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My Life as a Pornographer and Other Indecent Acts

My Life as a Pornographer and Other Indecent Acts

by John Preston

Editorial Reviews

Library Journal - Library Journal
Writer, editor, health educator, and author of the S/M cult classic Mr. Benson ( not reviewed in LJ ), Preston here collects 30 years' worth of essays and lectures on a wide variety of topics with one common theme: sex. The work offered here runs the gamut from the essential and enlightening to the downright silly, with ``A Modest Proposal for the Support of the Pornographic Arts'' definitely falling into the later category. Preston's sex-positive stand on safer-sex education as the only truly effective AIDS-prevention strategy will certainly not win him any conservative converts, but AIDS activists will be shouting their assent. As the title suggests, Preston celebrates a time when homosexuality was defined in more purely sexual terms, which gives some of the work an oddly nostalgic quality. Despite some contradictions that weaken a few of the more conceptual arguments, Preston's book is a bridge from the sexually liberated 1970s to the more cautious 1990s, and Preston has walked much of that way as a standard-bearer to the cause for equal rights. Recommended for special collections and larger libraries where the topic will be of interest.-- Jeffery Ingram, Newport P.L., Ore.

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