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My North Country Home

My North Country Home

by George Hamilton IV

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George Hamilton IV is known for his 1956 smash "A Rose and a Baby Ruth," but roughly ten years later he embarked on a more interesting journey, heading up toward the Great White North to cut a series of six albums of Canadian songs. These albums were somewhat lost to time, never seeing reissue until Bear Family's 2011 set My North Country Home, which contains


George Hamilton IV is known for his 1956 smash "A Rose and a Baby Ruth," but roughly ten years later he embarked on a more interesting journey, heading up toward the Great White North to cut a series of six albums of Canadian songs. These albums were somewhat lost to time, never seeing reissue until Bear Family's 2011 set My North Country Home, which contains each of the six LPs over the course of three CDs. Hamilton's ear was turned by Gordon Lightfoot and he soon discovered Leonard Cohen, Ian Tyson, and Joni Mitchell, recording their work and songs by other Canadian tunesmiths that were more explicitly about their homeland. This had a considerably folkier bent than the music Hamilton was making in Nashville, yet the soft, hazy arrangements were hardly meant for coffeehouses; this was soothing soft pop that fit his clean, honeyed voice. By any other name this is middle-of-the-road pop, distinguished by its slight country-folk bent and dogged concentration on Canadian writers, which is enough to make My North Country Home a gently fascinating period piece.

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Release Date:
Bear Family Germany


Disc 1

  1. Did She Mention My Name
  2. Early Morning Rain
  3. Steel Rail Blues
  4. (That's What You Get) For Lovin' Me
  5. I'm Not Sayin'
  6. Go Go Round
  7. Ballad of the Yarmouth Castle
  8. The Canadian Railroad Trilogy
  9. Song For a Winter's Night
  10. Home From the Forest
  11. Long Thin Dawn
  12. I'm Not Sayin'
  13. 10 Degrees & Getting Colder
  14. Alberta Bound
  15. Christian Island (Georgian Bay)
  16. Mountains and Maryann
  17. Second Cup of Coffee
  18. Did She Mention My Name
  19. Go Go Round
  20. The Canadian Railroad Trilogy
  21. Something Special To Me
  22. Canadian Pacific
  23. North Country
  24. You Wanted Me to Tell You Like It Iis
  25. My Rocky Mountain Home
  26. Four Strong Winds
  27. Summer Wages

Disc 2

  1. Urge For Going
  2. The Circle Game
  3. Both Sides Now
  4. Take My Hand For Awhile
  5. I'm Gonna Be a Country Boy Again
  6. Suzanne
  7. Sisters of Mercy
  8. Together Alone
  9. Goin' Down the Road
  10. The Child's Song
  11. The Farmers Song
  12. Dirty Old Man
  13. Time's Run Out On You
  14. Put Your Hand In the Hand
  15. Just Bidin' My Time
  16. The Call
  17. Snowbird
  18. The Isle of St. Jean
  19. Shake the Dust
  20. It's All Over
  21. Countryfied
  22. Moody Manitoba Morning
  23. If You've Been Wondering
  24. Nothing Changes But the Seasons
  25. Love is Still Around
  26. Williams Lake Stampede
  27. Where Would I Be Now
  28. The Circle Game
  29. Suzanne

Disc 3

  1. Pictou County Jail
  2. My Canadian Maid
  3. Back To Down East Country
  4. Old Bill Jones
  5. Into the Mountains
  6. Lismore Lady
  7. T.C. Carry Me
  8. My North Country Home
  9. My Nova Scotia Home
  10. Prince Edward Island is Heaven To Me
  11. Apple Blossom Time In Annapolis Valley
  12. Maritime Farewell
  13. Take Me Back To Old New Brunswick
  14. Ghost of Bras D'or
  15. Squid Jiggin' Ground
  16. Atlantic Lullaby
  17. Isle of Newfoundland
  18. Farewell To Nova Scotia
  19. Saskatchewan
  20. The Calgary Song
  21. Cape Breton Lullaby
  22. Fiddler's Green
  23. Where the Blue Waters Foam
  24. The Little Boats of Newfoundland
  25. Peter Amberley
  26. Shores of Prince Edward Island

