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Naked Delirium

Naked Delirium

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by Sommer Marsden, Vanessa de Sade, Kristina Wright, Velvet Tripp, Fulani

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The mind has the power to save us from depravity...or to drive us further to it! From hypnotic highs to paranormal possession, Naked Delirium delves deep into the human psyche to celebrate sex in altered states! Five twisted tales, all lusciously illustrated by Giorgio Verona.


The mind has the power to save us from depravity...or to drive us further to it! From hypnotic highs to paranormal possession, Naked Delirium delves deep into the human psyche to celebrate sex in altered states! Five twisted tales, all lusciously illustrated by Giorgio Verona.

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Sweetmeats Press
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Naked Delirium

By Kojo Black, Georgio Verona

Sweetmeats Press

Copyright © 2014 Sweetmeats Press
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-0-9570037-9-8


Sugarshuttle Express

* * *

"It's pink," Wren cooed and Daniel watched her shake the tiny container.

"Indeed it is, pretty lady. It just naturally dries that way but it's a nice touch. Pretty ladies like pretty treats." The guy — his name was Tate — touched Wren's fingertip. Daniel felt himself bluster, a ripple working through him and the urge to grab the guy and clock him. But he didn't.

"Look, Danny. It's pink," Wren said again.

When she smiled at him and entirely different urge thrust through the middle of him. Not the urge to attack but the urge to kiss. She was so fucking gorgeous. Some part of him had hoped this little trip of theirs would bring them closer. Maybe show Wrenny — he was the only one allowed to call her that name — that deep down she loved him as much as he loved her.

Or maybe they'd at least fuck.

"I see," Daniel said.

"It's a quick ride. About three days. Clean, too," Tate said, studying the swell of Wren's tits as he gave his spiel. "All natural. I mean, darlin', we don't even dye it," he said, touching the small container. The root is swirled red and white, sort of looks like a beet, and when we dry it and then grind it it's...."

"Pink," she laughed.

"Pink," the dealer echoed.

"Wow. What will it do?"

"Make you horny, make you happy, mellow. ... You'll appreciate the simple things even more," Tate said laughing. "There's euphoria and affection...."

Daniel's ear had stuck on horny.

"Sugarshuttle," Wren said. "I'd heard about it. And wanted to try but ..." she shrugged and it did amazing things for her breasts. Her soft grey-blue eyes found Danny and she winked at him.

It went straight to his cock. He looked away, coughed once. Tried to push away a vivid mental image of sucking a fetching pebbled nipple between his lips.

"Sugarshuttle Express," the guy said.

"Clean, fast ride. No stops, no bumps, no lows. Worst case scenario, you'll bang your way through your hiking trip."

This time he eyed Danny and chuckled.

"Ready?" Daniel asked Wren.

She paid the man and tucked the small container of pink powder in her bra. God, the woman had a magnificent set of breasts. But she also had beautiful eyes, gorgeous honey hair, the most perfect ass to grace planet Earth, and a heart of gold.

Easy there, cowboy. He shook his head, annoyed with himself.

"Ready Danny?"

"Ready," he said.

"Danny." The dealer nodded at him, winked again. Jerk.

Or maybe you just think he's a jerk because he's good looking and cool as the fucking proverbial cucumber.

"It's Daniel," Danny said and walked out the door.

She caught up to him with a little run — the girl was like a rabbit. When she grabbed his arm, it crushed the pillow of her breasts to his arm and Danny felt his face go hot. Jesus, would that knee-jerk reaction to blush never end? Nor the automatic imagining of burying himself between her long coltish thighs. Sinking into her heat. Making her say his name.

"Why were you so mean to him?" she laughed, bouncing along beside him. "We only have a few days to hike this trail, I thought we could have fun. I thought you'd have fun."

"I am having fun." Christ, even he didn't believe his own words.

"Liar," she snickered. "But that's okay. I've got my best friend, a walking trail and one of the cleanest, most natural, exhilarating highs ever."

"So you've read."

"So I've read. And Marylou did it. She said it was awesome. It's when man starts mucking around with chemicals that you get problems, Danny. But nature ... nature knows what she's doing."

Wren took out the small plastic vial and shook it. "Want some?"

"No thanks. If it's not so clean, not so pure, not so ... whatever, one of us needs to be clear headed."

Horny ... Danny coughed and shook off the thought.

"Suit yourself. But there's plenty if you change your mind. He told me half."

She stuck out her pretty pink tongue — causing a rush and a stir in poor Danny's pants — and poured roughly half the vial of powder along its length. Then Wren winked and swallowed.

"How's it taste?" he asked, curious. It also helped him control his body's urge to give him a sporting erection.

"Like ... flour," she said. "Sort of."


