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My Poetry Through the Years: 1963-2005

My Poetry Through the Years: 1963-2005

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by William Furr

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When you purchase this book of poetry, you trace the very being of a lonely writer, laboring some 40 years and throughout God's time span.

From 1963 to 2005 this "slave of words" has penned his heart and mind

toward everyone's love and understanding regardless of the reader or

his/her status in life.

Anyone who purchases this book has taken the first step


When you purchase this book of poetry, you trace the very being of a lonely writer, laboring some 40 years and throughout God's time span.

From 1963 to 2005 this "slave of words" has penned his heart and mind

toward everyone's love and understanding regardless of the reader or

his/her status in life.

Anyone who purchases this book has taken the first step toward

understanding what can be accomplished in life. No matter who you

are, life's goals are attainable.

God bless those of you who did purchase this book. May God look

down from Heaven and say, "Blessed be the pen slaves, for theirs is the kingdom of knowledge night after night and word after word . . . ."


William Furr

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My Poetry Through the years

By william furr


Copyright © 2010 William Furr
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-9358-7

Chapter One

THE BEAUTY JUST TO BE THERE The awesome sun sets in the west Across the great Montana sky, And fields of corn so thick and ripe Doth make a Nebraskan hopefully sigh. From Kansas wheat with plains so wrought All made with God's own righteous care, Ah, 'tis the season to proclaim- The beauty, the joy, just to be there!! Some babbling brook running so clear Down life's imperfect memorable way, A lone tall deer with antlers raised Amid a field of golden hay. These are those things that reward the heart- The joy and privilege of a wonderful flair, The earth, the heavens, our eternal bliss- The joy and beauty just to be there! Some trout-filled lake with shores that stretch Across God's valleys wide and deep, And fields of clover by and fair Proclaim God's wondrous, eternal feat. The flying lark and clouds above Doth give our souls the courage to bear. Great God made it all for us- Oh, the joy, the beauty, just to be there! As evening draws its shadows hence And lives settle down to peaceful sleep, This earth in orbit around God's sun Proclaims the heavens He made for each. And as we stare in awesome trance, We sense the all He made with care- The heavens, the eternal, the forever space- Oh, the beauty, the joy, just to be there!!! -End June 10, 2005 I WISH I'D KNOWN YOU YEARS AGO I wish I'd known you years ago Before that diamond on your hand Sparkling before time's awesome heartthrob Became the catalyst from your man. I wish and wish with all my might But, nay, time's run its infinite course. You are taken and, by the way, This poet fool hath been divorced! I wish I'd known you years ago Before the heavens opened wide And let their band of angels in To try and claim you for their bride. I wish and wish but to no avail Yeah, times hath come and times hath gone; The only thing for me to do Is plod along love's path long gone! I wish I'd known you years ago Before the rapture within my heart Hath claimed my precious Prince of Peace Christ's love intense before my heart. I wish a thousand times before; But, nay, time's infinite hands move on Toward heaven's brilliant diamond sky And your love-filled sacred home! I wish I'd known you years ago Before the great awesome trance Of poetry, poems and rhythmic prose Hath entered the likes of me, my man, And rhyme away God's infinite stars All cast upon a beautiful sea Of love and devotion and caring along Hath come and claimed the likes of me!!! -End July 2, 2005 WAR'S RED ROSE She had eyes of a sapphire; her cheeks were rosy red, Her lips were as a ruby, and her hair was golden spread. She was all my woman and all my lass of heart, For she was on my mind in the war-scared battle's dark. The whistle bombs grew louder; the rockets' tone welled on And somewhere in that night I hummed myself a song. A song of red, red roses and of a girl I knew; Little did I know that night my life was almost through. My watch showed almost eleven; the fight had barely started. Somewhere to my left, a paramedic had darted. For boys were dying fast and blood was flowing free; It was now up to us to save our liberty. Yes, Johnston was on the hill; Johnston was at his ranch Beer-busting the elite, laughing at some dance. He was safe and sound in my hell of night; About that time a shot tore me as a knife. There I lay a' bleeding red, oh, Dad, you see, Just like that red, red rose in her hair across the sea. Just like my warm-hearted woman, her lips so rosy red I lay there a' dying, my gut now openly spread. And as the minutes passed, the trail of red moved on On to a fairer land where my lass, my love had gone; On to a distant horizon, on to a beautiful world; Her red, red rose I became that night never again to see my girl.

