Muzik City: The Story of Trojan

Muzik City: The Story of Trojan


More of a history lesson than a good listen in total, Muzik City is the story of Trojan, warts and all. Those looking for a good selection of the reggae label's best moments have plenty of other choices and might want to start with the great Tighten Up collections or wait for the 50th release in Trojan's three-CD series (a greatest-hits box to be…  See more details below


More of a history lesson than a good listen in total, Muzik City is the story of Trojan, warts and all. Those looking for a good selection of the reggae label's best moments have plenty of other choices and might want to start with the great Tighten Up collections or wait for the 50th release in Trojan's three-CD series (a greatest-hits box to be compiled by votes from fans and due in 2004). Anyone who is a die-hard Trojan enthusiast will find plenty of surprises, secrets, and a really well done booklet to paw through. The first two discs of Muzik City are truly some of the greatest moments in rocksteady and roots reggae. But just like a two-CD Motown collection, this is really just the tip of the iceberg and John Holt, Lee "Scratch" Perry, Big Youth, and others have many more great moments to investigate. If all four CDs had focused on the hits and highlights this would truly be the box to own, but the third CD is hardly meant for repeat listening. Many of the disc's "Rarities & Oddities" are downright embarrassing (which the always honest liner notes are happy to point out). Trojan's forays into the worlds of calypso, novelty, and pop music were horribly misguided, and disc three is full of them (including a horrific reggae and yodeling matchup). Hard to imagine laughing at the stately Trojan label, but once that's over it's on to disc four's treasure chest of rarities. The hardcore should rightfully drool over the Jah Woosh and Keith Hudson team-up, a dank dub from Thunder, and an I-Roy/John Holt dubplate that includes a bit of studio banter. Great stuff for the serious fan, who probably own most of disc one and two ten times over. So who is this set made for? If your wallet is fat enough to forgive disc three, Muzik City is a fair introduction to the label that, along with Island, dominated reggae's early years.

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Release Date:
Sanctuary Records


Disc 1

  1. Tighten Up  -  Untouchables
  2. Donkey Returns  -  Brother Dan All-Stars
  3. Angel of the Morning  - Joya Landis
  4. Reggae in Your Jeggae  -  Dandy
  5. Return of Django
  6. Red Red Wine  - Tony Tribe
  7. Ali Baba  - John Holt
  8. Long Shot Kick de Bucket  -  Pioneers
  9. Liquidator
  10. Wonderful World, Beautiful People  - Jimmy Cliff
  11. Skinhead Moonstomp  -  Symarip
  12. Elizabethan Reggae  -  Love People
  13. Monkey Man  -  Maytals
  14. One Way Love  -  Coloured Raisins
  15. Young, Gifted and Black  -  Bob & Marcia
  16. Love of the Common People  - Nicky Thomas
  17. You Can Get It If You Really Want  - Desmond Dekker
  18. Double Barrel  - Ansel Collins
  19. Black Pearl  - Horace Faith
  20. Duppy Conqueror  -  Wailers
  21. Rivers of Babylon  -  Melodians
  22. Wear You to the Ball  -  U-Roy
  23. 54-46 Was My Number  -  Maytals
  24. Johnny Too Bad  -  Slickers
  25. Rain  - Bruce Ruffin
  26. A Place Called Africa  - Junior Byles
  27. Black and White  -  Greyhound

Disc 2

  1. Let Your Yeah Be Yeah  -  Pioneers
  2. Cherry Oh Baby  - Eric Donaldson
  3. Suzanne Beware of the Devil  - Dandy Livingstone
  4. Money in My Pocket  - Dennis Brown
  5. Big Seven  - Judge Dread
  6. S. 90 Skank  - Big Youth
  7. Don't Think About Me  - Earl Flute
  8. Help Me Make It Through the Night  - John Holt
  9. None Shall Escape the Judgement  - Johnny Clarke
  10. Everything I Own  - Ken Boothe
  11. Bad Da  - Gregory Isaacs
  12. Ram Goat Liver  - Pluto Shervington
  13. Can't Get Used to Losing You  - Danny Ray
  14. Bush Weed Corntrash  -  Bunny & Ricky
  15. (Under Heavy) Manners  - Prince Far
  16. I'm Still in Love With You Girl  - Alton Ellis
  17. Three Piece Suit and Thing  -  Trinity
  18. I Love Marijuana  - Linval Thompson
  19. Barberman Bawling  -  Well Pleased and Satisfied
  20. Born Free  - Michael Rose
  21. Pirate  -  Ethiopians
  22. Evil Brain Rejecter  - Lee "Scratch" Perry
  23. Eb@noon  - Ernest Ranglin

Disc 3

  1. Judge Sympathy  -  Duke Reid's All Stars
  2. Spinning Wheel  - Horace Faith
  3. Dirty Dog  - Emile Straker
  4. Mayfair  -  Millie
  5. Serenade to Summer  -  Johnny Arthey Orchestra
  6. Lucianna  -  Jubilee Stompers
  7. Al Capone  - Emperor Rosko
  8. It Came from out of the Sky  -  Rudies
  9. Tribute to Jimmy Hendrix  - Jimmy Lindsay
  10. Suffering in the Land  - Clyde McPhatter
  11. Brandy  - Scott English
  12. You Got Me  - Miller James
  13. Help Yourself  -  Jimmy James & the Vagabonds
  14. I Must Go Back  - Jackie Edwards
  15. Bouncing (All Over the World)  - Tony Gregory
  16. Snoopy vs. The Red Baron  -  Hotshots
  17. Loop de Loop  - Happy Junior
  18. Sticky Fingers  -  Jamaica Jam
  19. I Wanna Make It With You  - Bobbie Houston
  20. Stretchin' Out  - Doris Troy
  21. Reggae Rock Road  - King Sporty
  22. Fattie Bum Bum Gone a Jail  - Laurel Aitken
  23. I Say "Super Jaws"  - Owen Gray
  24. Let's Spend the Night Together  -  Discolettes
  25. Yodel Reggae  - Leroy Gibbs