"Not really," she laughed, bumping him playfully again. Squashing her chest to his arm again. Making him crazy ... again. "But it's what it does, not so much what it tastes like. Now hurry!" Wren laughed.


She grabbed his hand and tugged him toward the waiting VW Beetle. "Drive us to the trail where we can park so we can get this fun started. I figure by the time we get there, the Sugarshuttle Express should be pulling out." Then she belted out "Wooo-woooo!" like a train and even Danny couldn't help but laugh.

* * *

She seemed fine. She seemed perfectly normal as they grabbed their packs and started to gear up. She seemed the normal, chatty, sexy, perfect-girl Wren as they walked the first mile. Then she found a fern.

"It's a fern," she said, eyes shining.

Daniel nodded. "Yep. It's a fern and there ..." he pointed. "There's a whole slew of ferns."

She laughed, eyes shining and dropped down to examine the bright green fronds. "I see."


She turned to him. "Come here. You have to look."

You'll appreciate the simple things even more.... He heard Tate in his head.

Daniel shuffled forward, feeling a stab of unease. But she smiled and she laughed and she grabbed him by his belt buckle and yanked. He had no choice — stumble forward or fall.


"I said come here." She smiled up at him and then pointed to the fern. He looked, nodded ...



"Yeah?" His voice went up just then because with calm and nimble fingers she was wrestling his buckle. "Hey, um ... Wrenny...."

"Shhh," she said. "I want it."

"You do?"

"I do. Come on. It'll be fun. Aren't you tired of always being my well behaved male friend?"

Fuck yes.

"I just don't want you to think you have to — "

"Shut. Up. Danny." The buckle clanked and in the soft air of the forest he literally heard the fabric around his button release. And then the quiet tearing rip of his zipper going down and then. ... Oh fuck.

"Shutting up," Danny confirmed as his best friend tugged his pants down.

When his cock sprang free and he watched her — her — inch out her blushing pink tongue to lick his flushed glans, his knees felt like they might buckle on him.

"You think I'm perfect, Danny. I'm not perfect. Aren't you tired of thinking that?" She sucked the tip of him into the heated cushion of her mouth and when she drew on him with a soft sucking motion, he made a very unmanly sound.

"I don't think that," he lied.

Wren shuffled forward on her knees and her head bobbed lower. Her peach colored lips were now firmly half way down his cock and his gut was alive with a buzzing like electricity. She hummed gently, smiling, and the vibration skittered along his skin and inside his blood. Tiny white dots started to float in his vision and Danny sucked in a breath. That was what he'd been missing ... oxygen.

She broke free of him, gasping like a swimmer breaking the surface. Innocent and yet knowing grey eyes looked up, regarding him. Wren drew her tongue slowly — sensually — along her bottom lip and then smiled. "You are lying Danny Brooks. But that's okay. I can prove I'm not perfect — unless perfectly imperfect is what you mean."

He started to say something and she hushed him. She was all business now. Her small, slim fingered hands anchoring themselves at the tops of his thighs. Out in the woods there was very little noise but for the built in soundtrack of birds and bugs and he heard her breathing, breathing like someone who was immensely turned on.

Horny ...

And she took great breaths in through her nostrils as she pushed her charming mouth lower, taking every inch of his hard cock until he felt the soft brush of her mouth on the very root of him. When her fingers came up to graze over his pubic hair for just a heartbeat before dipping to cradle his balls, Danny knew he was screwed.

In the best possible way.

She drew on him again, sucking like she was sucking on a straw or a hard candy, her fingers tracing the thin tissue of his sac, sending a shudder through him. Her eyes found him again, she gave him a half grin, mouth full of him and he felt the wiggle, lick, slide of her tongue on the back of his dick and he was done.

"Wrenny —" But that was as far as he got. His fingers plunged into her wheat-colored hair and he forgot how very perfect she was and he very briskly, very unmannerly, fucked her pretty mouth until he was cumming with a groan that quieted the forest for just an instant.

Wren dropped back onto her elbows and regarded him. "See?"

Danny chuckled, running a shaking hand through is hair. "You think that a stellar blow job makes you an imperfect girl?"

She rolled her eyes. "Eat my pussy, Danny," she said.

He blinked, taking in the shiny euphoric glimmer in her eyes and started to stammer.

"You think I don't know what I'm saying?"

"I —" he was dumbstruck.

She tugged him by the front of his jeans, still lowered to half-mast. Danny had two options, go to her or fall on his face. When she tugged down her blue leggings to reveal a very bare, very smooth, very flushed pussy, he shook his head. How had he even hesitated for second?

Her lips brushed his as she gripped his cock again, bringing it to life so fast it startled him. Wren licked along his lower lip and then toured his top lip. Her mouth was sweet and salty and willing. He thought he tasted the ocean flavor of semen but it was only a guess. "Suck my clit, Danny. Eat me. Lick me. Make me cum."