Album Credits

Performance Credits

George Hamilton   Primary Artist,Guitar,Leader,Vocals
Chet Atkins   Guitar
Floyd Cramer   Piano
Johnny Gimble   Fiddle
John Hartford   Guitar
Gordon Lightfoot   Guitar,Leader
Bruce Cockburn   Guitar
John Arpin   Piano,Leader
Eric Nagler   Violin
Brian Ahern   Guitar
Stuart Basore   Steel Guitar
Skip Beckwith   Bass,Leader
Laurie Bower   Choir, Chorus
Briscoe   Steel Guitar
Terry Bush   Guitar
Kenny Buttrey   Drums
Buddy Cage   Steel Guitar
Jerry Carrigan   Drums
James Cason   Choir, Chorus
Terri Clark   Drums
Jerry Eddleman   Choir, Chorus
Ray Edenton   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Leader
Dolores Edgin   Choir, Chorus
Gregg Galbraith   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Lee Harris   Choir, Chorus
Barry Keane   Drums
Sheldon Kurland   Violin
Billy Linneman   Bass
Rufus Long   Flute
Bill Misener   Choir, Chorus
Wayne Moss   Electric Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Leader
Weldon Myrick   Steel Guitar
Nashville Edition   Choir, Chorus
Louis Dean Nunley   Choir, Chorus
Colina Phillips   Choir, Chorus
Jim Pirie   Guitar
Hargus "Pig" Robbins   Organ,Piano
Billy Sanford   Rhythm Guitar
Red Shea   Guitar
Jerry Shook   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Henry Strzelecki   Bass
Ollie Strong   Steel Guitar
Diane Tidwell   Choir, Chorus
Bergen White   Choir, Chorus
Jerry Whitehurst   Piano
Chris Whiteley   Harmonica
Norris Wilson   Choir, Chorus
Dorothy Ann Dillard   Choir, Chorus
Priscilla Ann Hubbard   Choir, Chorus
Solie Isaac Fott   Violin
Jerry Reed Hubbard   Electric Guitar
Fred Carter   Dobro,Guitar,Electric Guitar,Leader
Jerry Glenn Kennedy   Electric Guitar
William Guilford Wright   Choir, Chorus
Harold E. Cruthirds   Cello
Velma E. Williams Smith   Rhythm Guitar
William Paul Ackerman   Drums
Howard Forrester   Fiddle
Robert C. Thompson   Banjo
Ernest West   Choir, Chorus
Harold R. "Ray Stevens" Ragsdale   Harpsichord
Junior Huskey   Bass
Joseph T. Babcock   Choir, Chorus
James Carlisle Isbell   Drums
June Evelyn Page   Choir, Chorus
Brian Russel   Guitar
Boyce Hawkins   Organ
David Briggs   Piano
Jerry "Chip Young" Stembridge   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Pete Rodis Drake   Steel Guitar,Leader
Rhythm Pals   Choir, Chorus
Hollis R. "Red Lane" DeLaughter   Guitar
David Carroll Kirby   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Thomas Grady Martin   Guitar,Electric Guitar,Leader
Brenton Bolden Banks   Violin
Mary E. Greene   Choir, Chorus
Jerry R. Hubbard   Electric Guitar
Bob L. Moore   Bass
Lillian Vann Hunt   Viola
Mildred Kirkham   Choir, Chorus
Jim Morgan   Bass
Charles R. "Charlie" McCoy   Organ,Harmonica,Percussion,Keyboards,Leader,Tambourine,Bells,Vibes
Brent Titcomb   Harmonica
Jerry D. Smith   Piano
Herman Bland "Pete" Wade   Rhythm Guitar
Billy Spear   Organ
Art Devillier   Guitar
Apul Fortier   Bass
Alistar Morrison   Guitar
Wayde Phillips   Electric Guitar
Laurie Bower Singers   Choir, Chorus
Sonja Carol Montgomery   Choir, Chorus
Sandra L. Posey   Choir, Chorus
Paul Zandell   Electric Guitar
Norman Keith "Buddy" Spicher   Fiddle
Leonard "Lennie" Breau   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Keith McKay   Guitar
Johnny Weathers   Guitar,Electric Bass
Jo Lennon Parker   Violin
Jack Zappa   Bass,Harmonica,Mandolin,Accordion
Hurshel Wayne Wiginton   Choir, Chorus
Forrest McPatridge   Viola
Byron Theodore Bach   Cello
Bob Price   Bass

Technical Credits

Chet Atkins   Producer
Ian Tyson   Composer
Leonard Cohen   Composer
Gordon Lightfoot   Composer,Source Material
Buffy Sainte-Marie   Composer
Bruce Cockburn   Composer
Joni Mitchell   Composer
Rick Neufeld   Composer
Bob Ruzicka   Composer
George Hamilton   Composer,Illustrations,Source Material
Brian Ahern   Producer
Chester B. Atkins   Producer
Bob Ferguson   Producer
Tom Gallant   Composer
Felton Jarvis   Producer
John D. Loudermilk   Producer
Gene MacLellan   Composer
Deke Dickerson   Liner Notes
Dick Damron   Composer
Ray Griff   Composer
Harry Marks   Composer
Clarence E. Snow   Composer
R.A. Andreas   Illustrations
Richard Weize   Reissue Producer
Harold Breau   Composer
Jack Feeney   Producer
Roy Payne   Composer
Andreas Merck   Photo Scanning
Charlie Mackinnon   Composer
Scotty Stevenson   Composer
Alberta Slim   Composer
Alan Moberg   Composer
Jury Krytiuk   Composer
Dee Higgins   Composer
Mark Altman   Composer
A.R. Scammell   Composer
Bert Cuff   Composer
Allan Capson   Composer
Alan Macrae   Composer
Alan J. Ryan   Composer
Reg H. Smith   Composer
Ray MacCaull   Composer
Murray McLaughlan   Composer
Michael James Taylor   Composer
Manny Pittson   Source Material
Lillian Brewe Walsh   Composer
John Spence   Composer
Jim Roberts   Composer
Jim Haggart   Composer
Helen Creighton   Composer
Guthrie Buck   Composer
Don Haggart   Composer
Don Cochrane   Composer
Cecil B. Smith   Composer
Cal Cavendish   Composer

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