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Myth and Religion: A Thorn in the Flesh

Myth and Religion: A Thorn in the Flesh

by Alan W. Watts, Mark Watts (Introduction)

Editorial Reviews

Steve Schroeder
Watts is best known as a popular interpreter of Eastern religions, but this collection of edited transcripts of six of his lectures will reintroduce him as a perceptive commentator on Western traditions as well. Of particular relevance to contemporary readers are his discussions of hierarchy, authority, identity, and sexual ethics. As in previous Watts volumes from Tuttle, the oral character of the presentations is preserved in transcription. Readers (particularly those who encounter Watts here for the first time) may find it frustrating that the context and original setting of the lectures are not made explicit; but, frustrated or not, they will find Watts a lively and often provocative partner in reflection on important themes.

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Tuttle Publishing
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Alan Watts Love of Wisdom
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5.07(w) x 8.83(h) x 0.60(d)

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