My Recycled Soul

My Recycled Soul

4.4 7
by Lynette Ferreira

All Elizabeth wants is for things to return to the way they are supposed to be. Elizabeth is a happy seventeen-year-old girl, until her step-dad announces, "We are moving to Ireland". She would have to leave her room, her house, the street where she lived all her life, as well as the boy she has had a serious crush on for the longest time.

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All Elizabeth wants is for things to return to the way they are supposed to be. Elizabeth is a happy seventeen-year-old girl, until her step-dad announces, "We are moving to Ireland". She would have to leave her room, her house, the street where she lived all her life, as well as the boy she has had a serious crush on for the longest time.

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Chapter One
I smile broadly all the way home from school.
There is a skip in my step and a song in my heart, and it feels as if my life is on track, everything is perfect and nothing could ever change how I feel - nothing at all.
I have always secretly liked Jason, and although he went out with Carol for almost two years, I still have a serious crush on him. He is, after all, the most popular, most handsome boy in school, and now it appears, he is eventually aware of my existence.
This afternoon I saw him standing on the steps leading away from school, waiting for someone, and I was going to walk past, as always. I usually pretend I do not notice him, and then at the last moment, I will look up and say, “Hi, Jason,” casually, in my over-practiced voice.
Just as I opened my mouth to deliver my line, I heard him say, “Hi, Elizabeth,” in that deep, husky voice of his.
Abruptly my mind went void of all thoughts and intentions, and although my gut feeling urged me to walk away, the butterflies in my stomach tumbling and dropping, my feet stopped moving anyway.
I turned toward him and said, “Hi, Jason,” a bit awkwardly, but making sure to let his name almost whisper over my lips – once again over practiced, and my feeble attempt at being sexy.
My mind filled rapidly with screaming and shouting, so loudly, it was difficult to hear myself think and besides, I did not want him to realize he had just made my day, in fact, made my life.
I made a quick exit, before I started babbling, making a fool of myself. My feet started to walk me away again, and I smiled sweetly up over my shoulder, catching his gaze following me.
I cannot believe he actually knows my name. I replay this very short conversation with him in my mind over and over again, the entire way home. I cannot wait to share my news with someone, anyone.
What I did not realize, is that my future is not in my hands, and change is not a choice.
As soon as I walk through my front door, I know something is wrong. My mom and Sean approach me, and if not for Sean’s happy smile, I would be thinking someone died. My mom looks cheerful, but nervous, as she comes to stand next to me, putting her arm across my shoulders reassuringly.
Then the radiant, happy smile fades from my face, as my world crashes to my feet.
Sean announces with great excitement, “We are moving.”
I look at him shocked. “Where?” I feel my mom’s hand on my shoulder tighten encouragingly.
“To Ireland,” he beams.
“When did this happen?” I ask in disbelief. This cannot be happening to me. Not now. Not today.
“Your mom and I have been discussing it for a while, and we made the decision last week. I have made a few phone calls and everything just fell into place.”

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Lynette Ferreira is the author of more than twenty fiction novels. She writes stories about first love, really cute boys, kissing and all the drama. Her stories always address social issues and are most times set in a supernatural world. Lynette took the brave leap to self-publishing in 2008. She does not really like the cold, is afraid of the dark, and loves anything in, on or smothered with chocolate. She lives in Northern Ireland with her family.

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My Recycled Soul 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
CQ7 More than 1 year ago
I'am totally confused as to why these books are so cheap! I couldn't put this book down and days later I find myself still thinking about the characters. This is a clean, touching love story that even younger teens can read and will definately stay interested in.
Books_For_Teens More than 1 year ago
Lynette Ferreira has a refreshing writing style. Usually I am able to go from one book to another without any transitional problems, because all authors these days seem to write according to a pre-described template. By the third page of Recycled Souls, I was into this author's writing style, and it flowed fluidly and without effort. While reading this book, it felt as if Elizabeth was sitting in front of me, telling it to me - as if she was telling me a story, speaking directly to me. Imagine being seventeen and having a crush on the most handsome boy in school since you can remember. Then when he eventually notices you, actually says hello to you by saying your name aloud, your stepfather decide to move his family to another country - Ireland. Elizabeth is devastated and understandably upset. After living in the same house all her life, she has to now collect herself and move with her family. Elizabeth's dad died when she was four years old, and her mom did not know where her dad was until there was a knock at the door, informing them that he had passed away. This made her mother over-protective to the point of smothering. Elizabeth, only being four, did not want her mom to be sad, so she pretended to be happy, and in the process, she could make her mom smile, a trait she kept through life. Elizabeth meets Jared, and it feels as if she has known him for all of her life and I fell in love with him instantaneously. Although, I do admit, just as Joshua grew on Elizabeth, so he grew on me. I also liked the way Elizabeth got along with her stepdad; usually stepfathers are portrayed as awful additions, but not in this case. Granted, there are a few formatting errors and grammatical errors, but which book printed these days, even those published by the so-called big publishing houses, does not have any. The story of Elizabeth is however strong enough to carry you through this. The trials and tribulations of love, a break-up, an accident, a past-life experience, learning that there are many different kinds of love; make this story something I could relate to. Recycled Souls made me rejoice in love, it made me feel sadness rise from the pit of my stomach. It made me optimistic that no matter what happens in my life, it is merely a stepping-stone to the place where I need to be. Usually as I finish one book, I reach towards the next, but after reading Recycled Souls, Elizabeth and Jared kept echoing in my mind.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
this should be a movie
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
LynetteFerreira More than 1 year ago
Use the code RE100 at checkout to get this book for FREE until 12-03-2011. Only available at Smashwords
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book does not even deserve one star. The plot line started with an interesting idea, but it just went downhill from there. The theme of "recycled souls" doesn't even fit into the book. It was a badly written love story, with a side story of a few characters from centuries ago. The main character is extremely hard to relate to, childish and frankly, just annoying. Her actions in the book make no sense, and I often found myself thinking MAKE UP YOUR MIND! For example **SPOILER** She gets in a car accident with a certain character, and wakes up from a coma seven months later. She can't feel her legs. Within the first five minutes, without even talking to a doctor, she tells the other character to get out of her life, leave, and never come back. So he does. Then, shocker, after she regains the ability to walk within a few months, she is mad and upset that the character left, BUT SHE TOLD HIM TO LEAVE, and then later when she has a chance to get back together with him, she's like, he needs to earn my trust back, after leaving me. All other plot line issues aside, the writing was terrible. There were constant contradictions, many repetitive words, simple sentence structure and poor word choice. Don't waste your time or money.