My Hope Is Found: The Cadence of Grace, Book 3

My Hope Is Found: The Cadence of Grace, Book 3

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by Joanne Bischof

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Gideon O’Riley has been given another chance at a life with Lonnie. But will the fight for her heart risk it all over again?
After finally finding love with his sweet bride Lonnie, Gideon’s heart was torn when a woman from his past claimed to be his true and rightful wife, forcing him away from his family. God’s merciful


Gideon O’Riley has been given another chance at a life with Lonnie. But will the fight for her heart risk it all over again?
After finally finding love with his sweet bride Lonnie, Gideon’s heart was torn when a woman from his past claimed to be his true and rightful wife, forcing him away from his family. God’s merciful hand saw Gideon through the heartache, and with Cassie’s blessing, he is able to return home. But his journey back through the Blue Ridge Mountains will hold a trial he never anticipated.
Meanwhile, Lonnie determines to seal off her heart from Gideon, convinced he is lost to her forever. Strengthening her resolve to move on is her growing fondness for the handsome Scotsman, Toby McKee—the young reverend she has come to care for deeply. His proposal of marriage offers a bright future for her and her young son.
Yearning to allow joy back into her life, Lonnie must put aside the broken pieces of her heart that still love Gideon. When he returns to find her betrothed to another, he has to place his hope in God, trusting that the One who redeemed their love once can do it again.

“Joanne has hit a home run with her Cadence of Grace series… With memorable characters and struggles aplenty, this is the kind of story that will have readers telling their friends, ‘You’ve got to read these books.’”
—Lauraine Snelling, best-selling author of the Red River of the North series and Wild West Wind series

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Praise for My Hope Is Found

“A tender story, told with loving care, My Hope Is Found takes many a twist and turn, as Lonnie must choose between two good men. Her struggle is genuine, and the outcome remains deliciously uncertain until the joy-filled ending.”
—Liz Curtis Higgs, New York Times best-selling author of Mine Is the Night

“Joanne has hit a home run with her Cadence of Grace series, and this book wraps up the story nicely. But I was never sure of the ending—either man could have made her happy—until the end. With memorable characters and struggles aplenty, this is the kind of story that will have readers telling their friends, ‘You’ve got to read these books.’”
—Lauraine Snelling, author of the Red River of the North series, the Wild West Wind series, along with Wake the Dawn and many other books

“In My Hope is Found, God’s grace and tender mercies bloom in the rugged hills of early 1900s Appalachia. The familiar characters of the Cadence of Grace series live out the delicious tension of romance and reason, heartache and hope—discovering the true measure of love and lasting peace. If you need a healthy dose of hope for a pesky case of hopelessness, this one is a must-read.”
—Mesu Andrews, author of Love Amid the Ashes and winner of the 2012 ECPA Book of the Year, New Author

“Joanne has the rare talent of creating such compelling characters and story worlds that I wish her books would never end.”
—Serena B. Miller, RITA Award–winning author of The Measure of Katie Calloway

“This deeply moving conclusion to the Cadence of Grace series will captivate your heart and keep you turning pages. Once again Joanne Bischof brings her well-drawn characters and beautiful setting to life in an intricately woven tale of faith and love that will leave you wanting more. I highly recommend it!”
—Carrie Turansky, author of The Governess of Highland Hall

“A soaring conclusion to the Cadence of Grace series! With lyrical phrasing, Joanne Bischof blends measures of faith, hope, and love into pitch-perfect, soul-stirring harmony sure to resonate in every reader’s heart. Bravo!”
—Jocelyn Green, award-winning author of the Heroines Behind the Lines series

“In My Hope is Found, gifted storyteller Joanne Bischof writes of redemption and reconciliation. Her characters stepped off the page and into my heart as I held my breath over their heartbreaks, disappointed dreams, and ultimate choices, all skillfully woven through with spiritual truths. Bischof has found her calling as a writer.”
—Beth K. Vogt, author of Catch a Falling Star

“Amid the beauty of the Appalachians, Lonnie Sawyer O’Riley finds herself in an impossible situation created by her beloved Gideon’s wild past. Having no choice but to give him up and move on, she clings to stubborn hope that all will yet be well, somehow. Like a mountain trail, the story winds through sunlight and shadow, through love and despair, with glimpses of grace at every turn. My Hope Is Found is another keeper from Joanne Bischof.”
—Meg Moseley, author of Gone South

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Rocky Knob, Virginia
January 1902

Go home to them.

With Cassie’s words fresh in his heart, Gideon stepped from the woods. The sun hit his shoulders. Warm as a caress. His suspenders bounced around his legs. They’d been abandoned halfway through his trek. Overwhelmed by the reality of what the day would bring, he’d dressed in a hurry, hungry for the sanctuary of these woods. Gideon ran a hand over the back of his neck where the stiff muscles complained. A bachelor once more, he’d bunked out in his shop the night before, leaving Cassie alone in the house.

Though he’d had both pillow and blanket, sleep had been lost to him.

