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My Life as a Ten Year-Old Boy

My Life as a Ten Year-Old Boy

4.4 5
by Nancy Cartwright

Ay carumba! the voice behind Bart Simpson reveals the real story of America's funniest family.

Nancy Cartwright is the ultimate Simpsons insider. Her raspy, childlike voice is immediately recognizable as none other than Bart Simpson, the most precocious, irreverent, and intriguing ten-year-old ever to enter the American consciousness. In this


Ay carumba! the voice behind Bart Simpson reveals the real story of America's funniest family.

Nancy Cartwright is the ultimate Simpsons insider. Her raspy, childlike voice is immediately recognizable as none other than Bart Simpson, the most precocious, irreverent, and intriguing ten-year-old ever to enter the American consciousness. In this behind-the-scenes story Nancy Cartwright tells of the Simpsons' early days, when the cast was given a closet-sized space to record commercial bumpers for The Tracey Ullman Show. She traces the Simpsons' rapid rise to wild popularity; offers hilarious anecdotes about cast members and guest stars, including Mel Gibson, Meryl Streep, and Elizabeth Taylor; and explains what goes into making the half-hour animated series. And she reveals what it's like to be at the center of an American institution, one that reinvented the sitcom, rocked the networks to the core, and changed forever the face of American television.

Packed with more information than has ever been revealed about the longest-running animated show, here is the perfect book for the millions of Simpsons fans who can't get enough of America's favorite dysfunctional family.

Editorial Reviews

For ten years now, Nancy Cartwright has been making us laugh as the voice of fearless smart aleck Bart Simpson. Now Cartwright recounts her experiences at the forefront of the animated sitcom revolution and inside the head of the boy who told us all to eat his shorts.
Matt Groening
Here's the sweet and funny inside scoop on The Simpsons, straight from the mouth of Bart herself.
Library Journal
For people dying to know all about the woman whose voice animates Bart Simpson from the cartoon TV series The Simpsons, here it is. Cartwright seemed always to know she wanted to do "voice-overs." Her unique voice enabled her to star as a "whiz kid" in forensics in high school and college. Her break came when she contacted Daws Butler, famous for bringing his voice to Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, and other Hanna Barbera cartoon characters, and he became her mentor. This gave Cartwright the impetus to transfer from Ohio University to UCLA and follow her dream. The Simpsons started as an interlude on the Tracey Ullman Show but quickly expanded into the series it is today, a television classic. Cartwright marvels at her reception worldwide while touring on behalf of The Simpsons, and she shares anecdotes about the other "voice-over" cast members and many celebrities who have also done voices on the show. However, Cartwright's own life notwithstanding, there is nothing really new or exciting here. She knew what she wanted to do and was able to do it; end of story. Though those wishing to do voice-over work might find this interesting, it is not an essential purchase.--Rosellen Brewer, Monterey Cty. Free Libs., Salinas, CA Copyright 2000 Cahners Business Information.
My Life As A 10-Year-Old Boy is the fascinating, behind-the-scenes story of Nancy Cartwright, who is the voice of Bart Simpson on "The Simpsons", the very popular and longest running comedy series on television today. Here revealed for her legions of fans is the inside story of Cartwright's career, with intimate and candid anecdotes from a true insider. We are treated to Cartwright's history of her life as Bart going back to the early days when she received a call from her agent about an audition for an animated "interstitials" series that was to be sandwiched between commercial breaks and "the Tracey Ullman Show". Nancy was originally asked to read for the role of Lisa Simpson, but landed the role of Bart, a devious, underachieving, school-hating, irreverent, clever, soon to be a pop culture icon, ten year old boy from an hilariously dysfunctional family in the dysfunctional town of Springfield. My Life As A 10-Year-Old Boy is a "must" for all Simpson fans everywhere! Making Independent Films Liz Stubbs & Richard Rodrigues Allworth Press 10 East 23rd St., #510, NY, NY 10010

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Meet the Author

Nancy Cartwright is familiar to millions around the world as the voice of Bart Simpson, a role she's been performing since 1987. She lives in the Los Angeles area.

