National Security

National Security

by Helen Cothran

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Children's Literature
In the face of terrorism certain sacrifices of liberty have been suggested and implemented. Are those limitations a prudent application of reasonable security efforts or are they impositions that thwart the very foundation of liberty? In Cothran's National Security readers are allowed a welcome opportunity to analyze this subject. As part of the "Opposing Viewpoints" series this particular publication follows a format similar to other volumes of this balanced set. Readers are given a chance to read selections crafted by writers knowledgeable in this field but who individually see the world in ways far different than other selected writers. By juxtaposing varied perspectives on the subject of homeland security the editor allows her readers to draw conclusions or see questions from multiple perspectives. For example, in an age when the possibility of another large-scale terrorist attack is quite possible is it reasonable to use force and violence to extract information from terrorists? Conversely, as the editor of this fine book posits through the writings presented, is a society democratic if it willingly gives up core values when challenged? Only time and the opinions of various readers will answer these and many of the other thoughtful questions raised in this compelling book. 2004, Greenhaven Press, Ages 14 up.
—Greg M. Romaneck

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