With his thoughts ricocheting between Lonnie and Cassie, his past and future seemed muddled. A coil of tangled wire. Rifle slung over his shoulder, Gideon circled his thumb over the smooth wood of the gunstock, the sound of birdsong paving the way to the cabin. Cassie’s cabin—a place he would no longer call home. But it really never had been. He chewed the inside of his cheek. Where was home now? He knew the answer. There was only one place for him, and that was beside Lonnie.

His heart lurched.

Never would he have taken Lonnie’s hand had he known he was still wed to Cassie. Never would he have taken Lonnie’s hand had Cassie simply spoken up about what she knew. Secrets revealed too late. Much too late. Kneeling, Gideon checked his final trap.

Saying good-bye to Cassie should be simple. Especially since Lonnie and Jacob were waiting on the other side. So what was he doing out on a cold morning checking traps? Gideon straightened and gripped his catch, wishing with all his heart that it could be more for Cassie. That it could be better. Her words pressed against the edges of his mind.

I want this chance to do something right. Go home to them.”

And here he was, leaving. With a puff of his cheeks and a duck of his head, Gideon walked on. Surely God had been smiling down on him the night Cassie had spoken those words only days ago. She didn’t have to let go. But she had. He chalked it up to grace and nothing less. Of her own free will, she was letting him go home. Return to the life he once had. The life with his young bride and son. Gideon’s chest tightened at the thought of taking Lonnie and Jacob in his arms.

He prayed that someday he might extend the grace that Cassie had extended to him. The thought filled him with wonder. Wonder at what it would feel like to have the peace that Cassie felt when she stepped out in faith. In goodness. For in keeping her word, she’d given him his future. Which was why he’d slept fitfully until dawn, overwhelmed by it all.

He clutched the rabbits tighter. A warm spell had turned the snow to mush, making his steps easy, but the trail was no match for his attention compared to the truths that roiled in his mind.

He was leaving today. Though it could take weeks before he got word that all was finalized between Cassie and himself—just as it should have been long ago—he couldn’t stay with a woman who was no longer his wife.

Gideon shook his head and strode toward the cabin. Soon he’d be on his way to Elsie and Jebediah Bennett’s farm, to his family. In a week’s time, he would stand before Lonnie. Pulse racing, he nearly lost his grip on the rabbits’ feet. Gideon tilted his face to the sun, the joy of it all warming him as much now as it had then.

Rounding the bend, the smell of coffee all but pulled his feet along. He spotted the small cabin nestled against a stand of oaks. Gideon rolled his shoulder that ached in the cool weather and stomped up the steps, spying Cassie in the kitchen window. The house was bright and warm when he stepped in. His pack, filled with all that he owned, sat beside the door. Cassie was at the stove, her braid long and dark down her back.

She glanced at him, her face registering amusement. “I thought you’d be gone.” She watched him as he sifted through her crock of knives. “You were going to leave at first light.”

“I’d planned on it.”

“But…” She glanced at the rabbits.

He found the knife he was looking for, grabbed her worn pan, and flicked his head toward the porch. He lifted the rabbits. “I’ll be right back.”

“Gideon.” Her hand on his arm made him freeze. “I can do this on my own. All of it.” Her expression drove her implications deeper.

Nodding slowly, he stepped onto the porch. Sitting, he nestled the pan between his feet on the lower step. She moved in beside him and sat. Her patched skirts swayed soundlessly over her small boots. He sensed a weariness in her flushed cheeks. Though the scarlet fever had long since left her body, her strength was slow in returning.

“You’re only gonna have half a day of light.”

He nodded. “I know. I’ll be off in a bit.”

Hands pressed together, she seemed unsure of what to do with them. “How did you sleep?”



He glanced over in time to see her faint grin.

“That shack had to be freezing, and you scarcely had enough blankets.” She touched the toes of her boots together.

“I’d say it was best that way.” He peered across the farm to where her brothers’ hammers could be heard over the quiet of late morning.

Cassie smirked, but her eyes seemed sad. “Is that so?” She gave him the look that had made him weak in the knees on more than one occasion. “After months of sleeping in the rocking chair, you would have suddenly had the notion to take me in your arms?” She elbowed him softly. “You do realize you never even kissed me proper.”

Feeling a half grin form, Gideon ducked his head.

Her blue-eyed gaze shifted away, over the farm, as if the fallen petals of their lives were scattered about. “Well, the rumors will abound regardless.”

That they would. He and Cassie had been married for months, and people would think what they wanted. It wouldn’t help that his reputation around Rocky Knob was anything but saintly. Hands stilling in their work, he studied her, his heart aching afresh. “What will you do, Cassie?” How he wished he could shoulder this burden for her.

With a wave of her hand, she tossed his concerns aside. “There’s more to this world than Rocky Knob. I’ve got a mind to start fresh. Maybe I’ll head to Stuart. Farther, Lord willing.”

