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My Guardian Gryphon (Sanctuary, Texas, #5)

My Guardian Gryphon (Sanctuary, Texas, #5)

4.8 12
by Krystal Shannan

A beauty and her beast...

Gretchen has been falling for the Gryphon of Sanctuary a little more each hour she spends in the Castle library. He reads to her, he tells her stories of the real history he lived, and surely he notices her growing affection. Only he hasn't. Or won't. But every moment she doesn't confess her love


A beauty and her beast...

Gretchen has been falling for the Gryphon of Sanctuary a little more each hour she spends in the Castle library. He reads to her, he tells her stories of the real history he lived, and surely he notices her growing affection. Only he hasn't. Or won't. But every moment she doesn't confess her love brings her closer to the doom she fears: the Sisters of the House of Lamidae need her to have a human's baby. And Alek is anything but human...

Alek looks forward to finding Gretchen in the Castle library. Her smile calms his inner beast. Her happiness reminds him there is beauty in a world out to destroy his kind--Others. Supernaturals waiting for a way to leave Earth and return to their world. But Gretchen makes him want to stay.

But Gretchen is off-limits. The House of Lamidae has a present destiny, and his duty is to protect them. Not fall in love.

Sanctuary, Texas Series

My Viking Vampire #1

My Dragon Masters #2

My Eternal Soldier #3

My Warrior Wolves #4

My Guardian Gryphon #5

One more coming in 2017!

