The Mystery of the Round Rocks

The Mystery of the Round Rocks

by Mark V. Meierhenry, David Volk, Jason Folkerts

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Children's Literature - Quinby Frank
This gentle story about two young children visiting their grandparents' farm in South Dakota offers a walloping geology lesson in a child-friendly context. Hannah and Max discover a pile of smooth round rocks in the field behind their grandparents' house and wonder where they came from. Grandpa tells them an intriguing tale of glaciers, prehistoric animals and humans, and the passage of eons of time. He relates everything to familiar events in the childrens' lives, like a recent winter thaw and trips the children have taken in the surrounding countryside. By taking a complicated concept and breaking it down into smaller parts, he puts the passage of millenniums into a frame of reference the children can understand. The element of mystery about the round rocks adds interest. Sketches of the Empire State Building set against a glacier and a huge prehistoric bear looking in the second story window of a contemporary house make the size concepts easy to grasp. The text is set against a pleasing bluish gray background, making it easy to read. A few footnotes might have been helpful. For example, what is a shelterbelt? Still, this is a thoughtfully-constructed story that is sure to inspire budding geologists. Reviewer: Quinby Frank

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South Dakota State Hist Society
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