Disc 4

  1. You Lied to Me  - Slim Smith
  2. Power Cut  -  Aubrey Adams & the Boys
  3. Betrayed  -  Clarendonians
  4. Full Up  - Hugh Hendricks
  5. Sock It to Me  -  Gaylads
  6. Bush Tea  - Lee "Scratch" Perry
  7. What Am I to Do  - Tony Scott
  8. Strings and Things  - Tommy McCook
  9. Silhouettes  -  Sensations
  10. I Can't See Nobody  - Nicky Thomas
  11. Ten Times Sweeter  - Winston Francis
  12. I'm Not a King  -  Aces
  13. Same Thing  -  Upsetters
  14. Nowhere  - Keith Hudson
  15. Don't Give Up  - Tony Brevett
  16. This World  - Hortense Ellis
  17. Loving Feeling
  18. A Darker Shade of Black (Norwegian Wood)  - Willie Lindo
  19. Solid Sounds  - Jackie Bernard
  20. Stigma  - Jah Woosh
  21. Thunder Dub  -  Thunder
  22. I Don't Want to Be Lonely  - John Holt
  23. Untitled Instrumental  -  Soul Syndicate
  24. Fattie Fattie  - Zoot "Skully" Sims
  25. In the Room  - Lee "Scratch" Perry

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jimmy London   Group Member
Billy Dyce   Group Member

Technical Credits

Kris Kristofferson   Composer
Tony Scott   Producer
Dennis Brown   Composer
Johnny Clarke   Composer
Jimmy Cliff   Composer,Producer
Alton Ellis   Composer,Producer
John Holt   Composer
Bob Marley   Composer
José Feliciano   Composer
Neil Diamond   Composer
John Fogerty   Composer
Mick Jagger   Composer
John Lennon   Composer
Paul McCartney   Composer
Earl Robinson   Composer
Mort Shuman   Composer
David Clayton-Thomas   Composer
Brenton Dowe   Composer
Jackie Edwards   Composer,Producer
David Gates   Composer
Joe Gibbs   Composer,Producer
Weldon Irvine   Composer
Richard Kerr   Composer
Chip Taylor   Composer
Cecil Campbell   Composer
Bob Crewe   Composer
Phil Spector   Composer
Boris Gardiner   Producer
Linval Thompson   Composer,Producer
Eric Donaldson   Composer
Keith Hudson   Producer
Laurel Aitken   Producer
Duke Reid   Composer,Producer
Barry Gibb   Composer
Jerry Ross   Composer
Dave Bloxham   Producer
Lloyd Charmers   Producer
Leonard Dillon   Composer,Producer
Scott English   Composer
Phil Gernhard   Composer
Toots Hibbert   Composer
Winston "Niney" Holness   Composer,Producer
Clive "Azul" Hunt   Producer
John Hurley   Composer
Gregory Isaacs   Composer
Lloyd James   Producer
Paul Johnson   Producer
Leslie Kong   Producer
Bunny Lee   Producer
Irwin Levine   Composer
David Paramor   Producer
Lee "Scratch" Perry   Composer,Producer
Doc Pomus   Composer
Michael Rose   Composer
Frank Slay   Composer
Phil Wainman   Producer
Ronnie Wilkins   Composer
Noel Williams   Producer
Toni Wine   Composer
Teddy Vann   Composer
Trevor McNaughton   Composer
Danny Ray   Producer
Freddie Notes & The Rudies   Producer
David Arkin   Composer
Winston Riley   Composer,Producer
Bert Russell   Composer
Terence Wilson   Composer
Laurence Cane-Honeysett   Creative Coordinator
Derrick Harriott   Composer
Roy Woosh   Composer
Harry Johnson   Composer,Producer
Dawn Agard   Composer
Tony Ashfield   Producer
Toddy Auston   Composer
Mark Barkan   Composer
Sydney Crooks   Composer
Phillip Swern   Producer
Phil Pratt   Producer
Winston "Shadow" Bailey   Composer
Floyd Lloyd Seivright   Composer,Producer
Herb Shapiro   Composer
Ney Smith   Composer
Hylton Beckford   Composer
Ronald Binge   Composer
Vincent "Randy" Chin   Producer
Gary William Friedman   Composer
Roy Reid   Producer
Johnny Arthey   Producer
Dick Holler   Composer
Mark LaMarr   Liner Notes
Herman Chin-Loy   Producer
Joe Sinclair   Producer
Robert "Dandy" Thompson   Producer
Sidney "Luddy" Crooks   Producer
Dwight Sibblies   Composer
Joe Smith   Producer
Keith Bonsoir   Producer
Sidney Bucknor   Producer
Eddie Airey   Producer
Stan Biederbeck   Producer
Junior Chung   Producer
Clive Crawley   Producer
Brian Daley   Producer
Doug Mew   Producer
Count Prince Miller   Producer
Hugh Hendricks   Producer
Dave Paramour   Producer
Desmond Rowe   Producer
Rudies   Producer
Leighton Shervington   Producer
Mark Wesley   Producer
Eddie Wolfram   Producer
Paul K. Johnson   Producer
Mike Atherton   Liner Notes
Barry Howard   Producer

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