That spark glinted in her eyes—fire and determination—and he knew she was going to be all right. The breeze lifted loose strands of her hair, sending the molasses-hued ribbons dancing.

Slowly he shook his head, overwhelmed. Through her grace, another burst of joy shot through him. He would see Lonnie again. He would hold his son. Watch him grow up. Memories of them had hung like dusty pictures in his mind, but soon he would add new memories. It was a gift he could never repay Cassie for.

“I’m going to miss you.” Unshed tears glistened in Cassie’s eyes.

Throat suddenly tight, he could only nod in return. He rose and, setting the pan aside, dipped his hands in the wash bucket.

She motioned toward the open door and his pack just inside. “Will you be bringing nothing else? What about everything in your shop? all your tools?”

“Give them to Jack. He’ll make good use of them.” He scrubbed at the creases in his palms, thankful for the friend he’d found in Cassie’s youngest brother. He ran the icy water up his forearms, then grabbed the tattered towel.

Her expression grew so soft, he warred with the urge to cup her cheek as he once had.

“He’ll be grateful,” she finally said.

“He’s a good kid.” He struggled to find more meaningful words, but his gratitude for the young man’s kindness ran deep.

Eyes down, Cassie leaned against the railing. She crossed her ankles, then uncrossed them. Gideon dried his hands on the towel longer than need be.

She stomped her foot. “Off with you now. I can’t take this.” She waved him toward the steps as if to set him in motion. “You’re like a stray dog that won’t leave.” She quick-swiped at her damp cheeks.

He laughed, the sensation filling the empty spaces of his heart.

She wiped her cheeks again. Gideon captured her hand as it fell. He squeezed it, letting his thumb trace a slow circle on her wrist.

Without meeting his gaze, she spoke, her voice as soft as he’d ever heard it. “Please don’t say good-bye. I don’t think I could handle it.”

Gideon swallowed the lump in his throat. “Fine, then…” Cupping the back of her head, he pressed a kiss to her forehead. “You’re wonderful,” he whispered against her hair.

Cassie choked out a laugh. “And you’re a scoundrel.”

Meet the Author

Christy Award-finalist and author of Be Still My Soul and Though My Heart is Torn, Joanne Bischof has a deep passion for Appalachian culture and writing stories that shine light on God’s grace and goodness. She lives in the mountains of Southern California with her husband and their three children. When she’s not weaving Appalachian romance, she’s blogging about faith, folk music, and the adventures of country living that bring her stories to life. You can visit her website at

From the Trade Paperback edition.

