room for puzzlement, along with her unique brand of Ambiance de Paris.

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Soho Press, Incorporated
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Aimee Leduc Series , #5
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4.99(w) x 7.49(h) x 0.87(d)

Meet the Author

Cara Black is the author of sixteen books in the New York Times bestselling Aimée Leduc series. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and visits Paris frequently.

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Murder in Clichy (Aimee Leduc Series #5) 3.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In 1994 Paris, Aimee Leduc has sight for the most part and the blurriness is going away, but she still struggles with her injuries especially to the optic nerve from last month¿s assault. Her computer security firm partner Rene encourages her to continue to seek a healthier lifestyle. Vietnamese Sister Linh asks Aimee to deliver an envelope to Thadee Baret because the nun insists she cannot do it as she is watched, even in Paris, as she is the daughter of a blackballed judge in her native country and the sister of a jailed dissident. Reluctantly, Aimee agrees.--- The drop off seems to go smooth as Aimee provides the envelope to Thadee who hands over to her a jade piece to give to Linh. Not long afterward someone kills Thadee. Aimee wonders what is going on as she was just a delivery intermediary, but government agents tell her to back off from making inquiries and someone abducts her partner, making the scenario even more baffling.--- The fifth Aimee Leduc investigative tale is a fantastic story in which the readers remain in the dark along with the heroine wondering what is going on yet unable to stop reading to learn the truth. Aimee is a fabulous protagonist who learns a life lesson about Good Samaritans as she investigates the murder, the nun, and the abduction while pressure for her to back off increases. Cara Black provides her usual terrific Parisian joy ride that has helped make the Leduc tales consistently some of the best professional sleuth novels in recent years.--- Harriet Klausner
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
fleetfootmax More than 1 year ago
This is the fifth book in the Aimee Leduc series and author Cara Black just keeps getting better. This time she manages to combine a little known part of Paris with fallout from the French involvement in Indochina. Surprising choice, but it works!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago