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Music Box, Vol. 1

Music Box, Vol. 1


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Disc 1

  1. Symphony #7, MVT. 2
  2. Symphony #5, MVT. 1
  3. Piano Sonata, Op 90, MVT. 2/Flute Serenade, Op 23, MVT. 3/Violin ...
  4. Pathètique Sonata, Op 13, MVT. 2/Contradanse #1 in C Major
  5. Symphony #5, MVT. 2/Piano Sonata, Op 14 #2, MVT. 2/Flute Serenade, ...
  6. Polonaise/La Marmotte/Country Dance in a Major/Für Elise/Flutnühr
  7. Sonatina in G Major/Minuet in G Major/Violin "Spring" Sonata, MVT. 1
  8. Moonlight Sonata, Op 27 #2, MVT. 1
  9. Flute Serenade, MVT. 2
  10. Symphony #6, Storm Scene
  11. Nel Cor Più Variations
  12. Piano Concerto #1, MVT. 1/Piano Concerto #5, MVT. 2
  13. Bass Excerpts from Symphony #9/Violin "Spring" Sonata, MVT. 4/Rage ...
  14. Symphony #9, MVT. 4
  15. Sonata Opus 49 #2, MVT. 2
  16. Symphony #6, Shepherd's Theme

Disc 2

  1. Four Seasons, Spring, I, RV 269
  2. Piccolo Concerto, II, RV 443
  3. Arriving at the Pietà/Four Seasons, Autumn, I, RV 293/Guitar-Flute ...
  4. Violin Concerto in a Minor, I, RV 356
  5. Four Seasons, Winter, II, RV 297
  6. Guitar Concerto, II, RV 93: Alma del Core
  7. Venice by Day: Guitar Concerto, III, RV 93/Seasons, Autumn, III, ...
  8. Sonata for 2 Violins, II, RV 60: Opera "Farnace" RV 711
  9. Violin Concerto in a Minor, II RV 356
  10. Venice by Night: "La Notte", I, II, III, RV 439
  11. Island of the Dead/Four Seasons, Autumn, II, RV 293/Four Seasons, ...
  12. Talk With Vivaldi: "Il Gardellino" II, RV 90/Beatus Vir, RV ...
  13. Concert Preparations: Piccolo Concerto, I, RV 443/Guitar Concerto, ...
  14. Conclusion/Double Orchestra Concerto, II, RV 585/Guitar Concerto, ...

Disc 3

  1. Sarabande, Harpsichord Suite in D Minor
  2. Hornpipe, Water Music Suite #2 in D Major/Andante, Harp Concerto, Op 4
  3. "Give Me My Freedom", Rinaldo, "Lascia Ch'io Pianga"/Andante, ...
  4. "Evening Stillness", Nine German Arias, "Süsse Stille"
  5. Rejouissance, Music for the Royal Fireworks, MVT. 4/Overture, ...
  6. Largo, Concerto Grosso, Op 6 No 4, MVT. 2
  7. "See the Conqu'ring Hero Comes", Judas Maccabaeus
  8. "For Unto Us a Child Is Born", Messiah
  9. "Golden Sunlight", Alcina, "Verdi Prati"
  10. "Far from Tempest", Julius Caesar, "Da Tempeste"/Chaconne, Harpsichord
  11. Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, Solomon/Sinfonia, Julius ...
  12. Sinfonia to "V'adoro", Julius Caesar/"I Love You, My Treasure", Julius
  13. Air, Water Music Suite #1 in F Major/"Stand Round My Brave Boys", Song
  14. "O Lovely Peace," Judas Maccabaeus
  15. "Harmonious Blacksmith", Harpsichord Suite in E Major/Pastoral ...
  16. "There Were Shepherds", Messiah/"Glory to God", Messiah
  17. Sinfonia, Samson/"I Shall Weep", Julius Caesar, ...
  18. The Foundling Concert
  19. "He Shall Feed His Flock", Messiah/"Hallelujah", Messiah
  20. I Know That My Redeemer Liveth

