My Soul to Keep

My Soul to Keep

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by Davis Bunn

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An entrepreneur from Poduncksville with a vision teams up with an actor just out of prison and a has-been scriptwriter--is their effort truly inspired or doomed from the start?

A true star in every sense of the word, Brent had arrived--more enthusiastic fans with each new movie, a host of friends among Hollywood's elite, and more money than he could spend. He


An entrepreneur from Poduncksville with a vision teams up with an actor just out of prison and a has-been scriptwriter--is their effort truly inspired or doomed from the start?

A true star in every sense of the word, Brent had arrived--more enthusiastic fans with each new movie, a host of friends among Hollywood's elite, and more money than he could spend. He didn't even notice the signals of the downward spiral that ended in a terrible accident...and six long years in prison.

But God finds Brent, and it is in prison he is transformed. On release, he sets himself up with a small lawn service business and volunteers his experience and acting skills with a local theatre group.

Celia had thought the inner and outer scars left by the accident were far beyond forgiveness--how could she ever find it in her to absolve Brent simply because he asks?

A Christian businessman, Bobby Dupree has a string of entrepreneurial successes behind him. Then he is challenged with another venture--one that puts him squarely in the middle of an industry totally foreign to his experience. How can he make this story into a film when he doesn't even know where to begin?

Thus begins an odyssey bringing some very unlikely people together to do something bigger than any of them could have imagined on their own. Their endeavor pits faith and vision against unlimited money and power thrown against this new upstart company from Nowhere called Shoestring Productions.

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A story of struggle, intrigue, and faith-in-action that will delight . . . [an] inspirational, suspenseful thriller - the result is mesmerizing.

Publishers Weekly

In this page-turner reminiscent of The Devil Wears Prada, Bunn alternates between the story of Brent Stark, an Oscar-winning actor and recovering addict who has converted to Christianity in prison, and Shari Khan, a Hollywood underling looking for her big break. When a Nashville-based businessman decides to start a film company, he asks Brent to direct the first movie-a Daniel Boone biopic that eschews "political correctness" and returns Boone to "the pedestal." Conversely, Shari uses knowledge of this independent venture to catapult herself to the upper echelons of the major studio where she is a lowly personal assistant. Soon enough, she is spearheading efforts to get the studio's own Boone biopic, one that vilifies Boone and sympathizes with Native Americans, released first. Bunn's treatment of the ensuing David and Goliath drama is well-paced and entertaining. This novel, like the Christian film at its center, provides an alternative for conservative Christian audiences looking for entertainment that reaffirms both their political and theological values. The Hollywood insiders here are self-serving criminals who cynically promote liberal values in their films, while the Christian filmmakers are stratospherically successful, wealthy, and the beneficiaries of many miracles, all of which affirm that God is in their corner. While not to all tastes, this novel is sure to please fans and increase Bunn's readership. (Sept.)

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After being released from prison after serving a six-year sentence, actor Brent Stark thinks his movie days are over until a Southern businessman proposes he direct a new kind of film. However, first he needs forgiveness from Celia, who is not sure she can bury the past and accept the born-again Brent. Bunn (Heartland) lives in Florida and England.

—Tamara Butler

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DAVIS BUNN is an award-winning novelist whose audience spans reading genres from high drama and action thrillers to heartwarming relationship stories, in both contemporary and historical settings. He and his wife, Isabella, make their home in Florida for most of the year, and spend the rest near Oxford, England, where they each teach and write.
Davis Bunn is the award-winning author of numerous national bestsellers with sales totaling more than seven million copies. His work has been published in 20 languages, and his critical acclaim includes four Christy Awards for excellence in fiction. Davis also writes fantasy under the pseudonym Thomas Locke ( He and his wife, Isabella, divide their time between England and Florida. Learn more at

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My Soul to Keep 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Oscar winner Brent Stark assumes his career is over due to his drug addiction and subsequent arrest and conviction. However, instead of feeling sorry for himself, he turns to God. Upon his release, Nashville business mogul Bobby Dupree hires him to direct a Daniel Boone biography on a shoestring that turns the frontiersman back into the legend by ignoring any of his faults or misdeeds. --- Personal assistant Shari Khan will do anything to reach Hollywood¿s top echelon. When she learns of Brent¿s film, she persuades her major company to produce a totally different version that makes Boone into a monster who mistreated Native Americans and abandoned his family for lengthy elbow room escapes. --- This High Noon film war between an international Hollywood giant and a regional Tennessee gnat is very entertaining even with stereotyping both sides of the conflict. Hollywood is selfish while pretending to support moderate values to sell tickets Tennessee is altruistic while supporting Christian values while believing the message will sell tickets. Davis Bunn fans even liberal democrats will root for Brent, who has found the ultimate miracles when he turned to the Lord for salvation. --- Harriet Klausner
Doug-from-Alaska More than 1 year ago
It begins with a Disgraced Former Alcoholic and Drug Abuser who also happens to be an Oscar Winning Actor and Film Director... does that sound familiar? Anyway, Brent (the character's name is Brent) is now out of prison on parole and he's been relocated from Hollywood to Texas. He is 'in business for himself' as a Lawn & Garden Caretaker. He is a faithful and regular participant in a local Alcoholics Anonymous Chapter and he attends Church. He is also involved in the local Amateur Drama Circuit (local plays and Dinner Theaters). He accepts whatever part is offered, performs that part to the best of his ability and does not intrude on the pregogatives of the other cast members or the directors (unless they ask his opinion - which is rarely). Then, he begins to notice two men in dark suits back in the back of the theater who seem particularly interested in him... Could they be police? He hasn't done anything wrong; what could they want from him? This is a story of God's Grace and Forgiveness and about New Beginnings for more than just Brent...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this and everything else I've read by Davis Bunn. His stories are diverse, suspensful, and satisfying. The research put into the book is amazing. Couldn't put it down, yet it has enough substance to keep me enjoying for a while.
Brave186 More than 1 year ago
Davis Bunn's books cover a wide variety of subjects and always leave me feeling as though I've actually lived in that world. I've loved every subject he's chosen. One of the best writers out there year after year!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago