My Lady Nicotine

My Lady Nicotine

by J. M. Barrie

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"My Lady Nicotine" from James Matthew Barrie. Scottish author and dramatist (1860 - 1937).


"My Lady Nicotine" from James Matthew Barrie. Scottish author and dramatist (1860 - 1937).

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CHAPTER II MY FIRST CIGAR It was not in my chambers, but three hundred miles further north that I learned to smoke. I think I may say with confidence that a first cigar was never smoked in such circumstances before. At that time I was a schoolboy, living with my brother who was a man. People mistook our relations, and thought I was his son. They would ask me how my father was, and when he heard of this he scowled at me. Even to this day I look so young that people who remember me as a boy, now think I must be that boy's younger brother. I shall tell presently of a strange mistake of this kind, but at present I am thinking of the evening when my brother's eldest daughter was born perhaps the most trying evening he and I ever passed together. So far as I knew the affair was very sudden, and I felt sorry for my brother as well as for myself. We sat together in the study, he on an armchair drawn near the fire and I on the couch. I cannot say now at what time I began to have an inklingthat there was something wrong. It came upon me gradually and made me very uncomfortable, though of course I did not show this. I heard people going up and down stairs, but I was not at that time naturally suspicious. Comparatively early in the evening I felt that my brother had something on his mind. As a rule, when we were left together, he yawned or drummed with his fingers on the arm of his chair to show that he did not feel uncomfortable, or I made a pretence of being at ease by playing with the dog or saying that the room was close. Then one of us would rise, remark that he had left his book in the dining-room, and go away to look for it, taking care not to come back till the other had gone. In thiscrafty way we helped each other. On that occasion, however, he did not adopt any of the...

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