Napoleon I: Emperor and Conqueror

Napoleon I: Emperor and Conqueror

by Kimberley Heuston

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Children's Literature - Amanda MacGregor
Starting right in the middle of the action, readers are introduced to Napoleon as he is defeating the Austro-Russian army in 1805. This addition to the "Wicked History" series makes it clear from the start that Napoleon was brilliant but heartless. Born in Corsica in 1769 to parents who rebelled against the new French control, Napoleon always wanted to be a soldier. He attended French military schools, studied hard and was determined to succeed. At just sixteen years of age, Napoleon became one of the youngest officers in the history of French military. As the French Revolution unfolded, Napoleon sided with the revolutionaries, supporting a society based on ability rather than social status. He quickly climbed the ranks of the army and brought about an end to the war. Power hungry, he crowned himself France's emperor. Napoleon wanted to rule the world and seemed unstoppable. But after his army was finally devastated in Russia, Napoleon was exiled. He faced his final defeat at Waterloo. By the time he died in 1821, six million people had been killed in his wars. Heuston manages to pack a lot of information into a fairly brief book. Both her engaging manner of narration and the events of Napoleon's action-filled life will keep the reader absorbed. The stylish book includes black-and-white pictures, maps, a timeline, a glossary, a list of resources for further reading, an index, and a bibliography. Reviewer: Amanda MacGregor

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Wicked History Series
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12 - 17 Years

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