Mystical Speed

Mystical Speed

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by Hubert Guscott

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When five track athletes from New York set off for Jamaica to learn the secret of Jamaican sprinting, they find out much more than they bargained for. What is responsible for the Jamaicans’ success? Is it the yams? The water? Drugs—or voodoo? Mystical Speed is a fast-paced adventure set against the lush



When five track athletes from New York set off for Jamaica to learn the secret of Jamaican sprinting, they find out much more than they bargained for. What is responsible for the Jamaicans’ success? Is it the yams? The water? Drugs—or voodoo? Mystical Speed is a fast-paced adventure set against the lush backdrop of Jamaica. The athletes’ quest will take them through the hills of Trelawny, the Parish of Manchester, Accompong Town, and the Coronation Market—but will they live to tell the secrets that only the locals know?

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Hubert Guscott was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He represented Wolmer’s Boys School in Track and Field. In 1980, he migrated to the United States of America and competed in track and field for Hunter College. He has won several bodybuilding titles, including Mr. Hunter College and Mr. CUNY. Over the past eight years, he has worked with several national and international track and field coaches, and has successfully completed the Level 1 Track and Field Coaching Certification program.

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Mystical Speed 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
lyncsd28 More than 1 year ago
Hubert Guscott wove an enchanting tale of courage, wonder, and perseverance in this uplifting story.  I smiled and simultaneously bit my nails to the very end. I even managed to learn some Jamaican Folklore while reading this book. The book is a feel good book, with life lessons that are subtle  but oh so true. I recommend this book to all of those who believe, have the courage to believe and to those who strive to achieve their dreams,  and their goals. I will definitely be giving this book to my own teenagers  to read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This quick read kept my attention and I often found I couldn't put it down. The innocence of the main characters is endearing and their adventures keep your heart racing. I found this to be a great story and I hope there is a sequel so I can find out what happens in the next chapter of the boys' lives!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Mystical Speed, I have always wondered what made the Jamaicans run so fast, now I got it.,.  This book was an eye opening experience which brought back so many memories of my growing up in the West Indies.   I remember those scary tales that my parents told  my siblings and I that made us afraid to stay out late at nights, we were in the house  before it got too dark.  Thanks Mr. Guscott for the memories of the good ole days, you had my imagination running wild during my time reading this book.  Good Luck
glenn420 More than 1 year ago
Great story, Guscott has written an enchanting novella centered round his beloved Jamaica. Using track as a backdrop, “Mystical Speed”, is a captivating tale incorporating and sharing Jamaican folklore, history and tradition. It speaks to universal themes of family, timeless truths and man’s search for understanding. The question “What makes Jamaicans sprinters so dominant?” gives opportunity to visit the “island in the sun” and Guscott “takes us there” with beautiful simplicity and an endearing reverence. This is not a story just about track, or just about Jamaica. It a story full of life’s lessons and highly recommended for all who love a good yarn (and that’s just about everyone). My bet: it’s the yams!!!!!!
FrannieCohen More than 1 year ago
Hubert Guscott, the author of "Mystical Speed", creatively weaves the various aspects of culture, sport, and community into this delightful and sensory fulfilling tale. As much as this is a work of fiction, "Mystical Speed," realistically connects the reader to some basic truths --from the hardship and sacrifices families often make in order to give their children a better life to that of the all encompassing need to win. The Jamaican  culture is vividly detected in this gem.  The folk tales of the deceitful Brother Anancy are as entwined in the childhood fabric of every Jamaican's being as are those associated with the clanging chains worn by the rolling calves  (They scared me!) and the timeless essence of Marcus Garvey's role in the overall infrastructure of Jamaica's destiny.   Yet, as truly mystical as this story may be, there are times when it seems almost intrinsically intimate, as if the author is taking the reader on a virtual road trip of his hometown.  I quote, " They continued down Molynes Road and Leroy remembered the Tarrant Baptist Church on the left.  They continued to Waltham Park Road and made a left turn.  They passed St. Jude's Primary School..." Everyone knows Jamaicans excel at track and field events on the world-wide stage.  One can only imagine what it would be like to run like-the-wind next to the world famous Jamaican Olympians on that vivid, blue track at UWI-Mona.  Fortunately, for those of us who will never have that opportunity, we can experience it vicariously through the eyes of Leroy, Trini, Joe, Long-Pants and White-Shoes. To say the least, Hubert Guscott has successfully incorporated his love of family, track and field and all things Jamaican into his first piece.   I look forward to the movie and his second book.
Jeff-Wallace More than 1 year ago
Mystical Speed by Hubert Guscott is a wonder read that will transport you 11 years into the future. Once you arrive in the year 2024 you will join my boys; Leroy, Trini, Joe, White Shoes and Long Pants; as they journey to Jamaica to discover the secret of the Jamaican's dominance of track & field. From the time that the boys first arrive in Jamaica you will be pulled into their world. You will feel as though you are there with them as they go through training, discover some of the rich, diverse culture and mysticism of Jamaica. The author fills the book with a number of characters that we can all identify with in our lives. There is Carolina, the mentor whose patients the boys occasionally take to the breaking point, Ranny, Carolina's brother and the boys protector, Brother Fancy, a fast talking con man, The Grandmaster, a mysterious person that keeps an eye on every, and many more characters that you will meet over the course of your journey. Mr. Guscott does a great job with the addition of humor into the book. One of the best examples of how he incorporates humor is when during a going away party one of the boys misunderstands a comment by one of the other guest. When he reveals his mistake it throws the entire room into a gale of laughter. Mr. Guscott also does a wonderful job at mixing in some the folk lore that is ingrained in Jamaican culture. The book come in both paperback and in e-book formats. I read my copy on a Kindle and the layout of the book was beautiful. Many times with electronic versions of books the pages aren't configured right to fit on the screen and the page numbers are usually missing or scattered but not so in Mystical Speed. It was easy to read with each page fitting perfectly on the screen. I would highly recommend this book to anyone that is a fan of track, the supernatural or just a wildly entertaining book with some life lessons mixed in will enjoy this book. They will find Mythical Speed is a book that they will want to savor every word to absorb every nuance of the book.