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My Boyfriend Bites (My Boyfriend Is a Monster Series #3)

My Boyfriend Bites (My Boyfriend Is a Monster Series #3)

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by Dan Jolley

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Vanessa Shingle has a knack for choosing boyfriends who need fixing—the juvenile delinquent, the school cheat, the slacker….Then she meets Jean-Paul McClellan—the perfect project!

Vanessa is determined to find out Jean-Paul's story. Why would such a smart hunk waste his life as a janitor? She drags her best friend Stork on a nighttime mission


Vanessa Shingle has a knack for choosing boyfriends who need fixing—the juvenile delinquent, the school cheat, the slacker….Then she meets Jean-Paul McClellan—the perfect project!

Vanessa is determined to find out Jean-Paul's story. Why would such a smart hunk waste his life as a janitor? She drags her best friend Stork on a nighttime mission to learn more. What she sees makes her blood run cold.

Suddenly, Vanessa's little New Mexico town is overrun by vampires—obnoxious ones at that. And Vanessa seems to be their target. Is Jean-Paul one of them? If so, why is he being so nice to her? When he talks about prophecies and legacies and Romania, what's he really up to?

Vanessa finds herself with a real situation to fix—and she stakes her life on being able to rise to the challenge.

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Loretta Caravette
This is the third adventure in the series, "My Boyfriend is a Monster." Our hero, Vanessa Shingle, is writing in her diary recounting the events that have taken place, so we know she has survived whatever is about to happen. Vanessa lives in a small town where, "Nothing ever happens, but it's peaceful," she writes. She is a senior in high school and has gone through a series of bad boyfriends. Her best friend, Stork, an African American tries to get her to focus on her own future. When older sister, Tracy, takes her to College Night, Vanessa meets a dreamy janitor, Jean-Paul. She asks him to come to a star show at the Rutherford Observatory. They go and right away they seem to connect. As they leave the show, Vanessa walks into the elevator realizing only too late the elevator is not there and she plunges to certain death. Jean-Paul is suddenly by her side and lands catching her before she hits bottom. Then the elevator cable breaks and the elevator plunges down on them. Then the third floor starts to collapses. Somehow they make it out. The next day Vanessa tells Stork the whole story. The supernatural events increase setting in motion Jean-Paul coming to Vanessa's rescue and Vanessa learning that she is the direct descendent of Abraham Van Helsing and is destined to be a Monster Hunter. This book is the young version of a typical romance novel. It is an easy read and the material is fluff but young girls will enjoy reading it for the romance and danger. Reviewer: Loretta Caravette
VOYA - Sean Rapacki
Although the books in this series stand separately, they all follow the same formula: girl meets an attractive, unusual boy who seems too good to be true; girl finds out boy is a actually a supernatural creature, albeit one with a heart of gold; girl and monster boy team up to kick the butt of evil, but must then sadly discontinue their romance because they are from different worlds. Thankfully the authors add a few twists and surprises so the stories are not totally formulaic, but it must be said that these graphic novels will most likely appeal to readers who prefer their supernatural romances to be predictable rather than offbeat. That said, these books do have much in their favor: they are written by experienced comic book authors; the illustrators do high quality work; the empowered female leads are far superior to the damsels in distress we often see in such tales; and the books might appeal to reluctant readers due to their length. Probably the biggest hurdle book selectors will face in deciding whether to purchase books in this series is the price. With each slight volume costing nearly thirty dollars, this series will have to be a strong optional purchase unless demand is high at your library. The high cost is due to the sturdy library binding, though, and perhaps some selectors will not mind paying extra, knowing that these volumes should circulate for a long time without falling apart. The deciding factor will most likely be the level of appeal of supernatural romance with your teens; if they have moved on to dystopias, you can safely give this series a pass. (My Boyfriend Is A Monster). Reviewer: Sean Rapacki

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My Boyfriend Is a Monster Series , #3
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Meet the Author

Aside from the books Dan Jolley has done for Lerner, he has also published a series of original YA novels called Alex Unlimited, as well as teen and junior novelizations for the movies Iron Man and Transformers 2. Dan has published hundreds of comic books from Marvel, DC, and most of the other major publishers in the country. Alitha Martinez is a veteran in the world of mainstream American superhero comics who has recently ventured into manga as well. Her exquisite attention to detail is a wonder to behold. Her work can be found in issues of Black Panther, Iron Man, Spider-Girl Battlebook: Streets of Fire, Shi, X-Men: Black Sun, Marvel Age: Fantastic Four, Voltron: Defender of the Universe, and NBC's Heroes. She is also the illustrator of Twisted Journeys #12: Kung Fu Masters. She lives in New York City.

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My Boyfriend Bites 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
FeatheredQuillBookReviews More than 1 year ago
Vanessa Shingle had a "tendency to fix people." At least she tried. Every boyfriend she'd had since freshman year ended up being a catastrophic project of one sort or another. Billy ended up in a detention center, Lars ended up being sent to military school, and Eugene ended up as a drop-out who decided to dump her for being "too pushy." Perfectomundo ... not. The only steady in Vanessa's life was Stork, her best friend since the third grade. He was obsessed with body building and she wanted to re-build his life and make him into a linguistic genius, but he didn't want to be "fixed." Who did? Ravenfeather Brook, "The Brook" for short, was just another boring small town in New Mexico, but soon things would start to heat up. When Vanessa tagged along with her older sister Tracy to the local community college where she was studying to be an I.T. she met IT. Vanessa spotted Jean-Paul McClellan, the man who would add a little spice to her life. Tracy, who knew the routine by then, calmly claimed, "So you've found your new project then?" The only problem was that he was a janitor who lived in a trailer. Huh? Was this the man of her dreams? Vanessa would soon find out that Jean-Paul had a bit more going for him than just his looks when he actually saved her life in a freak accident. Turned out he was just as freaky as the accident. She was at a loss for words and thought to herself, "How do you make conversation when something completely inexplicable just happened?" Her new "project" was turning out to be a bit more than she bargained for when she actually saw him "sprout fangs and drink blood." Jean-Paul wasn't the only vampire that was out to get her. Would she able to withstand the onslaught of seven other vampires? Was Vanessa really up to dating a monster? Dark shadows fall over "The Brook" when it's invaded by vampires. Naturally Vanessa, like any young woman, is smitten by a man who is everything she dreamed of and then some. Young readers will be entranced by the story and will have a hard time putting it down as they wonder just what Jean-Paul is up to. This story is full of "yellow-eyed freaks," inexplicable goings on, and a mysterious disappearance ... all of which are a large draw for juvenile readers who enjoy freaky romances. The panels in this graphic novel are Gothic and dark, a feature that definitely adds to the story's appeal. This is one of several in the series "My Boyfriend is a Monster." Quill says: My boyfriend Bites is a light read that will especially appeal to the reluctant reader or those who love a good vampire story.