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My Hope Is Found: The Cadence of Grace, Book 3 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 25 reviews.
sherrijinga More than 1 year ago
Have you read Joanne Bischof‘s Cadence of Grace series? If not, I highly recommend that you add this series to your holiday wish list. It begins with the forced union between Lonnie Sawyer and Gideon O’Riley. You love her and want to hate him but soon, you’re rooting for them to be happy. But their battle is an uphill climb all the way. By the end of book two, you can’t breathe. You don’t know what’s going to happen to your favorite characters and the new characters who have joined them in the Appalachian hills. Book 3 in the Cadence of Grace series, My Hope is Found, brought the characters full circle in quite the satisfying way. I don’t want to give too much of the story away, but Gideon returns to Lonnie after his former wife grants him an annulment. But Toby McKee is working his way into Lonnie’s heart and at this point in the story, I wanted to scream. I wanted to read the last page to see how the book ended and just be done. But I couldn’t do it! I had to see where Joanne took these characters. It’s one of these stories where you plot and try to figure out what’s going to happen but you can’t because Joanne is so clever. So you’ll just have to read the series for yourself. I promise you will fall in love with each character, even the ones who don’t start out too lovable in the beginning.
RachelleRea More than 1 year ago
I was so glad when this one came in the mail. I dropped the books I was reading (yes, I read multiple at a time) and read this one. But I read this one alone (as in, I didn't flip flop back and forth between other books). I loved it that much. A niggle of worry bothered me as I began. After months anticipating the finale to this love story, I wondered if it wouldn't go my way, if all would turn toward a happily-ever-after at last. Well, I won't give the ending away, but... I wasn't disappointed in the least. This is a beautiful finish to a series that's touched my heart. Rarely does a heroine become a friend like Lonnie, but her story inspires too much for readers not to fall in love with it.  What I Didn't Like As Much I admit, I read it slowly, though, sometimes to savor, and sometimes because pain was on the pages and I thought I'd cry if I went on. Hearts are hurting and lives will never be the same, yet God is good and His love never lets us go. That's the story of the Cadence of Grace series and especially of My Hope is Found.  And really, even though I didn't like having to put it down sometimes, I think that means it's heart-piercing in a good way. Why I Recommend This Book Readers of historical fiction who, like me, love plunging into another century where simpler times but just-as-complex lives abound should scoop up this final installment of the Cadence of Grace series. A story that will echo in your soul, Lonnie and Gideon's love will inspire because  even when souls are restless and hearts are torn, hope really can be found.
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
MY HOPE IS FOUND by Joanne Bischof is an exciting conclusion to "The Cadence of Grace" trilogy. An Inspiration Historical Fiction set in 1902 the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. While, "My Hope Is Found" can be read as a stand alone, I would strongly recommend you read two previous books first. See, "Be Still My Soul" and "Though My Heart is Torn". This is the conclusion of Lonnie, and Gideon's story,along with the handsome Scotsman, Toby McKee, who is wooing Lonnie. Ms. Bischof has written a story that is compelling, emotional, features the Appalachian culture, faith, healing, forgiveness and the power of true love. Lonnie and Gideon's story has seemed a bit hopeless, can true love truly win? With cliffhangers from the first two books, you will not be disappointed in "My Hope Is Found". Fast paced but filled with hopelessness, faith,the tension of romance,despair, heartache and hope. It also has the sweetness of romance, a situation created by Lonnie's once beloved Gideon,and her choice to move on with her life for the sake of her young son you will get a glimpse of true grace and the power of love and forgiveness. I have enjoyed this trilogy in more ways than one. First, it gives the reader the feeling of joy, the despair of loving someone with a past, and the joy of grace and the peace it brings. I would recommend this title to any historical romance or fiction reader. While, it is a Christian historical is not a "preachy" story. A true story of peace,grace,hope,healing,forgiveness and love. Well done!! I can hardly wait to see what this author as in store for her readers next! Received for an honest review from the publisher. RATING: 4.5 HEAT RATING: SWEET REVIEWED BY: AprilR, Courtesy of My Book Addiction and More
KPow1 More than 1 year ago
This is book 3 in the Cadence of Grace series. I recommend reading the first 2 books in this series before you read this book because it will make this story so much more meaningful for you. Pros: -Detailed setting & complex characters - I felt like I was experiencing the story with them -Suspenseful - although I felt sure of who Lonnie would pick from the beginning, there was still uncertainty. -The writing is beautiful Cons: I was really excited to read about Lonnie and Gideon together again, but it is not until almost 1/3 of the book when they are finally reunited. I would have preferred for it not to have taken so much to get there, but I understand why Gideon had to do what he did before returning to Lonnie. In this story he has to learn a lot about patience, and in delaying his return he needs to have a lot of it (and so do I). Overall I highly recommend this book, but be ready for an emotional experience.
PianoLady831 More than 1 year ago
