The Nation's Health / Edition 8

The Nation's Health / Edition 8

by Leiyu Shi, Douglas A. Singh

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About the Editors

Part I Health of the Nation 1

Chapter 1 Health Outcomes 3

Reading 1 We Can Do Better---Improving the Health of the American People Steven A. Schroeder Schroeder, Steven A. 7

Reading 2 U.S. Disparities in Health: Descriptions, Causes, and Mechanisms David H. Rehkopf Rehkopf, David H. 15

Reading 3 Changing Patterns of Mortality Among American Indians Stephen J. Kunitz Kunitz, Stephen J. 28

Reading 4 Towards a Common Definition of Global Health Michael H. Merson Merson, Michael H. 38

Chapter 2 Conceptual Framwork of Health Determinants 43

Reading 1 Proximal, Distal, and the Politics of Causation: What's Level Got to Do With It? Nancy Krieger Krieger, Nancy 47

Reading 2 A Call to Action for Individuals & Their Communities United Health Foundation 60

Reading 3 Sorting Out the Connections Between the Built Environment and Health: A Conceptual Framework for Navigating Pathways and Planning Healthy Cities Padmini Biswas Biswas, Padmini 97

Reading 4 A Conceptual Framework for Action on the Social Determinants of Health Commission on Social Determinants of Health World Health Organization 107

Part II The Determinants of Health 137

Chapter 3 Social Determinants of Health 139

Reading 1 Social Epidemiology: Social Determinants of Health in the United States: Are We Losing Ground? Lisa F. Berkman Berkman, Lisa F. 143

Reading 2 Income Inequality and Socioeconomic Gradients in Mortality Kate E. Pickett Pickett, Kate E. 155

Reading 3 Social Determinants of Health Inequalities Michael Marmot Marmot, Michael 164

Reading 4 Socioeconomic Inequalities in Health in 22 European Countries Albert-Jan R. Roskam Roskam, Albert-Jan R. 171

Chapter 4 Behavioral Determinants of Health 185

Reading 1 Evaluating the Public Health Impact of Health Promotion Interventions: The RE-AIM Framework Shawn M. Boles Boles, Shawn M. 189

Reading 2 A Framework for Assessing the Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Equity of Behavioral Healthcare David R. Lairson Lairson, David R. 197

Reading 3 The Health and Cost Benefits of Work Site Health-Promotion Programs Ronald J. Ozminkowski Ozminkowski, Ronald J. 217

Reading 4 Healthy Communities Preventing Chronic Disease by Activating Grassroots Change: At a Glance 2009 National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion 233

Chapter 5 Biological Determinants of Health 237

Reading 1 Biological Basis of Determinants of Health Walter M. Bortz Bortz, Walter M. 240

Reading 2 The Health of U.S. Racial and Ethnic Populations David R. Williams Williams, David R. 245

Reading 3 The Effects of Childhood Stress on Health Across the Lifespan Natalie C. Audage Audage, Natalie C. 259

Reading 4 Behavioral Determinants of Health Aging Revisited: An Update on the Good News for the Baby Boomer Generation Jeanette S. Biermann Biermann, Jeanette S. 267

Part III Medical Health Determinants: Inputs 279

Chapter 6 The Health Workforce 281

Reading 1 The Physician Workforce: Projections and Research into Current Issues Affecting Supply and Demand 286

Reading 2 Forecasting the Global Shortage of Physicians: An Economic- and Needs-Based Approach Yohannes Kinfu Kinfu, Yohannes 309

Reading 3 The Rationale for Diversity in the Health Professions: A Review of the Evidence U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 309

Reading 4 Physician Workforce Crisis? Wrong Diagnosis, Wrong Prescription Elliott S. Fisher Fisher, Elliott S. 337

Chapter 7 Health Care Financing 341

Reading 1 The Uninsured: A Primer Jennifer Tolbert Tolbert, Jennifer 344

Reading 2 Trends in the Health Status of Medicare Risk Contract Enrollees Carlos Zarabozo Zarabozo, Carlos 355

Reading 3 The Value of Medical Spending in the United States, 1960-2000 Sandeep Vijan Vijan, Sandeep 367

Reading 4 High and Rising Health Care Costs: Demystifying U.S. Health Care Spending Paul B. Ginsburg Ginsburg, Paul B. 375

Chapter 8 Medical Technology 389

Reading 1 How Changes in Medical Technology Affect Health Care Costs The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation 392

Reading 2 The Cost of Medical Technologies: Maximizing the Value of Innovation Charles Beever Beever, Charles 398

Reading 3 Pharmaceutical Price Controls in OECD Countries U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration 405

Reading 4 Some Unintended Consequences of Information Technology in Health Care: The Nature of Patient Care Information System-Related Errors Enrico Coiera Coiera, Enrico 409

Part IV Medical Health Determinants: The Continuum of Care 421

Chapter 9 Organization of Health Care 423

Reading 1 Coordinating Care---A Perilous Journey through the Health Care System Thomas Bodenheimer Bodenheimer, Thomas 426

Reading 2 Community Health Centers Tackle Rising Demands and Expectations Johanna Lauer Lauer, Johanna 435

Reading 3 Managed Care and Cancer Outcomes for Medicare Beneficiaries with Disabilities Kristen J. Wells Wells, Kristen J. 440

