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My Octopus Arms: with audio recording

My Octopus Arms: with audio recording

by Keith Baker

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Eight arms make for a lot of lovable activity in this cheerful picture book from the creator of the New York Times bestselling LMNO Peas.

Octopus has eight arms!
What can they do?
So many things—
let him show you!

Join a friendly octopus and his crafty crab sidekick as they explore all the


Eight arms make for a lot of lovable activity in this cheerful picture book from the creator of the New York Times bestselling LMNO Peas.

Octopus has eight arms!
What can they do?
So many things—
let him show you!

Join a friendly octopus and his crafty crab sidekick as they explore all the wonderful things we can do with our arms. From tying a bow and performing a show to baking a pie and waving good-bye, there’s no limit to the fun.

…But what’s the VERY BEST thing we can do with our arms? Why, hugging, of course! And Octopus can’t wait to show little ones how it’s done.

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Carrie Hane Hung
What can an octopus do with its eight arms? In this fanciful story, find out what a little purple crab discovers when it asks an octopus about its eight arms. With rhyming lines, the octopus responds how it can knit, write, bake, and more. The illustrations support the text by showing the octopus busy knitting the different sleeves for an eight-arm sweater, writing multiple letters for correspondence, and preparing several crusts for pies. At three points in the story, there is a review of the activities with the picture of the octopus simultaneously doing all of the different activities along with a few more. The crab's question about the best thing that the octopus can do with its arms initiates the finale; the illustrations have a larger role in telling and carrying the plot as another character, a blue octopus enters the picture. The sweet ending is one that children may enjoy sharing. Some children may find this story to be great before bedtime. Reviewer: Carrie Hane Hung
Publishers Weekly
In flat, crisp-edged digital art, versatile author/illustrator Baker (LMNO Peas) draws underwater-themed images in contrasting blues and oranges that consider the myriad capabilities of an octopus’s appendages. The text of the book is a long answer to a casual question from a crab: “Octopus, what can all your eight arms do?” In light patter, the octopus boasts, “My arms can... stir the pots,/ untangle knots,/ tip a hat,/ and swing a bat.” They might also play several games of chess, or write seven different pieces of correspondence at the same time and still have an arm left over to stack up all the letters he’s already finished. Or they might simultaneously roll out piecrust, mix dough, and hold pie tins. Very young children will enjoy working their way through the pictures and talking about the octopus’s unexpected skills (such as playing a guitar, a banjo, and a harp at the same time), and they’ll be soothed by the octopus’s parting words: “With a hug—not too tight!—/ my arms can make it feel all right.” Ages 3–7. (Sept.)
School Library Journal
PreS-K—Eight arms can be extremely handy for an octopus-not only can they do what human arms might do (bounce balls, build, knit, bake, play music and games, and tie bows), but they can also do it all at once. The multitalented animal performs these many skills under the sea, one at a time and simultaneously. The book's forced rhyming text concludes with the creature drawing a smaller octopod into a hug, "my arms can do this anytime. All arms can-yours and mine." The bright blue background and cuddly characters are rendered digitally in a colorful cartoon style and clearly depict the activities described on each spread. While light in content, this title might find a place in libraries looking specifically for books on body parts or ocean creatures.—Marge Loch-Wouters, La Crosse Public Library, WI
Kirkus Reviews
Who hasn't occasionally wished for more than two hands (or arms) in order to simultaneously accomplish all that one needs to? In a rhyming response to Little Crab's query, the colorful, friendly octopus star of this picture book demonstrates that he can manage to pull off quite a few impressive feats with his numerous appendages--though here, our cephalopod friend is usually shown performing only one task at a time, using each arm merely to enhance or speed up what he's doing. Think how he could multitask. Not surprisingly, the octopus engages in all sorts of humanlike activities, including cooking, writing, making music, playing games, getting dressed--and, most important for conveying the point of the story, hugging a forlorn octopus child. Sharp-eyed youngsters will notice that Little Crab (in actuality, prey for an octopus) effects a happy ending of its own by astutely noticing what's troubling the toddler and devising a solution. Still, the real, intended warm message drifts home: All arms are made to reach out and draw someone in for a loving embrace. The story is sweet, though unoriginal, with verses that don't stand out. The watercolor paintings are colorful and full of lively energy. Though a little on the bland side, this effort should reassure little ones resting in the human arms of favorite story readers. (Picture book. 2-5)

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Beach Lane Books
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3 - 7 Years

Meet the Author

Keith Baker has written and illustrated many acclaimed picture books for young children, including the New York Times bestselling LMNO Peas; 1-2-3 Peas; Little Green Peas; Hap-pea All Year; LMNO Pea-quel; My Octopus Arms; and No Two Alike. He lives in Seattle, and you can visit him at KeithBakerBooks.com.

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