My Hope Is Found by Joanne Bischof brings the Cadence of Grace series to a sweet and moving conclusion. With its rustic 1900 Appalachian setting, endearing characters, romantic tension, unexpected plot twists, and redeeming grace theme, this series will always be one of my favorites. Joanne has written a truly inspired series, packed with emotion and romantic tension, and with so much to like about it. First is the richly-drawn characterization of Gideon and Lonnie. When we meet them in book 1, Be Still My Soul, Gideon O'Riley is a 22-year-old bluegrass musician - confident, passionate, and not altogether a good guy. Lonnie is a shy and pensive young lady with a sweet voice, pretty, the brown-eyed wallflower of Rocky Knob, Virginia. She's grown up in the shadow of an alcoholic father and yearns to be free and loved. It's hard to talk about this book without referring to the whole Cadence of Grace series, because My Hope Is Found is more like the conclusion to a beautiful, redemptive story. Drawn to Lonnie's faith in the God who had given him a second chance, Gideon still found himself ensnared and seemingly trapped by sins of the past. "He didn't deserve forgiveness. He'd stolen Lonnie when she hadn't been his to steal. Then he betrayed her just weeks after he'd betrayed Cassie. He'd orchestrated every desire of his heart into being without ever weighing the consequences." Yet this story opens with Cassie's words to Gideon, "Go home to them." The term "cadence" describes a melodic progression that creates a sense of resolution or completion, and I think that expression fits this series so well. A weak cadence indicates a momentary pause, while a strong cadence signals the end or completion. The endings of books 1 and 2 were mere pauses, with book 3 reaching a tender and moving conclusion through the grace and kindness of God. I loved the scene where Gideon remembered and played a hymn from his childhood on the mandolin without understanding its meaning: It Is Well with My Soul. When asked what the lyrics meant to her, Lonnie replied, "I think it means a peace. The feeling of resting in God's goodness. In His comfort. That come what may, it is still well." And that's what Gideon wanted, "the kind of faith that assured him that no matter what happened in life, he would always have peace." The Cadence of Grace series beautifully illustrates something that we all know by faith - that God sees us, not as we are, but how we can be through Him. Throughout its pages, Lonnie's faith is tested and Gideon gradually comes to know the God of grace and redemption. Any parent who has prayed for God to put people of faith in their prodigal's life - such as the precious older couple, Jebediah and Elsie - will find hope in this story. When two suitors vie for a young lady's hand, it is rare for me to almost want both to win, but that is exactly the situation Joanne has created here. Readers might suspect or hope for a certain conclusion, but nothing is assured until the final pages - yet it ended in the only way it could have. I might be wrong (but I hope not!) in thinking that Joanne dropped a little hint as to a future story for a couple of characters. Fans of historical romance will certainly enjoy this series, but I think its appeal reaches beyond that. I don't hesitate to highly recommend My Hope Is Found, as well as the whole Cadence of Grace series, to all readers. I was provided an ARC of My Hope Is Found by Joanne in exchange for my honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
After finally finding love with his sweet bride Lonnie, Gideon’s heart was torn when a woman from his past claimed to be his true and rightful wife, forcing him away from his family. God’s merciful hand saw Gideon through the heartache, and with Cassie’s blessing, he is able to return home. Though his journey back through the Blue Ridge Mountains will hold a trial he never anticipated. Meanwhile, Lonnie determines to seal off her heart from Gideon, convinced he is lost to her forever. Strengthening her resolve to move on is the fondness she has for the handsome Scotsman, Toby McKee—the young reverend she has come to care deeply for. His proposal of marriage offers a bright future for her and her young son. Yearning to allow joy back into her life, Lonnie must put aside the broken pieces of her heart that still love Gideon. When he returns to find her betrothed to another, he has to place his hope in God, trusting that the One who redeemed their love once can do it again.
Britney_Adams More than 1 year ago
My Hope Is Found is a stunning conclusion to The Cadence of Grace series. I gave my heart completely to the compelling characters and the vivid beauty of the Appalachians in Book 1, Be Still My Soul. I wept at the heart-wrenching emotion so beautifully written in Book 2, Though My Heart Is Torn. Wanting and needing to know what was going to happen to these precious people I had come to know and love, I was eager to read My Hope Is Found. I found myself speeding up and slowing down and savoring every last word. As I finished reading the last words of this book, I exhaled the breath that I found myself holding. Sighing with great satisfaction in the fact that, despite despair and suffering, hope is found! Joanne Bischof has written an amazing series of books that will touch your heart. The spiritual thread so beautifully and eloquently woven into these books is a gift and a blessing to everyone who reads them. The Cadence of Grace series is a poignant story that you absolutely must read!
nilosmom More than 1 year ago
great book, would recommend it to all who enjoy Christian Fiction
KarenFromOregon More than 1 year ago
There are times when we consume novels like potato chips. We gobble them down and go looking for more. This is especially true of series fiction. Then there are novels that within the first few paragraphs, you realize you've discovered something special, like a fine dark chocolate. You slow down and savor the words, the emotion, and the depth of the story. My Hope Is Found, the third and final novel in Joanne Bischof's Cadence of Grace series, is that sort of treasure. A tender historical romance set in Appalachia, these characters will steal your heart.  The current trend is for authors and publishers to produce series in which each book focuses on a new main character, so readers can jump into the story stream with any of the novels. I had to admire Bischof for bravely (and skillfully) tackling a 3-book romance that continues the saga of the same two individuals as they struggle through love and life. Lonnie and Gideon's story deserved three books. All three novels have satisfying conclusions, so you could read them individually, but taken together--they will knock your socks off. I savored this last installment of the Cadence of Grace series, knowing how much I'd miss these characters when I reached "The End." I forced myself to read only a chapter or two at each sitting. A few times I found myself reading a line out loud. (Am I the only odd person who does that?) And a few times I found myself whispering a prayer for the characters. Yes, I know...
MI_Reader More than 1 year ago
A beautifully written book and wonderful conclusion to the Cadence of Grace series. I loved the first two books and this one did not disappoint. The journey of Gideon and Lonnie and how God fit into their lives was emotional and Joanne's writing pulled me in. I recommend this book and series to all those who love true Christian romance and especially those who love Janette Oke.