LIGHT Whence cometh the moonbeams To light this earth by night; Those little lights of photons Have all but spent the night. And next the rising starlight Shall bathe this earth so free. Why if it wasn't for sunshine We wouldn't be able to see! The heavens hath opened their arms And drawn those suns we see; Those billions of tiny star lights Confront the eye to see, And comet's trail of grandeur Hath all consumed this rhyme. Why if it wasn't for the sunbeams There wouldn't be any time!! Life is like the sunshine If we didn't have it to bear, We wouldn't be a' living To rhyme this rhythmic fair. For God hath granted each one Of us the joy to be A little bunch of humans Just like the likes of me! And last this rhyme shall finish And draw of all its worth The lyrics of a mad man Entrenched in his own work. For God hath granted me rhythm To rhyme His heavens away; He gave me joy and happiness That produces such heartfelt lays!!! -End July 1, 2005 OH, NAZARETH The worth of earth's great banks, The primmest sheep of the fold, The highest level obtained, And a pure possessor of soul- All have very high marks And all have limits once set. But, oh, for that Nazareth place Where man and his Maker once met. The humblest of all earth's creatures, The summa bona of life, The knave and the fairest of damsels, And the king and his beautiful wife- All have very good qualities And all have courage and might. But, oh, for that Nazareth place Long ago on a star-filled night. The highest ranking of soldier, The strongest man on earth, The wisest teacher of humanity, And the smell of a perfume's myrrh- All have a passionate lure And all are sought by man. But, oh, for that Nazareth place The cradle of God's wonderful plan. TO WRITE A POEM (Nuts) I thought to write a poem I swear I do declare That rhyme, rhythm and prose Are seemingly everywhere. So, hence, I duly put forth My rage in rhythmic jest From a half-crazed poet My words do rhyme their best! I thought to write a sonnet An intense and tear-soaked note Of kings and castles and folklore Of pussy cats and boats. But little did I know What avails and eggs me on. That hallowed word called "sonnet" Is driving me nuts along! Every time I cry And every time I sneeze The rhythms keep coming in part Like leftover cottage cheese. They're driving me nuts, I tell you, In blossoms and fragrance fair; They even wake me up To a world of total despair! Yes, I rhyme and rhyme and rhyme The years and years away; They even got those "whitecoats" Just hauling me away. They put me in my room And lock the door up tight; After turning off my light They say, "Nighty-night!!" (See-it rhymed, didn't it???) July 5, 2005 7:20 p.m.

THE SOLDIER Across the great Iraqi sky There is a soldier, he lives and dies. He lives for children out in their play He dies before he's old and he's gray. He dies as if he gave his life While we can fall asleep at night. He gave his all, he fought with force While we in America hath stayed our course. As we in all our living may Rest throughout God's night and day, The soldier boy is by and fair A hero's welcome we shall declare And lay a wreath upon his stone And cry and cry that he's now gone. -End July 3, 2005 (noon) BRANCHES OF TIME Behind my house stands many a pine, Sturdy, stanch and tall; And through the branches of those pines Old memories I recall. While gazing from my bedside I pierce their inner depths And seek out pieces of history That I was hoping to forget. I see a small young babe A' lying in a crib Funning with a rattle, Playing with its bib. I then see a small boy Playing with some toys; All by himself he plays, Trying to amass some joy. Next I see an older lad Going off to school, Coming on home again After being made a fool. Then there comes a grown young man Wondering where he'll go; Take a job there and by, Moving to and fro. Last of all, I see an older man Working hard and long, And this man is now staring At some pines behind his home. -Winter of 1963-1964

ALL TOGETHER We are all together in this sphere; each one hand In hand, supposedly-each county, each town and Village. Shall we escape? Shall we run for protection Or hide in the deepest ocean?? For what were thy Limbs given to the trees?? What were the eggs Given to the mother robin all about?? This hulk of earth!! This vast forest of greed!!! Man-made greed!!! "Make thy brother like ourselves," Shouts the powerful lands of death missiles! "They Should live like us," boasts the evil politician! Shall we live together as God hath envisioned?? We are all the exceptional creatures of the stars upon Which our destiny rests. It's in the hands of two-legged Animals. We have two eyes; cattle have two eyes. They are content-grazing on God's eternal grass. Shall we be like the dumb cattle? Shall we graze the Vast plains of God's fields??? It's live and love together On God's rock we call Earth Or scatter like the winds afar And be trampled in the dirt. It's grow and prosper Like the height of new ripe corn Or hang our heads so low At our funeral and mourn. The intelligent creatures we are Made from images above, Just like the ark of Noah Was blessed with a heavenly dove. Our backs turned from the past; Our milk sucked from thy blood, For what were men endowed Was written with God's own love. The simple men we are The warmth within our hearts, Why wait a fleeting moment, Praise Christ and man apart! Why love thy sinful me A humble poet alone; Take my burden of thorns And send me to thy home. For if man does believe And if man loves his God Will make his brother a mortal And grow with earth's new sod. I shall now end this writ 'Twas blessed with each new rhyme; I hope we see God soon Before the end of time! Yes, we are all creatures of one, beasts of God's Holy fields-the handiwork of a divine masterpiece. It all depends on what we do with what we have; It all focuses on the true feelings within our hearts and souls. I love thy brother apart, Apart from the world below; Praise Christ-the Master Poet- And bless what we shall sow!!! Amen!!