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Sanctuary, Texas , #5
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My Guardian Gryphon (Sanctuary, Texas, #5) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Love the whole series
TammyS32 3 months ago
Great addition to this series. The story has lots of emotion and the characters are amazing. I was hooked from beginning to end
BuckeyeAngel 4 months ago
Gretchen is part of a special group of humans that live in Sanctuary, Texas under the guard of the Supernaturals who call the town home. Alek is a Gryphon and the sheriff of Sanctuary. Both know it’s forbidden for Gretchen to be with a Supernatural but they are unable to resist each other. As with all of this author’s books, this was a great story that wouldn’t allow me to put it down until I was finished. I really loved both Gretchen and Alek and I really wanted to smack Rose for them. However, as with the last story in this series, the story took a really dark turn towards the end. I really wish there had been a warning on it. I don’t usually read books with this kind of tone, although for this author I probably would’ve made the exception. I understand the actions are for the future books in the series and it was all very well written, which is why I still gave it a 4 instead of a 1. I highly recommend (with a bit of caution) for fans of paranormal books, nail biting actions, and stories that have a real plot to them. **I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
Dina1 4 months ago
I've read books 1-4 of this series and each time I don't think the next one can be better. WRONG, this story is now my favorite in the series. It's a grand love story, with great characters; filled first with deep friendship, then unrequited and forbidden love, suddenly understanding you love someone you can never have. All of this leads to "heck with the rules" undeniable passion, misunderstandings and horrible tragedy and deaths. Who, What, How? Well sorry but I try not to write spoilers so that's all I'm telling, except to say I can't wait for book 6. You will not be disappointed for this is a wonderful love story told among the backdrop of supernatural beings and humans that live in this town of glorious stories, Sanctuary, TX. Did I mention I LOVE this story, well I LOVE this story. I highly recommend this book to lovers of paranormal romance.
sportochick 4 months ago
Well I can honestly say, "Wow a remarkable read that is unlike any other paranormal romance book I have read". Seriously this was so interesting and exciting to read. Her plot was intricately woven and so full of description that I dissolved into the pages and felt like I was actually present as the characters moved through the book. Gretchen's character was an oxymoron. Mostly she seemed young and naive but then she would all of sudden seem very wise and mature for her age. But her brain and how she perceived things was at times childlike then all of sudden adult like. I know it sounds weird what I just described but the author finessed it so well that Gretchen is a believable character. Alek was much more intense and deeper for the reader then Gretchen. Gretchen had no real idea of who or what he was but as a reader I caught on to his depth of character instantly. I liked that he struggled with his feelings and I loved that he jumped outside the box the world put him in to take a stand for what he felt was right for his personal well being. This is filled with intrigue, unusual twists to the plot and yes it is filled with a love story but you will have to read the book to see how the author takes such an unlikely match and creates a love story worth reading. I give it 5 STARS for being so different and interesting to read. Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.
Jasmyn9 5 months ago
This was a very intense edition to the Sanctuary, Texas series. I learned a lot about the House of Lamidae, not all of it very good. There are a few people that I look at quite differently after seeing a more 'anything for the greater good' side to them, willing to sacrifice the feelings of one in a grand attempt to move closer to their goals. Gretchen was a bit of an enigma. She was different than the rest of the House of Lamidae, and it made her intriguing and a little frustrating at the same time. She wants to break the mold and be something different that the rest of her sisters. She wants to find love. But her search causes all sorts of problems. This is a bit of a dark story. Not everything ends up ice cream and roses. I lost faith in some characters, and I just completely lost others. I will warn you that the ending isn't as hopeful as ones in the previous books. But the tenacity and determination of the citizens of Sanctuary really shine through.
spanishladyAM 7 months ago
This is the 5th book of Sanctuary, so many different characters that play an important role in the protection and future of all that live within. I would suggest that you read all the books in the series, so you get to know all the characters and the roles they play even though they are each standalones. They are all very good! This is the story of Gretchen, a Sister of the House of Lamidae and Alek a Gryphon and last of his kind, Protector of Sanctuary. Theirs is a forbidden love that has grown over 15 years of torture for Gretchen who has loved Alek when at 11 years of age she first looked upon the larger than life Protector. Alek has just realized that the child has grown into a woman and that his Gryphon wants her for his own, but he doesn't know what his beast does, having fled the veil as a teenager and being the last of his kind with no one to school him in the ways of the Gryphon. It is forbidden for any supernatural to be with one of the Sisters, they can only lay with humans to beget more Sisters to strengthen the sight. Gretchen has avoided laying with any human for 15 years. She only wishes to be with Alek and escapes the castle to be with the man she loves where they forge a bond that may very well be the salvation, if not the destruction of Sanctuary. Xerses has accomplished what he has been unable to achieve for thousands of years, he has removed the biggest defense in Sanctuary, but no matter what he tries, he has not been able to penetrate Sanctuary to it's fullest and his obsession will be his downfall. So much loss, pain and so many tears. I am an emotional mess. But I feel that all the loss and the forbidden love will overcome, at least I hope so. Ms. Shannan outdid herself with this one!
n7kk7br00ks 7 months ago
It's like Beauty and the Beast on steroids!! Gretchen is a Lamidae sister and her duty is to have meaningless sex with a troupe of men in the hope of spewing forth a squad of children so that the Seer's visions become clearer and they can then track down more Protectors. Someone should maybe take a good look at Gretchen cos she is still a virgin and wants to stay that way. Unless of course she can get grumpy, brooding Alex to be her first. Alex has enjoyed his daily visits with Gretchen in the library. He has been there as she grew from inquisitive child to beautiful woman. He's not very happy when he realises that the Sisters are planning on basically forcing Gretchen to mate with some random human! Rose, the Lamasseu leader of Sanctuary has a battle on her hands protecting her people from her former brother in law. She needs all the help she can get and understands that it may not be palatable but she needs the seers visions to be sharper. Alex and Gretchen are magically marvellous. Alex may be 4000 yrs old but he is still a man and wants a mate. He just never envisaged who it would turn out to be! The Sisters are like a baby factory! I'd hate it there and I can so sympathise with Gretchen, she is being treated as a brood mare or womb for hire! I'm hoping that Xerxes will get his comeuppance soon cos I really need for him to have a bloody, long drawn out downfall!!