dgottreu More than 1 year ago
My Hope Is Found by Joanne Bischof is the third book in The Cadence of Grace series and is just as enjoyable and great a story as the first two books. In fact I think that maybe it is my favorite of the three. Lonnie and Gideon were living a happy and loving life with their young son when Cassie showed up and informed Gideon that they were still legally married. Lonnie and Gideon are both broken hearted but they both know that he must leave. Gideon goes back to Cassie but they do not live as man and wife. Cassie finally realizes that Gideon does not love her so she decides to give him his freedom so that he can remarry Lonnie. When Gideon gets back to Rocky Knob, Virginia, he learns that Lonnie is engaged to Toby McKee a young minister from Scotland. With God’s help, Gideon is determined to win Lonnie’s heart again and make her his wife. The author did an excellent job in the writing of all elements of the story. The characters were so well developed that they simply came to life on the pages of the book. The dialogue was at times heart breakingly sad and at other times it was very happy but all of it was very well written. All the scenes were so well written that I felt as if I were right in the middle of all the action. There was a good deal of suspense in the story mainly with Gideon working to get the papers signed by the authorities that would make him a single man again so that he could marry Lonnie. There was also the suspense of which man would Lonnie choose to marry. Would she choose Gideon her first love and father of their son or would she choose the safe and loving Toby? As in the other two books, God’s love and forgiveness were important in the lives of the main characters. For readers interested in more information you may check out the following: Author’s website. Author’s bio. Publisher’s website. Chapter one is available for reading here. I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a great love story set in the early days of the twentieth century. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers through their Blogging for Books program in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to give a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
Lindz2012 More than 1 year ago
I thought this book was in the middle. I liked it. I think I would understand it a little bit more if I read the second book before this one. I think it would make sense a bit more. It still good with out reading the second book in this series. I will let you decide for yourselves. The book focus on Gideon and find the faith. Lonnie need to learn to deal with her own problems as does Gideon. You also see a friendship and others in on it. I do not want to give anything away so I will leave it here.
debforb56 More than 1 year ago
My Hope is Found The Cadence of Grace book 3 by Joanne Bischof Gideon is headed back to Lonnie and his son Jacob after Cassie tells him to go home and that they can get the marriage annulled. Gideon starts for home but things don't go as smoothly as he had hoped. Lonnie has to try to move on from her life with Gideon she decides and Rev Toby McKee is glad to fill that spot in her heart and to love and take care of her, Jacob and her sister Addie. Just when she thinks she might be able to move on Gideon shows back up sending her in to confusion. Will Gideon get his annulment, will Lonnie give her heart to Gideon or Toby? I give this book 5 stars. As a reader you ride along with Lonnie, Gideon and Toby on the roller coaster ride of emotions. I found myself routing for Gideon to win Lonnie's heart. This book is about finding peace, love and hope through faith and God. Lonnie has relied on her faith and must continue to rely on God to show her what to do. Gideon must find a relationship with God before he can find peace and hope for his life. He must grow from a man who is quick to anger and only thinking of himself, to one who is patient and who thinks what is best for others. Gideon makes so many mistakes by always worrying about his past and all his past mistakes that he finds himself messing up what he wants in his present life. How many of us find we do that too? We focus more on what we were and did than on God and what he wants for us. I think that Lonnie grew in her faith by relying on God for answers to do what was best for her and her son. Toby grew by allowing God to work in him and through him, even when it wasn't sometimes what he wanted to do. Gideon grew by learning to turn to God and letting God in to change him. It is a journey for him and the reader. I think one of my favorite parts from the book was when Gideon said he wanted the peace others had and wanted to know how to find it, he was tired of blaming everyone and God for all his trouble and he cried out to God to forgive him and " In the still small place of his heart, he heard the most beautiful words in the strongest of voices. It's forgiven. You're forgiven. He drew in a deep breath and felt a cleansing wash through him." pg 296 I found myself get caught up with Gideon and a remembering how I felt when God forgave me. This book will take you from happy to sad to peace and just when you think all hope is lost you find hope in knowing God and that his timing for everything is just right. Gideon has to go through what he does in order to find peace and hope in God, not in himself or others, and to trust in God's plan. I highly recommend this book and in fact the whole Cadence of Grace Series. You won't be disappointed. I think this is a very encouraging and inspirational book of love, faith and Hope. Here are some links to more info about the author and books: Author's Web site •Twitter •Podcast •More Info •Read Chapter One •Author Bio "I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review."
Laura_Pol More than 1 year ago