RAIN! RAIN! RAIN! (A Song Sunday Morning) Alas, I awoke from peaceful sleep To the dawning of a day; I heard a thousand droplets Converge on my stay. The rain was so furious It seemed to wash away All my cares and burdens That love 'twas here today! What matter if the rain Washes away my sins; Why tis the work of Jesus The one I let right in. He is the Master Poet The One who rhymed the sky. Every time I write He seems to draw me nigh! Rain! Rain! Rain! It falls upon my pain. I even closed the shutters But hence was all in vain. There's no escaping love; I see it everywhere, Why it's even up to Jesus To bring His rain to bear! As I end my late note Of water in the night, I think about my loved ones Who made it home tonight And of Jesus' heavens. They hence are in the air Mingling with time's raindrops; 'Twas all my heart to fair!!! -End June 26, 2005 5:00 a.m. THANK GOD TO BE LEFT ALIVE (A Song) In times that try the hearts of men And things get rough it seems, When all's not well and forced to sell And life tis cruel and mean, Just thank your lucky stars that shine From out God's Milky Way Praise Christ, the King, He's what He seems Thank God you're a'living today! When you are low and in despair Think not the end is near Just face up to those tasks at hand And dry away your tears. Try to find that glimmer of hope The one that ferries you on. Work! Toil! Accomplish something Keep on and sing your song! And as some poet will spill his heart Upon your gloom and despair Listen to his words so wise And get up from your chair. Praise Sweet Jesus as you make Your mark upon time's memorable path. Love, trust, hope in God Take a spiritual, eternal bath. As I in all my infirmities may Expound this poem of hope and trust, I thank God to be left alive To garner up what earth hath mussed And sing your song of peace and joy And look right here at some beehive. The bees doth turn the sweet to sweet Thank God! Thank god! To be left alive!!!

STAIRCASE TO HEAVEN Looking with my eyes I spied a staircase to the heavens. 'Twas narrow and steep with many, many small meticulous Steps. Up to the skies it went until I could no longer see Its final destination. With one great jubilation of soul I placed my worn shoe on the first step. With one great Push from my leg I started climbing the staircase. This 'twas the way it went- Conceived by mortal man On a cold, wintry morn I began my trip before The gods had earth to scorn. I journeyed up the stairs Tired and withered with age, Just as yesterday's flower Chokes with each newborn sage. Long and tiring I spent 'Nar time in rhyme; For life is but a moment, There's no place for riddle time. Past the ghost of Longfellow Past the Land of Oz I pushed my tiring frame Through the land of Lake Lafarge. The ashes of Sam McGee The tomb of Old Lenin Lincoln's nation afire And wars of gods and men. The steps to the heavens Swept with Gabriel's broom Will accompany all who seek her For Christ is coming soon. I climbed and climbed so hard At last I see its end, For riches of the sky Weren't made for evil men. And there was Christ, the God; And there was Mom and Dad, The prize that I was seeking A mirage dissolved, so sad- The cold wind blows from the north; The sun sets in the west, For time, oh, time eternal, Was not my soul at rest! This was my dream. This was the fantasy of the temporal Lobe in my head. What a dream! What a nightmare! I pulled myself up from the stagnation of the dirty bar. I made my way to my cottage which was built to hold Rhythm, rhyme, and contemplation. My God, I thought-the comas was jubilant with its ebony Depths of time and distance. I bowed my savage head, I shut my bloody eyes-and prayed For 'twas not for you, Oh, God, My meter would never rhyme; I owe you so very much Forever be Thou mine. I Love You TO MARY NELL The frigid, north wind blows across the plain of your valley; God's brown grass freezes with each new gust of ice and mist. The old, barren, finger-like branches of the devil protrude Through the early morning fog that covers your home, land, And hill. Why?? Why does it all seem like this?? Is it you?? Is it true fact? Is it the likeness of things to be-of things That are cold, dead rhetoric among the angels of worldly men?? Maybe it's only in my mind. Maybe it's only the way I see the World. The paths of gray matter between my ears sometime Get wrong signals, get untrue beliefs. Your life is taken- Your being has made a bed of straw and country hay. Your Place in God's universe has been written in God's Book of Life. Is it true?!? Is it fact?!? And me? I'm still wandering through Alleys and bars of men and evil women. I'm still Shoveling through the dark, depressing coal mines of Doubt and disbelieving. I'm still content to gamble My eternal existence on thin-placed happiness. So blows the cold, north wind. So freezes each blade of Straw and hay on the pinnacle that my mind has conceived And raised. I'm still breathing lonely and stale air Of the devil and solitude. The angels of hell Still try to guide my pen. The death of this world Will stop my pen, will stop my despairing script. But you?? You shall live! You shall prosper and endure through wars and famines, Through the earthquakes and eruptions of evil men Who smile and laugh while all matter and time speed Swiftly through their existence!! When you see God, remember me, Mary Nell. -End December 1985


Excerpted from My Poetry Through the years by william furr Copyright © 2010 by William Furr. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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