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Susan Hammond   Synthesizer
Adele Armin   Violin,Soloist
Walter Babiak   Conductor
Melvin Berman   Oboe
Rick Braun   Vocals
Mitchell Clarke   Bassoon
Charles Elliot   Bass
Erica Goodman   Harp
David Hetherington   Cello
Brian Leonard   Percussion
Susan Lipchak   Viola
Virginia Markson   Flute,Piccolo
Stanley McCartney   Clarinet
Hope Moon   Girl's Choir
James Moon   Girl's Choir
Frank Morphy   Oboe
Victoria Richard   Violin
Erik Robertson   Synthesizer
Wendy Rose   Violin
Mark Skazinetsky   Violin
Stanley Solomon   Viola
Kent Teeple   Viola
Mark Childs   Viola
William Richards   Violin
Maurizio Baccante   Cello
John Cowell   Trumpet
Young Dae Park   Violin
Elise Dunlop   Violin
Larry Lewis   Guitar
Marianne Pack   Cello
Katharine Pimenoff   Vocals
Katharine Rapoport   Viola
Agnes Roberts   Violin
Stanley Rozensweig   Trumpet
Suzanne Shulmann   Flute
Diane Tait   Violin
Vera Tarnovsky   Violin
Bruce Ubukata   Harpsichord
Lesley Young   Oboe
J. Palmer   Girl's Choir
Joe McMichael   Girl's Choir
Cedric Smith   Actor,cast
Susan Wilson   Clarinet
Terrence Helmer   Viola
Robert Occhipinti   Bass
Cynthia Steljes   Oboe
Alyson Palmer   Girl's Choir
Neal Cassidy   Girl's Choir
Kate Powers   Girl's Choir
J.J. Wall   Violin
E. Taylor   Girl's Choir
Dick Duerrstein   Vocals
Elizabeth MacMillan   Violin
J. Mills   Girl's Choir
Steven Braunstein   Bassoon
A. Payne   Girl's Choir
William Findlay   Cello
E. Howard Anderson   Girl's Choir
George Kidd   Horn
Dan Rudack   Percussion
Douglas Bodle   Piano
Terry Holowach   Violin
Mark Lupinsky   Violin
Monica Whicher   Vocals
Mary Elizabeth Long   Actor,cast
Barbara Budd   Actor,cast
M. Addis   Girl's Choir
Colm Feore   Actor,cast
E. Gartner   Cello
Ann Cooper Gay   Vocals,Choir Director,Girl's Choir
Errol Gay   Vocals,Actor,cast
E. Beattie   Girl's Choir
S. Chang   Girl's Choir
C. Citron   Girl's Choir
M. Collier   Girl's Choir
L. Coombs   Girl's Choir
R. Coombs   Girl's Choir
Mark Donnelly   Vocals
Katie Hammond   Actor,cast
M. Easton   Girl's Choir
A. Ewart   Girl's Choir
L. Frankel   Girl's Choir
Nancy Cassidy   Girl's Choir
E. Hallok   Girl's Choir
E. Hegedus   Girl's Choir
S. Horner   Girl's Choir
Richard Binsley   Actor,cast
Russell Braun   Vocals
Robert Dirstein   Vocals
Gary Kidd   Horn
Nicole Lyn   Actor,cast
S. Low   Girl's Choir
S. Maliger   Girl's Choir
M. Nichol   Girl's Choir
Nathaniel Moreau   Actor,cast
C. Pawson   Girl's Choir
K. Posers   Girl's Choir
A. Ribera   Girl's Choir
R. Schein   Girl's Choir
N. Shaw   Girl's Choir
J. Simonelli   Horn
M. Skoggard   Girl's Choir
S. Skoggard   Girl's Choir
Beverley Spotton   Viola
G. Sweeney   Trombone
M. Vincett   Girl's Choir
S. Vincett   Girl's Choir
Stephen Ouimette   Actor,cast
E. Whitfield   Girl's Choir
K. Yamasaki   Girl's Choir
Fiona Reid   Actor,cast
George Rich   Actor,cast
Chris Sheasgreen   Actor,cast
Jessica Waese   Actor,cast
Richard Whittall   Actor,cast
Elizabeth Forster   Vocals,cast
Aaron Shaw   Girl's Choir

Technical Credits

Ludwig van Beethoven   Composer
George Frideric Handel   Composer
Antonio Vivaldi   Composer
Patrick Godfrey   Engineer
Gary Gray   Engineer
Brad Haehnel   Engineer,Vocal Engineer,Voice Engineer
Heather Brown   Cover Painting
Barbara Nichols   Director,Story
Douglas Cowling   Writer

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