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My Teacher Is a Dinosaur: And Other Prehistoric Poems, Jokes, Riddles and Amazing Facts

My Teacher Is a Dinosaur: And Other Prehistoric Poems, Jokes, Riddles and Amazing Facts

by Loreen Leedy

An entertaining introduction to life on earth from amoebas to dinosaurs and small mammals.


An entertaining introduction to life on earth from amoebas to dinosaurs and small mammals.

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Ellen Welty
Arranged in a giant timeline with each double spread encompassing a period of time, the poems and facts in this book are exuberantly illustrated in a style that is sure to appeal to younger readers. The poems range from the silly to the somewhat more serious with rhyme and meter that make them easy for those same readers to enjoy. The riddles are fun and there is at least one on every double spread page. There is a pronunciation guide any time a scientific name is used. There is a disclaimer about the times and the facts which should alert teachers and parents that the book is just for fun and not to be used as a reference source. Having said that, however, the facts presented may trigger curiosity in readers that will have them looking for more substantive works about dinosaurs or other prehistoric creatures. A nice feature at the end is a prehistoric timeline that helps readers place the various creatures in their proper place in time. Reviewer: Ellen Welty
School Library Journal
Gr 2–5—Organized chronologically, this collection zips through prehistoric times, starting about 4.5 billion years ago when "a new planet was formed." Each page hits the highlights of a period, focusing primarily on living things. "Let's go to the Cretaceous/inside a time machine,/the creatures are voracious,/excitable and mean." The digitally drawn and painted illustrations are all captioned and include pronunciations. Varied fonts help to keep the busy pages organized so that the poetry is distinguishable from riddles, etc. An excellent time line helps put everything into perspective. An introductory note reminds readers that the dates are estimates and facts are subject to change with new discoveries. Overall the tantalizing facts and pictures in this book will stimulate readers' curiosity.—Julie Roach, Cambridge Public Library, MA
Kirkus Reviews
What do you get when you combine punny jokes and riddles with diamond poems and rhyming verse? When it's from Leedy, you get a whole lot of learning (just don't tell the kids). Her latest introduces readers to the history of the Earth and its plants and animals. Children will have no problem following the succession of life through the pages, from the beginnings of the Earth, with bacteria making oxygen and life in the sea, to the early insects, first forests and dinosaurs that covered the land. Each spread presents one topic with a poem conveying the primary information; surrounding that poem are goofy riddles, factlets and question-limericks that expand on it. The pages are unapologetically jam-packed with information, but they never overwhelm. Lots of smaller pictures make up each spread, creating a visual flow for the facts (there is a disclaimer about habitats and exact time periods). Backmatter shows a timeline from Earth's formation to the present day. Prehistoric time was never this much fun. (Informational picture book. 8-12)

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Amazon Childrens Publishing
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8.20(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.50(d)
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8 - 10 Years

Meet the Author

Loreen Leedy writes and illustrates books in her studio in central Florida. When not writing, drawing, or painting on her computer, she's exercising, eating out, or going to the movies with her husband Andrew Schuerger. Her other books include the following: Crazy Like a Fox: A Simile Story, Missing Math: A Number Mystery, The Edible Pyramid, and Fraction Action.

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