She said it all with her warm mouth pressed to the curve of his ear and he felt his dick grow impossibly hard impossibly fast. Almost absentmindedly she peeled off her t-shirt and bra, leaving her impossibly magnificent breasts as bare as her pussy.

Danny didn't bother to answer or tempt fate, he simply kissed her slender neck and pressed his tongue to her thundering pulse. "Spread your legs, Wrenny," he said, before dragging his tongue down the slope of her breasts, the flat of her belly, the smooth musky expanse of her mound.

When his tongue hit plump swollen flesh, Danny feared he'd be the one to cum before she even got to. She tasted like ... green. She tasted green and fresh and sweet and he took his good sweet time licking around the fat swollen outer lips while she squirmed in the ferns.

She threaded her fingers into his too-long brown hair. He needed a cut but was grateful he hadn't gotten around to it the moment she tugged a chunk of hair and the sensation shot from his scalp to his dick.

He growled and she felt it in her pussy because she shoved her trim hips up, forcing her slick sex to his mouth. His tongue roamed and lapped and he licked every tiny bit of moisture off Wren that he could. She trailed a finger along his nose, over his brow and when she grabbed his hair again, he tsked softly and forced her flighty hands down by her side.

"Oh ... nice," Wren sighed, her hips undulating so that he had to push his tongue to the tiny knot of her clitoris. Wren shuddered under him and Danny sucked. He did all the things he'd always wanted to do to Wrenny and then he did it some more.

Her body shivered, shook and bucked and Danny found himself murmuring against her body, grinding his cock that had become trapped beneath him.

"I'm going to cum, Danny," she informed him, her voice cool water and bright sunshine. It lit him up and he shoved his tongue deep into her cunt, lapping at the creamy moisture he found there.

Her fingers were back in his hair and she yanked so hard his eyes sparkled with pain and bright tears but it didn't matter, because Wren was cumming. More importantly, he was making Wren cum, and his only duty at that moment was to suck every sweet slide of fluid from her while she rode it out.

When she came her flavour seemed to meld from green to gold. The brightness of her flowing to a warm honeyed tone on his tongue after her release. She yanked his hair again, making him rise up over her. Her mouth was hard and soft simultaneously on his and there was heat and a jerk in his cock when she trailed her little soft tongue over his lips so she could taste herself.

"Stick it in me, Danny." Her legs wrapped around his waist and he felt the molten kiss of her naked sex to his jutting hard-on. Danny moaned. How many wet dreams he had about this very moment?

But still he worried. About her. Because she mattered to him — on all levels. And if that made him a moron, so be it.

"Wren —"

She was prepared for him. Knew how his mind worked. She pushed her thin fingers, smelling of dirt and grass and sex, to his lips and said, "Shh. I want it. I've wanted it forever but you have me on such a ... pedestal. Let's just hike our way through this three day Sugarshuttle high of mine and fuck. Fuck and hike and laugh and not worry. Can we not worry Danny?"

He nodded. "We can not worry," he conceded.

"Now," she pressed her pelvis up so he felt more wetness on his erection. Her wet, orgasm slickened cunt waiting. For him. To enter her.

Danny had to shut his eyes to keep from cumming right there. He took a deep breath, but her lips pressed to his again, so unbelievably soft he feared he'd be a goner, but he ran the tip of his cock along her drenched opening and slid into her — just the head. Wren moaned and then chuckled.

"Cheater," she breathed, kissing him. She shoved her hips up, wedging him deeper and they both gasped in unison.

"You're so wet," he said, feeling stupid but fuck it.

"You're so hard," she countered.

They started to move — her up, him down and when Danny met her eyes he saw they were a bit shiny but clear. Present. She knew what she was doing and that alone made him out of his head. He shoved his hands under her tight little ass and tilted her up just a bit. Just enough that every time he drove into her, the helmet of his cock slammed her firm, hot G-spot. He could feel it, like a suede marble, when he thrust. And he knew he was on mark because Wren had been reduced to a one word chant.


Her body seemed to ripple. A fiery contraction around his cock, like being squeezed by a strong wet fist. Danny crushed his mouth to hers and came, sucking her tongue when she thrust it past his lips. His hands squeezing her ass so aggressively he feared he'd bruise her ... but part of him secretly hoped he would.

He'd like to see his fingerprints on her silken skin.

They stayed there for a moment — breathing hard, coming down off the orgasm high. When he kissed her, Wren grinned and pumped her fist in the air, making her train noise gain.

"Wooo-woooo! Allllll aboard...."

* * *

They met Kara on the trail by the waterfall. After hiking for hours, and discussing possible job ventures when school finally ended, Wren had convinced him to take a quick run-through to get clean. They were sweaty and dirty and smelled like sex — which wasn't bad — but the day was flying by and soon it would be too chilly to get wet.

