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My Little Easter Book

My Little Easter Book

by Julie Stiegemeyer, Dana Regan

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Children's Literature
AGERANGE: Ages 4 to 6.

Utilizing the repeated answer "Because He loves me so," this sturdy board book helps youngsters understand the Easter Story through a series of questions such as "Why did Jesus come?" Each spread has a straightforward bit of text on the left side and an uncomplicated drawing on the right side that will help children understand the story. Starting with Jesus' arrival in Jerusalem "riding on a donkey�" and continuing through His appearance to the disciples, the book includes scenes of The Last Supper, Jesus praying in the Garden, The Crucifixion, and The Resurrection. The Crucifixion scene is accompanied by the words "Jesus was hurt and died on the cross." The illustration is candid without being overly disturbing for early readers or young listeners. The questions are repeated on one of the last pages with a picture showing children reading the Bible together. The last two pages have the text to the Bible song "Jesus Loves Me." Parents and educators will find this useful for Sunday school classes or one-on-one explanations of the last week of Jesus' life and the reason that Easter is celebrated. Reviewer: Sheilah Egan

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Concordia Publishing House
Publication date:
Product dimensions:
5.50(w) x 5.40(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range:
2 - 5 Years

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