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Native American Myths and Beliefs

Native American Myths and Beliefs

by Tom Lowenstein

Editorial Reviews

VOYA - Amy Sisson
The World Mythologies series offers fairly detailed glimpses into the beliefs and myths of several ancient cultures. One volume, for instance, describes a wide variety of African folklore and traditions, another focuses on Ancient Greece and Rome, and a third examines similarities and differences between the many cultures native to North America. Sections within the books run twenty to thirty pages each, and are broken up into easily digestible subsections. In addition, all three volumes contain illustrated sidebars detailing specific legends or other items of interest, such as the history of the Greek Olympic games, an African tale about a heavenly blacksmith, and Native American anecdotes of trickster gods.Although the books are structured consistently across the series, they wisely do not try to shoehorn the content into exactly parallel formats. While each book begins with an historical overview and discussion of creation myths and ends with a "legacy of" segment, the intervening sections of each book are particular to the culture in question, such as separate sections on the first and second generations of Olympus gods in the Greece and Rome volume. Photographs of ruins, preserved art and emblems, and relevant scenery are mixed with maps, illustrations, and the occasional timeline or family tree in an attractive layout that nicely balances graphics with text that is neither too babyish nor too advanced. In addition to the three titles reviewed, this series also has entries about the myths and beliefs of ancient China, ancient Egypt, and ancient India. This series is a good choice for public and school libraries, particularly in communities that include ancient history and anthropology as part of their social studies and history curricula. (World Mythologies) Reviewer: Amy Sisson

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