Reading 4 How Engaged Are Consumers in Their Health and Health Care, and Why Does It Matter? Peter J. Cunningham Cunningham, Peter J. 451

Chapter 10 The Public Health System 459

Reading 1 Declaration of Alma-Ata: International Conference on Primary Health Care, Alma-Ata, USSR, 6-12 September 1978 World Health Organization 469

Reading 2 Political Will: A Bridge Between Public Health Knowledge and Action Gerald A. Reed Reed, Gerald A. 472

Reading 3 Improving the Effectiveness of Health Care and Public Health: A Multiscale Complex Systems Analysis Yaneer Bar-Yam Bar-Yam, Yaneer 478

Reading 4 Public Health Services and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis G. Ardine deWit deWit, G. Ardine 488

Chapter 11 Primary Care 499

Reading 1 Primary Health Care: Making Alma-Ata a Reality Anne Tinker Tinker, Anne 507

Reading 2 Primary Care: Putting People First World Health Organization 517

Reading 3 Quantifying the Health Benefits of Primary Care Physician Supply in the United States Leiyu Shi Shi, Leiyu 538

Reading 4 America's Health Centers National Association of Community Health Center, Inc. 548

Chapter 12 Inpatient and Tertiary Care 551

Reading 1 Physician-Owned Specialty Hospitals Mark E. Miller Miller, Mark E. 554

Reading 2 General Hospitals, Specialty Hospitals and Financially Vulnerable Patients Johanna Lauer Lauer, Johanna 562

Reading 3 Experiences of Critical Access Hospitals in the Provision of Emergency Medical Services June Eichner Eichner, June 568

Reading 4 Partners in Critical Care Stephen Lapinsky Lapinsky, Stephen 573

Chapter 13 Long-Term and Community Care 581

Reading 1 Introduction to Where Older People Live: The Need for Affordability, Accessibility, and Acceptability Keren Brown Wilson Wilson, Keren Brown 584

Reading 2 Consumer-Preparedness for Long-Term Care Rachel Shiffrin Shiffrin, Rachel 588

Reading 3 Long-Term Care: Understanding Medicaid's Role for the Elderly and Disabled Ellen O'Brien O'Brien, Ellen 593

Reading 4 Changes in the Quality of Nursing Homes in the U.S.: A review and Data Update Stephen Littlehale Littlehale, Stephen 596

Chapter 14 Mental Health Care 613

Reading 1 Trends in Mental Health Care Colleen L. Barry Barry, Colleen L. 617

Reading 2 Mental Health: Culture, Race, and Ethnicity U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 626

Reading 3 Managed Behavioral Health Care Carve-Outs: Past Performance and Future Prospects Rachel L. Garfield Garfield, Rachel L. 652

Reading 4 Achieving the Promise: Transforming Mental Health Care in America New Freedom Commission on Mental Health 666

Part V Interventions to Improve Health 671

Chapter 15 Non-Medical Interventions 673

Reading 1 Approaching Health Dispartities from a Population Perspective: The National Institutes of Health Centers for Population Health and Health Disparities Nancy Breen Breen, Nancy 678

Reading 2 Closing the Gap in a Generation: Health Equity Through Action on the Social Determinants of Health Ruth Bell Bell, Ruth Commission on Social Determinants of Health 690

Reading 3 The Inequality Paradox: The Population Approach and Vulnerable Populations Louise Potvin Potvin, Louise 701

Reading 4 Beyond Health Care: New Directions to a Healthier America 709

Chapter 16 Medical Interventions 715

Reading 1 10 Years, 5 Voices, 1 Challenge Howard Larkin Larkin, Howard 718

Reading 2 Physician Performance Measurement: A Key to Higher Quality and Lower Cost Growth or a Lost Opportunity? Debra A. Draper Draper, Debra A. 722

Reading 3 Hospital Strategies to Engage Physicians in Quality Improvement Genna R. Cohen Cohen, Genna R. 727

Reading 4 Navigating Health Care: Why It's So Hard and What Can Be Done to Make It Easier for the Average Consumer Alison Rein Rein, Alison 732

Chapter 17 Lessons from Abroad 737

Reading 1 Slowing the Growth of Health Care Costs---Learning from International Experience Karen Davis Davis, Karen 742

Reading 2 Comparative Effectiveness in Health Care Reform: Lessons from Abroad Helen Evans Evans, Helen 746

Reading 3 Evaluating the WHO Assessment Instrument for Mental Health Systems by Comparing Mental Health Policies in Four Countries Besa Bauta Bauta, Besa 754

Reading 4 China's Health System Performance Jing Wu Jing, Wu 762

Part VI Directions for the Future 777

Chapter 18 The Future of Health Care Delivery 779

Reading 1 The Present and Future Organization of Medicine I.S. Falk Falk, I. S. 782

Reading 2 Options for Controlling the Cost and Increasing the Efficiency of Health Care Congressional Budget Office 787

Reading 3 Rising Rates of Chronic Health Conditions: What Can Be Done? Alwyn Cassil Cassil, Alwyn 797

Reading 4 Making Medical Homes Work: Moving from Concept to Practice Ann S. O'Malley O'Malley, Ann S. 801

Index 821

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