When I saw that My Hope is Found was up for review on the Multnomah website, I did not even hesitate to click on this novel or look at the other books up for review! Reason being is the second book in this series hit me in a way I never expected and was one of the best books I had read! So to say the least I was super excited about this novel and had extremely high exceptions, which I am also happy to say the author fulfilled! "My Hope is Found" pick right up where Though My Heart is Torn ended and let me tell you that I had such a mix of emotions when starting this one! I was rooting for Gideon and rooting for Toby! I didn't know what I really wanted to happen because Gideon and Toby had claimed a part of my heart! I was so unsure of who I wanted to be with Lonnie and I felt that my heart was as confused and hurt as hers! However with that I have to say I really did come to love Gideon a lot more in this novel! Out of any fictional book I have read, I have never seen a character development as much as his! I felt his pain, his joy, and everything involving his past to come affect his future. He was a man who wanted to know God more, but felt that he couldn't really know Him with everything he had done in the past. There were times though that he made me so mad and others times my heart cried out for his pain because I could relate in the past coming back to haunt you as they say. Now sweet Toby was a different story. I have to mention that I really came to love Toby even more then Gideon through the progress of this book! He is such a sweet and loving man who I know captured pieces of Lonnie's heart, but he captured mine too! Despite him being a reverend, the reader can see he is no different then any other man with jealousy, anger, selfishness, and all the other emotions/feelings that "regular" people have! I so appreciated that the author made him real and not this preacher who thought he was better than anyone else (including Gideon)! There is so much more I could say about how beautiful this story was, but I don't want to spoil or ruin the story! However, I do have to say that there are very few novels who can weave a beautiful story of how sweet grace is! As selfish humans we don't deserve God's grace, but I felt their was a parallel between Lonnie and Gideon's relationship to our relationship with God because the reader can see how strong God's love, forgiveness, and grace really is. God's not going to run away due to our past mistakes, but embrace us with a forgiveness and a promise to be by our side in the coming future. Again, this is such a beautiful story that really is not for the light of heart! I don't recommend it if you are looking for a story that has a light and fluffy romance because this novel is so much more then that! It's about about growth, healing, forgiveness, love, and sacrifice. I completely recommend to anyone who is need of a story that clearly shows how strong God's love and forgiveness is for us and that no matter how many times we may fall, God will always be there to pick us up again. I will be looking forward to more books by this author writes because her novels is something you don't want to miss out on in the book world! I received this novel for free from Water Brook Multnomah in exchange for an honest review! (Thank you so much for allowing me to read it because it was beautiful!)
sunshineJB More than 1 year ago
An Emotional Finish To A Great Series! My Hope Is Found is a story that will keep you spellbound to the end.  Gideon fights his way back to Lonnie only to find she is perhaps lost to another.   Lonnie knew that Gideon was out of her life forever.  She had to move on.  When a young Reverend named Toby entered her life they became fast friends.  Would they become more than friends? With the twist and turns of all the obstacles that Gideon faced and his pent up anger, he lashed out at Toby.  He wanted Toby out of Lonnie’s life but Gideon’s hands were tied he wasn’t a free man and had no right to demand Lonnie wait for him. Through all that transpires in this story we see God’s hand.  Can God take a broken man and restore him with the peace that he has been searching?  Will Gideon open his life and allow God in? My heart ached for Lonnie, Gideon and Toby.  Such a wonderful story of forgiveness, trust, faith, and last but not least God’s redeeming love shining through.  Through my tears my heart remembered when I once was lost and surrendered my life to Christ. If you are reading this review, please pick up this series by Joanne Bischof.  I highly recommend that you do.  Gideon and Lonnie’s story will always hold a special place in my heart.  I won this book on LibraryThing to read and review.  The opinions expressed are mine alone.  
DLWatson More than 1 year ago
The Cadence of Grace series is heart-felt, emotional, poignant--and beautifully written. In "My Hope is Found" we find a satisfying end to one of the best trilogies I've read in a long time. As I read about the trials that poor Lonnie went through, my heart broke for her, then rejoiced when things turned for the better, but the Kleenex came out again as the poor young woman hit even more bumps in the road. I would heartily recommend the entire trilogy to anyone with a penchant for Christian women's fiction. You won't be disappointed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
DianaFlow More than 1 year ago
Soul Stirring Romance! In My Hope Is Found, author Joanne Bischof has penned another powerful, emotionally charged novel of a beautiful, unpretentious woman raised in the Appalachians, and the two honorable men who love her. Gideon has been granted a reprieve...from Cassie and God. At long last he is returning home to the love of his life, Lonnie, and their baby boy. Once forced to marry Cassie as a result of sin, he realized after marrying Lonnie that their marriage was no longer valid, as Cassie had failed to annul her marriage to Gideon. Seeing the error of her ways, however, Cassie sets him free to return home, but Gideon's sin and past life hauntingly follow him and he finds freedom is not to be his after all. He must wait months to straighten out his affairs with Cassie so that he is free to remarry Lonnie, and when he returns home he finds Lonnie engaged to a handsome Scottish preacher. Heartbroken Lonnie is yearning for joy in her life once again, willing to put Gideon and the past behind her, and the handsome, kind, Preacher Toby McKee is just the man to help her do that. Gideon must face the midnight hour of his soul as he realizes that Toby would be the best man for Lonnie...will he give her up and let God heal his heart? What is Lonnie to do as she realizes she is in love with two handsome men who will do anything to be with her? This is a lovely, heartrending tale of sin's consequences, redemption, and unrequited love, that will keep you flipping those pages well into the night! My heart was gripped with emotions throughout---frustration, heartache, happiness, laughter and tears...and I grew to love Toby as well as Gideon---almost. Lonnie had trouble picking which guy she wanted to be with, and so did I! Ms. Bischof, a master at storytelling, twists and turns, honestly had me not knowing until the very end how this story was going to play out! I highly recommend reading the whole series as each story continues where the other left off. You won't want to miss out on one book in this most powerful series...verra nicely done, Joanne Bischof!
amybooksy More than 1 year ago
