My Little Sunshine: Hungarian Songs

My Little Sunshine: Hungarian Songs

by Erno Kallai Kiss

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  1. Beautiful Girl, Come To The Forest With Me/My Little Sunshine
  2. I Wrote To My Lover Yesterday
  3. If You Looked Me Up On A Fall Evening/We Have Such Memories/I Have Some
  4. Summer Serenade
  5. Man Is A Frivolous, Lightheaded Nobody/On A Moonlight Night/Spring Will
  6. What A Sad Man I Have Become/What Are You Looking For In The Cemetery
  7. The Wind Is Swinging Roses/I Got This Big Love From You
  8. The Guilty Man Looks Up As/If You Put Your Uncombed Hair/I Am Just Telling
  9. Memories From Odessa
  10. There Is Trouble With These Cocks/It Is Like Spring When You Come To Mi

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Erno Kallai Kiss   Primary Artist
Erno Kallai Kiss   Clarinet

Technical Credits

Alfred Markus   Composer
Georges Boulanger   Composer
Ferenc Szántó   Composer
Miklós Korányi   Composer
Arpád Balazs   Composer
Jenö Sándor   Composer
Mihály Erdélyi   Composer
Istvan Zagon   Composer
Jeno Orlay   Composer
Jeno Horvath   Composer
Jeno Farkas   Composer
Gyula Mihola   Composer
Gyula Kovacs   Composer
Geza Alpar   Composer
Ferenc Fekete   Composer
Daniel Nemeth   Composer
Csaba Sassy   Composer
Tibor Kalmar   Composer
Tibor Kalmar   Composer
Naci Sass   Composer
Mrs. Sandorne Herodek   Composer
Misi Sallaythor   Composer
Misi Sallay   Composer
Miklos Teghze Gerber   Composer
Mihaly Eisemann   Composer
Andor Gabor   Composer
Aladar Varady   Composer
Akos Elteto   Composer
Imre Kálmán   Composer
Ernö Kiss Angyal   Composer
László Jávor   Composer
Laszlo Horváth   Composer
György Gém Dénes   Composer

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