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My Heavenly Heart

My Heavenly Heart

by Christine Dorsey

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Betty Eaddie meets historical romance in Dorsey's competent, if uninspired, final installment in the Heart series about the three MacQuaid brothers (My Seaswept Heart, My Savage Heart). Ebenezer, an apprentice angel, screws up when he allows Lady Rachel Elliott, ward of George III and lady-in-waiting to Queen Charlotte, to drown. As Rachel's soul waits in the traditional dark tunnel with the radiant light at the end, the angels tell her her stay on earth is predicated on saving a lost soul. The lost soul is savagely handsome Logan MacQuaid, drinking alone in tight-fitting buckskins in the Carolina wilderness because he believes he caused the deaths of his wife and infant daughter, who were murdered in an Indian raid. Never quite sure how Rachel materialized on the top of his mountain in powdered wig and blue taffeta gown, he is certain she is one scone short of a dozen. Rachel hasn't a clue how to survive on her own. She can talk to animals, but she cannot boil water. As Logan takes Rachel to sensual heaven, readers discover that he is well-read and has the makings of a fine Colonial psychiatrist. Which is just as well, because Dorsey's heroine, angel or no, is hysterical enough to need his services. (May)

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Zebra Book Series
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