The talented Joanne Bischof has done it again in My Hope Is Found. A story of heartache, forgiveness and God's will. I have loved this series from the beginning. Joanne has a way of taking you back to the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia during the early 1900s. In this installment, I was left guessing what would happen all the way to the end. I must tell you there were many surprises along the way. Throughout this story, I kept imagining how I would love to see it on screen. Would make an awesome movie! I'm so so sad to see the series end and I hope to see more from the talented Joanne Bischof in the future. I highly recommend this novel, series, and author. You will not be disappointed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book! Joanne Bischof's Cadence of Grace series is so deeply moving and so well written! She hits it out of the park with this final installment in the series. 
BrittanyMc More than 1 year ago
My Hope Is Found is the third and final book in the Cadence of Grace series. Although I believe that you could probably follow each story without having read the one before it, I personally think that this series needs to be read from start to finish in order to truly feel the glorious highs and the desperate lows of each character. In this final story, we see the journey that Gideon must take to try to get his marriage to Cassie annulled and hopefully make a fresh start with Lonnie. And speaking of fresh starts, those of you who have read book two will recall that Lonnie is beginning a bit of a fresh start of her own. The handsome and kind preacher, Toby, has his heart set on winning Lonnie as his own. The truth is, in this story I had to willingly admit that either man would make a wonderful husband for Lonnie and each would love her with all of their hearts. Who will end up with her? Joanne Bischof has such a talent for making all of her characters come to life in her books. The trials they endure build them up to be the people that God has called them to be. This is a wonderful ending to a beautiful series. I was blessed to receive an Advance Reading Copy from the author. I am happily offering my honest review.
likesmusic More than 1 year ago
" My Hope Is Found"  by Joanne Bischof  is definitely a  5 star novel. The  entire  "The Cadence Of Grace series is just wonderful.  After reading these books you are left with a feeling of " God's grace does cover all of our mistakes.  This series would make a great Christian movie.  My Hope Is Found"is the third in"The Cadence Of Grace series.   Lonnie has suffered lost and heartache all her lost and in this book she has decided to move on with her life and marry the new preacher in town Toby Mckee.   Toby knows that Lonnie is in love with Gideon, ( her one true love and the father of her son.Jacob).  But wants to prove to her that he loves her and Jacob and is willing to give her time to love him.  But once again her plans are put to the test! Why you may ask, because Gideon shows back up and claims that Cassie has finally set him free but there are problems he is trying to work out ( like having the papers signed saying he is no longer married( if you haven't read " Be Still My Heart" and " Through My Heart Is Torn" you are definitely missing some GOOD READING!  Gideon finally gets the paper signed but is it too late for him and Lonnie( I know the answer but not going to tell!  Remember Lonnie has become engaged to  Toby.  If you like a good fistfight bewteen 2 grown men fighting over a woman, well you are going to be happy to know that Toby and Gideon  has one! And I really like the outcome of that fight, ( but I'm not going to tell you that outcome either, I will tell you neither win Lonnie at the time.This series theme is the Biblical verse (James 1:2-3) and I will tell you that Gideon and Lonnie and even Toby has reason to practice  this verse( because they have plenty of trials .So are you team Gideon or team Toby! I know which I'm . But cannot tell you ! I hope whichever one you are when you get to the end I hope you aren't disappointed, I will tell you I wasn't!  Well, why are you still reading my review and not the book! lol.  I was given an ARC copy of this book for my honest review by the author!
Fallbrookfamily More than 1 year ago
Ahhh, a very happy ending indeed. What a beautiful series, Joanne Bischof. Well done. This series had so many ups and downs. I was pulled in and didn't want to let go. In this final story, My Hope is Found, all of Lonnie and Gideon's struggles come to an end. It's a story filled with submission, grace, and healing. I don't want to give the ending away, but suffice it to say, this is one you won't want to put down. (I think I might have said that about all three of them in the series) Very much looking forward to what Ms. Bischof has for us next.
believerCR More than 1 year ago
This is the book I've been waiting for - and, oh! - was it ever worth it! I had a lump in my throat all the way through, aching for everyone involved. The suspense built like a head-on collision in slow motion. I won't spoil your read, but the resolution is perfect! This entire series made me think - don't you love books that do that? - about the kindness of strangers. Lonnie and Gideon received meals, a place to stay, employment and training, a ride, counsel, and medical care from good Samaritans. What a great example for all of us, to keep an eye out for the homeless, needy, couples in conflict. The Bennetts were their foremost helpers. While they both loved unconditionally, Elsie was sweet and Jebediah was  spice. His tough love, wisdom, and holy anger changed Gideon's life. I want to be just like Jeb when I grow up… except for the whiskers!
JodyJ More than 1 year ago
My Hope Is Found by Joanne Bischof is the third book in the Cadence of Grace series. In addition, we have all been on the edge of our seats waiting for Gideon and Lonnie to finally profess their love and live as man and wife. Soon a letter arrives stating that Gideon is still married to Cassie, Gideon had thought that the marriage was annulled within days of it taking place. Well that was not the case and Lonnie leaves taking their son with her. She meets a preacher named Toby and feelings start to rise between both of them. In the meantime, Gideon makes his way back to Lonnie believing that Lonnie loves him and he will win her back. When he returns to their home, he finds Toby there in his place. Before they can have a future, he must earn Lonnie’s trust back once again, and put his past behind him finally. Will God bring Lonnie and Gideon back together as husband and wife? I received a free copy of this book for review from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group, for my honest unbiased opinion.