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My Sparkling Misfortune

My Sparkling Misfortune

by Laura Lond, Alla Alekseyeva (Illustrator)

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Dark Wyrm Reads
Children (and kids at heart) will enjoy this tale of a villain who isn't nearly as villainous as he thinks he is. Lord Arkus starts off as the typical fairy tale bad guy, spending his time thinking of dastardly deeds that will add to his reputation and his pocketbook...or perhaps 'purse' is the correct term for the setting.

One of these plans goes wrong when a 'hero' does something decidedly non-heroic, and Arkus thinks up a plan that will affect the rest of his life. While trying to capture an evil spirit, he accidentally catches a good one instead. What Arkus doesn't realize is that just as he has plans for the Sparkling, the Sparkling has plans for him.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed reading this story. Even though it's aimed at a younger audience, the interesting characters and unique twists in the traditional hero/villain stereotypes made for an entertaining reading experience, and (like all good fairy tales) there's a moral to the story - For various reasons, people are put into tidy, labeled boxes, and we expect certain people to act a certain way based on the labels they wear. Why is a villain expected to act a certain way, but that same action is met with surprise when a hero acts that way? Maybe life is more about the actions that one performs, rather than on the labels applied by life and society; and perhaps a certain label doesn't have to apply forever. As Lord Arkus himself says, "I wasn't born a villain."

The book ends with Arkus at a moral crossroad. Is he a villain or a hero? Perhaps he'll discover the answer in the second book of the Lakeland Knight series. I'm looking forward to seeing what he finds out.

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