caroldh4 7 months ago
My Guardian Gryphon is book five in the Sanctuary, Texas series by Krystal Shannan. This is one of those books that creeps up on you and then grabs you when you least expect it and does not let you go until that very last moment. Let this be a warning, do not consume large quantities of caffeine while reading this book. The book itself will be plenty to keep your adrenaline going full force! Gretchen is one of the Sisters of the House of Lamidae, women who are humans except that they have the gift of visions. Their soul purpose is to continue to bear children to add more strength to the sisters and their visions so that they can locate two additional protectors. These two protectors are needed so that the entire population of supernaturals can eventually go home to the Veil. Gretchen has known Alek Melos since she was twelve years old. He began coming to the castle where she and all the sisters lived and reading to her in the castle library every day. Every day for fifteen years. Gretchen has loved Alek every single one of those days. Now she is twenty seven and she wants Alek in every way. But it is forbidden for a sister to be with a supernatural. Early on Gretchen had a vision of herself with Alek. A vision that has given her hope that there could be a future for them. Now all she has to do is get Alek to notice that she’s not a child anymore. “He had me. My whole heart. My mind. My everything would be his if only he asked.” “He was my beast - my Gryphon warrior. He had always been mine. And I would be his.” Alek is a Gryphon shifter. He has lived in Sanctuary, Texas supporting Rose’s plan to find the protectors and going home to the Veil for centuries. He has always been drawn to Gretchen but all of a sudden, he blinked, and gone was that little sweet girl he reads to and has long historical discussions with. All of a sudden, she was a woman. And she was the woman his beast wanted. It was something so strong he could barely hold himself back. But Gretchen was a sister. It was forbidden. He could not allow it. Rose is who runs Sanctuary. It is her vision, her plan, that everyone sacrifices everything to support. The sisters seem to accept their purpose in everything. It’s only Gretchen that fights it. She wants Alek and only Alek. “Everything here was pretense and charade. We had no life. No choices. No free will. We were no better than slaves to Rose’s whim, and no one even seemed to care. They all just helped her, saying it was for the greater good. Their lives were the sacrifice that had to be made.” Xerxes is always in the background, his evil growing. His quest to rule the world and then the Veil seems to be within his grasp. He must defeat Sanctuary and get rid of Rose. If he could get the Sisters, then he would be unstoppable. This book! I’m not sure how to describe it. There is a love story, yes. But of the whole series, this one was the most disturbing. Xerxes evil has grown and the things he does are so over the top awful. Rose is supposed to be good but she and her single minded quest regarding the purpose of the Sisters made me so angry. Maybe she wasn’t as evil as Xerxes but the way she went about getting what she wanted was so wrong. She was doing it for the greater good but it was still wrong. Did Gretchen make some very bad decisions? Yes she did. But Gretchen also suffered the most unthinkable horror of all. This book will keep you on edge
green____ 7 months ago
Magick and Mayhem! Another wonderful read from Krystal Shannan! This book was packed full of events... kept me glued throughout! Destiny, rebellion, love, and more! I was truly surprised at everything that occurs within this tale! I really want to see what is in store next!!!! Love these characters! They have come to life and drawn me into their emotional story! I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
booknooknuts 7 months ago
Book #5 in this series finds us still in Sanctuary and still battling that hideous beast Xerse' and after reading this book I hope to goodness he is found and killed slowly, painfully, and torn to shreds. I do not even have the words really. I enjoyed this story and the story of Gretchen finally admitting her love for her Beast aka Alek aka Gryphon. But so much transpires once they decide to be together it is hard to stay happy for this couple. The members in Sanctuary have a battle of epic proportions to deal with and so many are lost. And yes the Author ripped my heart out with one of those deaths. I never saw that coming. The end left me wanting, hoping, and praying perhaps it really did not happen. But alas I think it does and all I can say is. I hope the next book in this series comes soon and that it gives me the revenge I need for my character. I enjoyed this book and would recommend you start with book one in this series. Although if you read from this book forward you would not miss a character or have, your heart ripped out hahaha.
MoniqueD 7 months ago
I will not attempt to summarize all the background story, as it is rather complex, but Krystal Shannan does a terrific job at recapping everything that has happened so far, so that a newcomer to the series will be able to enjoy it as much as a long-time fan. Gretchen is a Sister of the House of Lamidae, led by Rose. Gretchen is a Seer, and she has never left the castle where the Sisters reside. They are human but their collective powers as seers will allow them to strengthen their visions, thus making it possible to find the two remaining Protectors of the supernaturals on Earth, so they can eventually go home to Veil. All this is neither farfetched nor convoluted, as Krystal Shannan makes it all crystal clear – no pun intended. The Sisters must have children with human males, and Gretchen has resisted that requirement from the beginning, but time is running out for her. She is secretly in love with Alek Melos, a Gryphon, Alek is also enamoured of Gretchen, but anything more than friendship between them is forbidden, as Alek is a shifter. What are they to do? And dear readers, don’t presume for one second that you have guessed what will happen! MY GUARDIAN GRYPHON is a fabulously exciting book with breathtaking action sequences, and startling plot twists. Our favourite villain, the revoltingly mesmerising Xerxes, has definitely not mellowed, and he has even more secrets than I ever thought. Sanctuary is not safe anymore, and not everyone gets out alive! Amidst all the chaos and the violence, it turns out that Xerxes is not the only one keeping secrets. The worldbuilding of Sanctuary is already astounding, and Ms. Shannan adds to the mythology of this amazing series. The more you read MY GUARDIAN GRYPHON, the more you learn, the more you want to know! Krystal Shannan is an extremely talented writer, and it is always fascinating how well she conveys the characters’ various voices. MY GUARDIAN GRYPHON is told from 3 points of views: that of Gretchen’s, Alek’s, and Xerxes’, and all three are as different as the characters themselves. Even more surprising is that the sex scenes are totally Gretchen’s and Alek’s; even the sex scenes differ from book to book, and are entirely adapted to the specific characters, and this something that few authors seem to care about; here the sex scenes are of such tenderness, your heart will melt. Gretchen’s ordeal is absolutely heartbreaking, and Alek rises to the occasion. MY GUARDIAN GRYPHON is fast-paced, thrilling from the beginning, of boundless originality, and the imagery throughout is stunning. I didn’t know much about Gryphons, and Ms. Shannan painted an amazing visual of Alek as a Gryphon. This book is bursting with colours and emotions; a fabulous, fabulous read! I cannot wait for the next instalment of this fantastic series; it will be explosive! By the gods, don’t miss MY GUARDIAN GRYPHON! I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.