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Nanny X

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by Madelyn Rosenberg

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What kind of nanny wears a motorcycle jacket, mirrored sunglasses, and straw hat with flowers on top? When ten-year-old Ali and eight-year-old Jake find out that this odd woman named Nanny X is going to care for them, they're understandably concerned. Imagine how they feel when she starts speaking into diapers? But wait; could it be that the diapers actually seem to…  See more details below


What kind of nanny wears a motorcycle jacket, mirrored sunglasses, and straw hat with flowers on top? When ten-year-old Ali and eight-year-old Jake find out that this odd woman named Nanny X is going to care for them, they're understandably concerned. Imagine how they feel when she starts speaking into diapers? But wait; could it be that the diapers actually seem to be answering her back? Everything begins to make sense when the kids find out that Nanny X works for NAP, or Nanny Action Patrol, a group of crime busters who use being nannies as their covers. Nanny X and her diaper bag full of ingenious spy devices come in pretty handy when Ali's friend is falsely arrested. In no time at all, Ali, her brother, and her baby sister are on a wild ride as they help their new nanny uncover a plot to smuggle stolen diamonds using hollow coconuts and trained chimps.

This action-packed and hilarious novel introduces a Mary Poppins for the twenty-first century.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Ten-year-old Ali Pringle, her eight-year-old brother, Jake, and their baby sister, Eliza, have a new nanny, one who shows up in a motorcycle jacket and gardening hat, is obsessed with canned fish, and knows an awful lot about them. Ali and Jake soon discover that Nanny X is a special agent for Nanny Action Patrol (NAP) and she needs their help. The mayor is threatening to build a factory in a local park, and after he’s hit on the head with what appears to be a rock during a protest, Ali and Jake try to prove the innocence of Ali’s classmate Stinky. Armed with Nanny X’s devices—such as a self-destructing phone hidden in a diaper—they investigate a scheme that involves everything from coconuts to stolen diamonds. Rosenberg (Canary in the Coal Mine) offers a quick, fun romp dotted with advanced vocabulary to intrigue and challenge growing readers. Eliza and Jake’s alternating narratives and Nanny X’s off-kilter leadership entertain in a feel-good story about getting the chance to be a hero. Ages 7–10. Agent: Susan Cohen, Writers House. (Sept.)
Children's Literature - Heidi Hauser Green
From the moment they meet her, the Pringle children decide their new nanny is unusual. First, there is her name: Nanny X. According to Alison, that is “not even a real name!” Then, there is her attire: motorcycle jacket, mirrored shades, gardening hat, and Pilgrim-style shoes. Worst about her appearance may be that there is “no smile.” Although their mother assures them that this nanny is said to be “special” and is only temporary, Alison and her brother Jake are not reassured. When they see her talking into what appears to be their younger sister Eliza’s diaper, the siblings are—understandably—weirded out. But what if a diaper isn’t a diaper? What if it is a secret spy communicator? What if a nanny isn’t a nanny? What if she is a spy? When a public meeting about a vote to turn a beloved park into an industrial zone turns violent and their friend Stinky is nabbed as the perpetrator, the Pringle children must join forces with their unusual, gray-haired nanny to identify the real culprits and stop their evil plans. Fans of the “Spy Kids” series and similarly light-hearted mysteries will enjoy this book. Check your sense of disbelief at the door, and dive in for a wild and fun ride. Nanny X is a nanny hero for the modern era. Alternating chapters are narrated by Alison and Jake. Reviewer: Heidi Hauser Green; Ages 8 to 12.
Kirkus Reviews
Lots of nannies are special; this one is a special agent.When Jake and Alison's mom returns to work as a lawyer, they, their toddler sister, Eliza, and their enthusiastic dog, Yeti, get a new nanny. Nanny X arrives clad in a motorcycle jacket and straw hat; fifth-grader Alison is not impressed, but Jake is intrigued. Both are a bit grossed out by what's in their lunch sacks: peanut butter-and-anchovy sandwiches. When she takes the kids to attend a rally to save their neighborhood park from becoming a factory, the mayor is beaned by what appears to be a rock. One of Alison's friends is accused, and Nanny X swings into action, revealing that she's a member of the Nanny Action Patrol. Alison's skepticism deepens, but as the gadgets come out of the diaper bag (baby-bib GPS tracker, sippy-cup listening device) and the investigation continues, she's slowly won over. Can the kids and Yeti help Nanny X halt a major crime? Alison and Jake alternate narration duties in Rosenberg's tale of neighborhood espionage in suburban Washington, D.C. Buffoonish bad guys with foolish plans for power nicely balance the hints of real danger in this light, fast read. Both narrative voices are distinct, and the action, while not exactly believable, is realistically presented.A fun and funny blend of Spy Kids and Mary Poppins. (Fiction. 7-10)

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Nanny X 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
This_Kid_Reviews_Books More than 1 year ago
Summary- It’s never a good thing when an older woman with a baby bag, a gardening hat, reflective sunglasses, and a leather biker’s jacket shows up at your front doorstep, and your mother introduces her as your new nanny. At the very least, it’s not normal. And when you see her talking into diapers (which reply back?!?!?…) and when she gives you anchovy-and-peanut-butter sandwiches for lunch, you know something’s up (I mean, seriously? Who gives you peanut butter and anchovy sandwiches for lunch? That’s just not right. Not right at all…). That’s what Alison and Jake were thinking when Nanny X came into their lives. And pretty soon, Nanny X is saving their lives! Crazy! The woman serves them anchovies, and then… *grumbles something about how anchovies taste horrible* Well, nothing is as it seems (except those anchovies – they are what they seem – bad for your taste buds! ;) ) around here… What I thought of it- Horrible. It was terrible. I can’t stand it. -Wait. You want me to review the book, not the anchovy peanut butter sandwich? Ah. Well, in that case: The book was awesome! What I thought about the book- I love the idea of the whole book – spy nanny. Nanny X (besides her love of anchovies) is a marvelous character! Her baby bag of spy gadgets is pure awesomeness. I like how she handles situations. The story-line is great and the story will keep readers involved in it until the very end. There isn’t any major violence (a guy gets hit accidentally, Jake and Nanny X get kidnapped, etc.) so it is appropriate for all ages. It is perfect for young advanced readers. Alison and Jake are great main characters, and the chapters alternate between their POVs. The setting and the actions of the characters is realistic, and was described so well that I felt like I was there. Ms. Rosenberg has created a compelling spy story! *NOTE* I got a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review