My Visit to the Zoo

My Visit to the Zoo

by Aliki

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Welcome to the Zoo...

How would you like to travel from a tropical rain forest to the African plains, and down into a deep canyon all in one day? Then get ready for a wild trip to the zoo and up close look at all kinds of animals! See snow leopards lurking on a ledge, zebras and ostriches running across the open plains, and a tiger splashing in a stream. Find

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Welcome to the Zoo...

How would you like to travel from a tropical rain forest to the African plains, and down into a deep canyon all in one day? Then get ready for a wild trip to the zoo and up close look at all kinds of animals! See snow leopards lurking on a ledge, zebras and ostriches running across the open plains, and a tiger splashing in a stream. Find out everything—from what elephants roll in after their baths to which bird might laugh at your jokes. Come take a visit to an amazing zoo!Imagine traveling from a lush tropical rain forest, to a deep and
mysterious canyon, to the wide-open African plains—all in one day! In this tour of a modern-day zoo, visitors get to see how animals really live. They'll learn everything from what elephants like to roll around in after their baths to what's being done to preserve wildlife. Written and illustrated by the inimitable Aliki, this successor to the highly popular titles My Visit to the Dinosaurs and My Visit to the Aquarium is one of the best ways ever for a young child to visit the zoo.

'Aliki's accessible text and lush illustrations bring the animal world to life.' —School Library Journal

'A fine picture book.' —Kirkus Reviews

Author Biography:

Aliki grew up in Philadelphia in a very Greek family. Her talent for drawing, first recognized by her kindergarten teacher, was encouraged by her parents and other teachers she will never forget.

After graduating from the Philadelphia College of Art, she started a career in advertising art. She married Franz Brandenberg and lived in Switzerland for three years, where she wrote and illustratedher first book, The Story of William Tell.

After they moved to New York, she wrote My Five Senses, the book that changed her career and her life. Besides her own books, Aliki has illustrated many by other authors, including Franz. Their children, Jason and Alexa, who have artistic careers of their own, appear in many of Aliki's books as cats, mice, or themselves.

Aliki loves music, theater, films, museums, reading, and digging in her garden in London, where she lives. She travels frequently to the United States, Greece, Switzerland, and other countries, many of which are reflected in her books.NOTES FROM ALIKI

0nce, when I was reading one of my books to Jason, who was just learning words, I asked him, "What is my name?" He said, "Byaliki." I laughed. But in many ways I am a bi-Aliki. Greek and American. Bilingual. Author and illustrator. Writer of fiction and nonfiction-books that come from inside out (feeling books), and outside in (research books).

I had no thought of becoming a writer until it happened. But early on, I developed a lifelong habit of writing down my feelings. I realized it helped me understand my hurt, anger, bewilderment, or happiness. Words flowed out into poetry, letters, and journals. It was practice for later on.

I wrote The Two of Them when my father died. I wrote We Are Best friends when we moved from New York to London. I wrote about my childhood seaside vacations in Those Summers. In fact, it was on one such family vacation that I was born unexpectedly (in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey-but we never lived there)!

Marianthe's Story, two books in one volume, is very much my own. In one of its two parts-Painted Words-Mari is lucky to have such an understanding teacher and the ability to express herself through pictures (as was 1). In Spoken Memories, the villagers are composites of family and friends, and the voice is often my grandmother's. She cared passionately about education and passed it on to us.

All by Myself! — snapped after watching my nephew Peter, who was just learning to dress himself We can take nothing for granted. All skills-from the simplest to the most complicated-are learned. They take patience, perseverance, and determination. With some, a little talent helps. Life is one big challenge. I'm still trying to learn to swim.

My research books come from a fascination with a subject I know only a glimmer about. It can take three years to read, delve, dig, write, and repeat the process for the illustrations. It can be torture, because Virgos dont like to make mistakes.

To write My Visit to the Aquarium, I visited eleven aquariums-the most fun research ever. But then I had to get the right fish into the right tank. My Visit to the Zoo was even harder. Nine zoos, hundreds of books, magazines, and related matter. And with all due respect to the author, the illustrator has twice the work. I call it hard fun.

All books-read or made-change lives. None more than William Shakespeare & the Globe. I was challenged by wanting to compress 40.0 years into 38 pages, to tell (in words and pictures) a story that comes full circle. It didn't help that we- know very little about Shakespeare the man. But I was enveloped by his words — which brought him to life. When I finally finished, the pain of loss-which lasted months-was like parting from a beloved friend.

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Editorial Reviews

Horn Book
Every page invites lingering enjoyment. Zoo fans of all ages will appreciate the visit.
Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
PW called this companion to My Visit to the Aquarium "a lively learning expedition." Ages 4-up. (May) Copyright 1999 Cahners Business Information.
Children's Literature - Dori Butler
Like the rest of Aliki's picture books, this one is so enjoyable kids will hardly realize they're learning something. This time Aliki follows two children on their journey through a modern day zoo. A variety of animals are introduced in their natural settings. Readers will even learn how to tell where a monkey comes from by looking at its nose. There is much to see on each page and the art is very appealing.
School Library Journal
K-Gr 3Aliki opens the gates to the Zoological Conservation Park, a spacious, wooded zoo with outdoor habitats for animals. As the young narrator and her cousin wander through the exhibits, the text and illustrations deliver information about the habitats and physical and social characteristics of the various animals they see. Sweeping, double- and single-page paintings of scenes from the zoo are interspersed with boxed, close-up looks at some of the plants and animals. All are labeled with species names and country of origin. The children visit the noisy tropical rain forest, take a ride on the monorail through the open plains to see the large herd animals, view myriad birds at the aviary, and pet young animals at the Children's Zoo. A color-coded chart containing a world map shows the habitats of different animals, tells whether or not they are endangered, and lists the page where they can be found. Throughout the narrative, the park is depicted as a sanctuary for wildlife and an active participant in conservation. This book is a "must read" before a class visit to the local zoo. Aliki's accessible text and lush illustrations bring the animal world to life.Patricia Mahoney Brown, Benjamin Franklin Elementary School, Kenmore, NY
Kirkus Reviews
Aliki (Hello! Good-bye!, 1996, etc.) starts this fine picture book on the endpapers, which feature a tropical greenhouse with a host of labeled butterfly and hummingbird species. The simple first-person narration is by a girl who reluctantly accompanies her cousin to the zoo. She's been to other zoos where the animals seemed sad, but this zoo is different—the animals move about freely in naturalistic habitats. Aliki stresses the important role such zoos play in protecting and preserving endangered species in the fact-filled zoological tour that follows. A world map on the final page shows where each animal of the 80 species mentioned comes from and notes whether it is endangered or vulnerable. The main text moves along smoothly, and for those interested, more detailed information appears in picture captions. The colored pencil illustrations, though somewhat stylized, are lively and give readers a good working knowledge of each animal's appearance and the habitat in which it lives.

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