The Music Teaching Artist's Bible: Becoming a Virtuoso Educator

The Music Teaching Artist's Bible: Becoming a Virtuoso Educator

by Eric Booth

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When the artist moves into the classroom or community to educate and inspire students and audience members, this is Teaching Artistry. It is a proven means for practicing professional musicians to create a successful career in music, providing not only necessary income but deep and lasting satisfaction through engaging people in learning experiences about the arts.… See more details below


When the artist moves into the classroom or community to educate and inspire students and audience members, this is Teaching Artistry. It is a proven means for practicing professional musicians to create a successful career in music, providing not only necessary income but deep and lasting satisfaction through engaging people in learning experiences about the arts. Filled with practical advice on the most critical issues facing the music teaching artist today--from economic and time-management issues of being a musician and teacher to communicating effectively with students--The Music Teaching Artist's Bible uncovers the essentials that every musician needs in order to thrive in this role. Author Eric Booth offers both inspiration and how-to, step-by-step guidance in this truly comprehensive manual that music teaching artists will turn to again and again. The book also includes critical information on becoming a mentor, succeeding in school environments, partnering with other teaching artists, advocating for music and arts education, and teaching private lessons.

The Music Teaching Artist's Bible helps practicing and aspiring teaching artists gain the skills they need to build new audiences, improve the presence of music in schools, expand the possibilities of traditional and educational performances, and ultimately make their lives as an artists even more satisfying and fulfilling.

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From the Publisher
"As ever, Eric combines his unique insights into the arts and education, his profound commitment to improving the teaching of the arts in this country, his intellect, his humor—and, in this case, his wonderful writing—to produce a book that stands a very good chance of, yes, becoming a bible for many in music education." —Steven Seidel, Director of Harvard Project Zero, Director of Arts Education Program at Harvard Graduate School of Education

"The surge of interest in teaching artistry, along with the realization of its urgent need, has affected many of us deeply, and certainly myself as a performing and composing musician. Having had the good fortune to be energized and inspired by Eric Booth several times in and around Lincoln Center, I now welcome this elegant and informative distillation of his ideas and experiences in The Music Teaching Artist's Bible. Like a bible, it is a compilation of helpful hints to be carried around with one as one goes through the important work of one's life." —Jon Deak, Composer, Associate Principal Bass, New York Philharmonic

"The Music Teaching Artist's Bible fills a gap in the arts learning field, providing the first foundation book for the burgeoning field of teaching artists. Both the arts and education need more and better teaching artists, and teaching artists need this book. Eric Booth is the nation's leading authority on the subject, and his writing is as lively as a teaching artist's workshop."—Robert Lynch, Americans for the Arts, President and CEO

"This book is a must-read for any musician who wants to be a Teaching Artist, or who is curious about how to be more effective in this growing field. Eric Booth, with decades of experience as a teaching artist himself and as a pioneer in teaching artist professional development, is the only person who could have written this pivotal work. It belongs in every musician's, every conservatory's, every teaching artist's library."—Barbara Shepherd, Director of National Partnerships, The Kennedy Center, Education Department

"In The Music Teaching Artist's Bible Eric Booth has given us a humane, inspirational, and practical handbook for artists who teach; more importantly, his insights provide a pathway to revitalized, fully-engaged, 21st-century musicianship."—Bill Ivey, Director of the Curb Center for Art, Enterprise, and Public Policy at Vanderbilt University, and Former Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts

"This is an engaging provocative, and practical book: engaging in its style, provocative in its ideas, practical in its guidance to teachers, whatever their art form or discipline. Just what those of us who have experienced the teaching artistry of Eric Booth expect and admire. He's taught us all."- Richard Deasy, Director, Arts Education Partnership

"Even for those who don't set out to be a teacher, the fact is that every artist is, in fact, a teacher. So go ahead and embrace your Inner Teacher and read this practical, yet oh-so-inspirational book. There is no question that the ideas Eric Booth has to share will make you a more effective teacher and a better artist!"—Ann Meier Baker, President and CEO, Chorus America

"Eric Booth's wisdom and practical advice for teaching artists will have resonance for every instructor. The Music Teaching Artist's Bible offers a comprehensive definition of the role of an artist in connecting listeners to music of all types. Going even further, Booth inspires reflection on what it means to be an audience member and, more broadly, a learner in a world filled with artistic experiences waiting to be discovered."—Marc Scorca, President and CEO, Opera America

"Eric Booth is the Master Teaching Artist himself. His visionary, provocative and truly useful book explores the profound connections between art and learning. For any reader, music teaching artist or not, this is an always engaging, often surprising and ever challenging read. My father, Leonard Bernstein, would have been ecstatic about Eric Booth's brilliant book and the astonishing power in the work of Teaching Artists."—Alexander Bernstein, Vice President of the Leonard Bernstein Office, Inc.

"Eric Booth's teachings will change your life. The wisdom Eric shares in The Teaching Artist's Bible has already helped countless musicians and ensembles to passionately share their love of music with the world. Whether teaching a private lesson, planning an artist's residency, or struggling to launch your musical career, you will find answers to your deepest questions in The Music Teaching Artist's Bible. This book should be required reading for every twenty-first century musician!"—David Wallace DMA; faculty at the Juilliard School, Senior Teaching Artist, the NY Philharmonic, author of Reaching Out: a Musician's Guide to Interactive Performance

"Eric Booth's important new book elegantly presents the essential elements of how teaching artists can change the world for the better through their art. This book is a must read for anyone who cares about the important role that the arts play in our society."—Joseph W. Polisi, President, The Juilliard School

"Bless Eric Booth for showing us how to better do our job-bringing the sacred joy of music-making to everyone. And bless this book for showing us musicians, who actually 'play' music for a 'living,' how we can bring our audiences more deeply inside the music in practical, fun and satisfying ways."- Bobby McFerrin, musician

"This is a timely and very useful book. The role of the Teaching Artist is growing in the musical world. Booth's book shows how to do it well and affirms the importance of this burgeoning profession."- Marin Alsop, Music Director, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

"Carefully researched and widely captivating, Booth's narrative is passionate, personal, and consistently interwoven with delicious educational morsels. The information, though serious and intense in nature, is presented in a way that is animated, fascinating and often playful. As a result, I truly did have a hard time putting it down. I find it difficult to believe that anyone with respect for the power of education (more specifically, aesthetic education) could not be inspired by this work." —Licoln Center Art Institute

"[An] engaging work...The Music Teaching Artist's Bible contains a wealth of information that will inform and extend the ideas already at play in music classrooms today...Through a clear and conversational style, [Booth] demonstrates educational techniques that, with a little adaptation, will be useful to any music educator in the field. Additionally, if guest artists or artists-in-residence are part of your program, you must have this book." —Music Educators Journal

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