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My Life as a Ten Year-Old Boy 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Yes, he is. Don't worry, I was surprised too. I absolutely love the Simpsons, and Bart by far is the best. I would reccomend this book to anyone. It has great info, and a bunch of cool facts, from Bart her, I mean himself. Its not just about Nancy Cartwright's 'Bart Days' its about her life leading up to the 'Bart Days'. I learned a lot, and couldn't put it down. I had never read a book like this. I just wish Nancy Cartwright could read this. In conclusion, If you read 'My Life As A 10 Year Old Boy' , I guarantee you will enjoy it. Thanks.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The day I got 'My Life as a 10-Year Old Boy', I couldn't put it down. Most kids my age (13) you'd think would be interested in a book about the real Bart Simpson, but they probably don't know that their hero is truly a woman. Nancy Cartwright is the real Bart Simpson. This book gives us the perfect inside look on the making of the beloved show and my favorite, 'The Simpsons'. It tells us that 'The Simpsons' didn't hit the big times right away.They started out in a far away studio at the Warner Bros. lot with bad parking. The first day I got it, I read up to page 200 or up, somewhere around there. The voice-overs are lucky because they get to meet and work with big names. They have works with the kinds of Phil Hartman, Michelle Pheifer, Helen Hunt, Britney Spears, *NSync, Kelsey Grammar, Tony Bennet, Ron Howard, Kim Basinger, Alec Baldwin, Tony Bennet, you nmae it! And don't forget, 'Homer' AKA Dan Castellaneta is quite famous. So is 'Marge' AKA Julie Kavner. This book is perfect for wonderers. If you wanna know about all the work they put in a cartoon, this book will give you the info you want to know. I recommend this to true 'Simspon' fans, it tells you the real story.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I would recommend this to anyone who has ever wondered, 'How do they do that?'about any aspect of the Simpsons while watching the show. It is mainly the story of the author, which makes it a different book altogether from one that just tells how the show is put on and made. However, she does explain all of the production steps, and since her job is the main focus of the book, it explains it all with a more personal touch that lifts it above expository. There are highs, there are lows, and you'll feel them too if you read this book. Plus, there are a few chapters where she does just explain about production. Did you know that they only use computers for one tiny part of the process, or that every single frame is hand-painted in Korea? You'll know that and more if you read this book. Makes a great gift, too.
Guest More than 1 year ago
My Life as a Ten-Year-Old Boy by Nancy Cartwright is a quirky, funny take on the world behind The Simpsons, and the world of Nancy Cartwright. Nancy begins the book by describing her early dreams as a child, then as a teenager, and soon as a college student. Her journey leads her, and us, to Los Angeles where she dives into a career in voice-over work. After a few chapters, we come to her present day gig as Bart Simpson. Here we learn about Nancy's personal life, the workings of the show, several guest stars, and the celebrity of Bart Simpson. Nancy's book is very easy to read because her writing is filled with her personality. There are lots of asides (really), and several chapters are her own journal entries. And if you read between the lines, it isn't difficult to discover how Nancy feels about certain guest stars and fans. She is a true lady, though, and does not dish on anyone in a nasty, Hollywood kind of way. I will confess, I wished for more of this kind of tell-all writing, perhaps giving us more details about the troubled contract negotiations in 1998, or about Maggie Roswell's recent departure. Any and all fans of The Simpsons will enjoy reading Nancy's book. Her style of writing really allows her personality to shine through. Though I longed for more personal anecdotes about Matt Groening, Julie Kavner, Hank Azaria, Dan Castellaneta, Yeardley Smith, and the other cast members, Nancy makes it clear that she will not sink to the tabloid level. My Life as a Ten-Year-Old Boy will please the Simpsons fan on your gift list.