National Standards and School Reform in Japan and the United States

National Standards and School Reform in Japan and the United States

by Gary DeCoker

ISBN-10: 0807742015

ISBN-13: 9780807742013

Pub. Date: 03/19/2002

Publisher: Teachers College Press

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Table of Contents

Introduction. What Do National Standards Really Mean?
Pt. IThe Creation of National Standards: Influences from Above and Below1
1The Development of the Course of Study and the Structure of Educational Reform in Japan5
2Setting National Standards: Educational Reform, Social Change, and Political Conflict19
Pt. IITextbooks and Teachers' Editions: The Starting Point for Classroom Instruction33
3How Do Japanese and U.S. Elementary Science Textbooks Differ? Depth, Breadth, and Organization of Selected Physical Science Units35
4The Creation of Japanese and U.S. Elementary Science Textbooks: Different Processes, Different Outcomes46
5Comparing Japanese and U.S. Teachers' Manuals: Implications for Mathematics Teaching and Learning67
Pt. IIITeaching and Professional Development: Working to Improve the Standards93
6Individual Differences and Japan's Course of Study95
7Teacher Professional Development in Japan107
Pt. IVImplementing and Reacting to Educational Policy: Responses from Within and Outside of the System121
8"It's Glacial": Incrementalism and Japan's Reform of Foreign Language Education123
9Deregulating Japan's High School Curriculum: The Unintended Consequences of Educational Reform141
10The Role of the Private Sector in Determining National Standards: How Juku Undermine Japanese Educational Authority158
Epilogue: Concluding Observations: Wider Contexts and Future Issues177
About the Editor and Contributors207

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