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by Henry Kuttner

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After the Blow-Up, the children of a small group of the survivors were born with the capacity for telepathy - to perceive and share the thoughts of others.


After the Blow-Up, the children of a small group of the survivors were born with the capacity for telepathy - to perceive and share the thoughts of others.

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MUTANT 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was 7:34 am. <p> Venus smiled to herself as she pulled on her mask. She was ready. Venus had butts to kick. And turtles to impress. It seemed as though Raphael and Donatello didn't really like her. She would make them see. Venus was ready to be the best ninja ever. Right after breakfast. <p> Michelangelo was already downstairs, whipping up a breakfast of epic proportions. <p> "Hey Mikey," Venus greeted him. <p> "Hey Venus." Mikey stirred a brownish batter in a bowl. It hardly looked edible. But Venus didn't say anything to him about it. <p> Donatello came into the kitchen. <p> "What the heck is THAT?" He pointed to the bowl of goop. <p> Mikey grinned. "Well, if you must know, Donnie, it is a delicious blend of some of my favorite spices: Crushed corn chips, cinnamon, olives, barbeque sauce, and carrots." <p> Donnie shook his head, "Mikey, carrots aren't - Y'know what, never mind. I think I'll just stick to last night's pizza." <p> "Suit yourself, D. Venus do you want some?" <p> Venus shook her head. "Maybe later." <p> LATER. . . The five turtles and their sensei were in the dojo. Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo were stretching on one side of the dojo. Leonardo was showing Venus how to carry out certain stances on the other side. <p> "Stick your leg out like this," Leonardo was saying,"then strike with your left arm." <p> Venus nodded and extended her right leg backward. Leonardo just stood there stupidly. He was expecting her to strike with her left hand. Yeah, right. Like Venus was going to hurt her pride and get punched in the stomach. She extended her left arm like she was going to strike, but hit Leonardo with her right arm instead. Leo clutched his stomach. While he was stunned, Venus flipped him over her knee and onto the ground. <p> "Oh man, Leo!" Mikey called from the other side of the dojo,"You just got shell-shocked, son!" <p> Venus turned around. Apparently, all three turtles had been watching her. Leonardo got up from the ground. <p> "You have done well. But are you ready for the ultimate challenge?" Uh-oh. <p> AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hello everyone. The next part is on the next res. The first part is on 'turtle' res one. <p> Lots of friendly punches, <p> NinjaNerd &hearts
Mark_J913 More than 1 year ago
I first read this book when I was maybe 14 years old. My copy disappeared and off and on over the years I tried to find another copy to see if it was as good as I remembered. I was pleased to find it as a B&N Nook book and promptly downloaded it. The story concerns a group of mutated humans who arose after the Blowup, a nuclear war presumably taking place not long after WWII. The mutants are notable for two features--total lack of hair anywhere on the body, and telepathic ability. They are known by normal humans and by themselves as Baldies. The novel, which is actually a series of novellas tied together by a stranded human remembering Baldy history while awaiting rescue, covers the problems Baldies have had interacting with non-telepathic humans and how the problems were solved. Since Baldies can read anyone's mind, they are naturally prohibited from certain types of employment or activities lest they derive an unfair advantage--for example, most sports activities or games such as chess are impossible for Baldies because they always know what the opponent will do before he does it. Baldies fall into two groups...normal, sane baldies who strive to get along with normal humans, and are working to bring the gift of telepathy to all. Some baldies are born insane; these generally play no role in the novel, with one minor exception. The third group are the paranoids. They are sane, but believe normal humans are inferior and destined to be ruled or destroyed by Baldies. They are constantly seeking to stir up trouble so that normal humans will start an anti-Baldy pogrom which will be an excuse to wipe humans out and take over. The normal Baldies are continually trying to fend off the pogroms and defeat the paranoids. The novellas are all very well-written with well-defined characters. The relationship between the Baldies and normal humans makes sense as described in the book--the reader can well understand that this is the way things might work out if such a mutation occurred in our world. The only negative part of the book is that the tie-in between the novellas (which span several decades) is rather weak and does not add anything to the story. All in all, highly recommended. It was indeed as good as I remembered it from 40 years ago.