Music of Ghosts (Mary Crow Series #5)

Music of Ghosts (Mary Crow Series #5)

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by Sallie Bissell

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Fiddlesticks killed her with his razor.Slit her throat and then forgave her.

Deep in the Appalachian woods stands the old Fiddlesticks cabin, the scene of a bloody double murder from decades past. Now the haunted cabin lures young thrill seekers who hope to hear the killer’s ghostly fiddle music. When a group of college students comes to


Fiddlesticks killed her with his razor.Slit her throat and then forgave her.

Deep in the Appalachian woods stands the old Fiddlesticks cabin, the scene of a bloody double murder from decades past. Now the haunted cabin lures young thrill seekers who hope to hear the killer’s ghostly fiddle music. When a group of college students comes to call, Lisa Wilson—the daughter of a former North Carolina governor—is tragically murdered, and her flesh is mutilated with disturbing symbols.

Pisgah County sheriff Jerry Cochran is in hot water when the ball-busting politician shows up, threatening to tear the county apart in search of his daughter’s killer. But Nick Stratton—the handsome raptor center specialist and Lisa’s boss—is in even hotter water when evidence points to him as the prime suspect. As Nick turns to attorney Mary Crow for help, it’s up to the Pisgah County native to discover the truth. Did Nick do it? Or is there a deranged mountain killer on the loose?


"Bissell's fifth Mary Crow novel is an eerie tale that skillfully weaves folklore, Cherokee tradition and familial angst." —RT Book Reviews

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Atlanta attorney Mary Crow, transplanted to Pisgah County, N.C., battles monsters criminal and domestic in her fifth case. Something's been subtly different about Mary's live-in boyfriend, Jonathan Walkingstick, ever since he and his daughter Lily, 9, returned from a visit to her grandparents in Oklahoma. In Lily's case, the difference is anything but subtle: She screams that she hates Mary and never wants to live with her since Mary killed her mother. Sure enough, Fred and Dulcy Moon filled their granddaughter with a hatefully selective account of her mother's death during the visit, and now they've sued Jonathan for custody, contending that his lover would be an inappropriate guardian even if she hadn't killed Lily's mother. Mary would like nothing better than to spend every waking minute supporting Jonathan as he battles his in-laws, but she can't; she's promised to defend Dr. Nicholas Stratton, the director of Pisgah Raptor Rescue who's accused of murdering Lisa Wilson, an intern who was infatuated with him and not shy about expressing it. Lisa took off from her full-bore pursuit of Nick to spend a night with five other Raptor Rescue interns at a remote cabin rumored to be haunted by Fiddlesticks, the man who, returning home to find his wife entertaining his best friend, slashed them both to death, then played his fiddle as they bled out. Lured outdoors by some unearthly fiddling as her friends slept, Lisa was stripped, strangled and so hideously mutilated that a photograph of her corpse fetches $25,000 from a tabloid rag. After an eight-year sabbatical, Mary (Legacy of Masks, 2005, etc.) works her hardest to defend Nick and stand by Jonathan, but there's only so much of her to go around. Of the two breathless tales Bissell intertwines, one ends with a crash of cymbals, and the other doesn't end at all. To be continued.

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Mary Crow Series, #5
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Sallie Bissell (North Carolina) is a Nashville native and divides her time between her hometown and Asheville. The first four titles in the critically acclaimed Mary Crow series are available from Bantam Doubleday Dell.

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Music of Ghosts 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Made my heart beat super fast
ReneeP55 More than 1 year ago
I have been waiting for this book for a long time. I reread the other books in preparation and was really pleased with the fifth book in the series. I was thrilled to visit these characters again after such a long wait, and was so glad that Alex was also present. The writing was, as always, wonderful. My only complaint is that I would LOVE to read one of these books where Mary and Jonathan are in a good place. It seems they were in a good place in their relationship all the years between books 4 and 5, but since we didn't get to read about it, that doesn't seem to count. And I hope that book 6 will come along fairly quickly - I don't want to have to wait several more years for the next installment.
rhonda1111RL More than 1 year ago
4 STARS Music of Ghosts (Mary Crow, book 5) This is my first Mary Crow novel that I have read. The characters are well defined and I had no idea of where the story was going in her personal and professional life. The drama was going till the end. Some of it I did not like but hopefully thier will be another book out soon. The Suspense held up for me. I did not guess who the murder was or how. Once I started reading I did not put the book down till it was done. I liked the story and look forward to reading more Mary Crow stories in the future. Mary Crow is a lawyer, who helped her county get a sports park built. Mary was at the grand opening ceramony and she was worried that her family did not come for it. They did. Mary lives with her boyfriend Jonathon Walkingstick and his nine year old daughter. They have been together for years. This past month since they got back from a month visit with his daughter's grandparents at court order visit they both had changed toward her. Mary is afraid Jonathon has found someone else while he was gone. The day before the sports park opened a bunch of collage interns at raptor rehab center went up to camp at a old haunted house back in the country. One of the girls was then murdered up thier. The Sherrif went up to the murder scene instead of welcoming the Governor of North Carolina for the ribbon ceramony. He found out that Lisa was killed and had carvings all over her body. Lisa was also a daughter of a former North Carolina Governor. He now had a high profile case on his hands. Mary Crow no longer did murder cases because Jonathon had asked her not to while his daughter lived at home. When things were falling apart in her personal life Nick Stratton asked her to represent him. She took the case. Mary unraveled it piece by piece while waiting for her own personal life hang in the balance with the help of good friends she found the answers. I have the feeling that a lot of Mary's friends have been in earlier books. I know I would like to read them sometime in the future. If your a Mary Crow fan I think you will like this. If you like mysteries that keep you guessing this will be a good one to read. I was given this ebook to read and asked to give a honest review in return from Netgalley. 04/08/2012 PUB Midnight Ink ISBN9780738735849 384 pages