"I can see your ass!" Wren shouted, laughing and whooping like a cowgirl.

Danny shook his head, marveling at the still surreal nature of her hands-on, sexual, horny ways. But she was clear and lucid and just thinking about fucking her again gave him a hard-on. It wavered for a moment when he hit the opaque white rush of the waterfall. It was cold — unbelievably cold — and it was forceful. His foot slipped on a rock and he started to wobble but a hand shot out and grabbed his bare ass.

"Careful," she said.

His brain double clutched and he thought, of course, it was Wren. But how had she gotten here so fast? She ran fast, he knew that from their morning jogs at school, but not that fast.

Then his synapses made the connection and he turned to see a dark haired, petite girl with huge green eyes. She was grinning at him. But more importantly, she was buck naked, her pretty nipples jutting out in the cold deluge.

"It is so fucking co ... !!" Wren stopped short as she emerged from beneath the deluge. Then she smiled at the dark haired girl. "Hi!"

Danny was pretty sure this was a dream. Or a hallucination. He'd wake up soon right? Because this was becoming something of a porn movie. All they needed was for the pizza delivery guy to show up.

"Hi," the girl said. "I'm Kara. It seems best to start with that, seeing as ... you know ... all the nudity."

And then as Danny watched, open mouthed, clearly aroused in front of two nude women, as they shook hands. How far gone was he that just their hands touching almost made him cum?

"I'm Wren. And I don't mind the nudity." Wren was shaking and her lips were blue. Her teeth chattered in an adorable but alarming way and she stepped against Danny, mashing her cool wet body to his cool wet body. She wrapped herself round him, inspiring a jerk of his already stiff dick and said, "Can we get out now?"

"I have coffee. And a small fire. There are three designated spots you can camp along this trail. And only for one night. I snagged one," Kara said.

"You're lips are blue, too," Danny said conversationally.


Excerpted from Naked Delirium by Kojo Black, Georgio Verona. Copyright © 2014 Sweetmeats Press. Excerpted by permission of Sweetmeats Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Meet the Author

Sommer Marsden is a wine-swigging, dachshund-owning, wannabe-runner who lives in a little house in a little town near Baltimore, Maryland. Her fiction runs the gamut from bondage to zombies to humor, and her short stories can be found in well over 100 (and counting) erotic anthologies.

Vanessa de Sade is a self-confessed sensualist who likes exploring the darker sides of sexual desire. An obsessive lover of old movies, operatic theatre and authors like Angela Carter, Vanessa likes to fill her stories with lush imagery, bizarre characters, and misfits in search of love.

Kristina started writing fiction in the first grade and hasn't stopped. Along the way, she's written everything from greeting cards to book reviews, but fiction remains her passion. Now, all grown up, Kristina has penned several dozen erotic stories.

Velvet Tripp has been on the fetish scene since 2001. She took to it like a duck to water and found it gave her the freedom she'd long needed. Velvet Tripp is the partner and sub of the author Fulani, and Velvet's literary inspiration often springs from her own bisexual lifestyle.

Fulani has been part of the fetish scene for almost two decades – early on he acquired the nickname ‘Fulani’ and decided to use it for his writing. He first came to erotica in 2008, when he spotted a call for submissions in a popular erotica magazine, and he's been writing ever since.

Giorgio Verona took to painting at an early age. His family fostered his love of the arts and at 14 he was given a place at a School for Fine Art. After working in advertising, he found himself turning back to painting. To his surprise, he found himself becoming something of an (almost) overnight success.

Kojo Black has compiled nearly a dozen collections and anthologies, and considers himself to be an unrepentant purveyor of the playfully perverse.

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Naked Delirium 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
AVoraciousReadr More than 1 year ago
A yummy delight! An illustrated anthology containing five hot reads this book did not fail to satisfy my demanding appetite. Each decadent story between the covers of this book is a rich mouth-watering piece of pie and the luscious illustrations that accompany them are the full-bodied cream and cherry on top. Five stories, each so very different from the others and yet they are all lip smacking good. The best part? They are calorie free. Dig in! Sugarshuttle Express ~ Sommer Marsden    ~ I love the idea of Sugarshuttle especially the no side effects. Gilinda and the Wicked Witch ~ Vanessa de Sade    ~ Oooohhh…an erotic spa is a great idea! Lilith Returns ~ Kristina Wright    ~ I love the fantasy/paranormal element. A Woman Possessed ~ Velvet Tripp    ~ This one is my favorite. Love it! Smoking Hot ~ Fulani    ~ A twist on hypnosis. I think this is my 2nd favorite. *Book source ~ Many thanks to Sweetmeats Press for providing a review copy. Please see disclaimer page on my blog.