Natural Connections: Perspectives in Community-Based Conservation / Edition 1

Natural Connections: Perspectives in Community-Based Conservation / Edition 1

by David Western

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ISBN-10: 1559633468

ISBN-13: 9781559633468

Pub. Date: 12/28/1994

Publisher: Island Press

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About Island Press,
Title Page,
Copyright Page,
Note to the Reader,
CHAPTER 1 - The Background to Community-based Conservation,
PART I - Case Studies,
CHAPTER 2 - Ecosystem Conservation and Rural Development: The Case of Amboseli,
CHAPTER 3 - The Resurgence of Community Forest Management in Eastern India,
CHAPTER 4 - Transforming Customary Law and Coastal Management Practices in the Maluku Islands, Indonesia, 1870–1992,
CHAPTER 5 - Managing Wildlife with Local Communities in the Peruvian Amazon: The Case of the Reserva Comunal Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo,
CHAPTER 6 - Kakadu National Park: An Australian Experience in Comanagement,
PART II - Case Study Profiles,
CHAPTER 7 - The Zimbabwe Communal Areas Management Programme for Indigenous Resources (CAMPFIRE),
CHAPTER 8 - Local Initiatives and the Rewards for Biodiversity Conservation: Crater Mountain Wildlife Management Area, Papua New Guinea,
CHAPTER 9 - BOSCOSA: Forest Conservation and Management through Local Institutions (Costa Rica),
CHAPTER 10 - Profile of National Policy: Natural Forest Management in Niger,
CHAPTER 11 - A Profile and Interim Assessment of the Annapurna Conservation Area Project, Nepal,
CHAPTER 12 - The Farm Scheme of North York Moors National Park, United Kingdom,
CHAPTER 13 - Community-based Approaches to Wildlife Conservation in Neotropical Forests,
PART III - Themes,
CHAPTER 14 - Cultural Traditions and Community-based Conservation,
CHAPTER 15 - The Link Between Local Participation and Improved Conservation: A Review of Issues and Experiences,
CHAPTER 16 - Tenurial Rights and Community-based Conservation,
CHAPTER 17 - Community Environmental Action: The National Policy Context,
CHAPTER 18 - The Role of Institutions in Community-based Conservation,
CHAPTER 19 - Economic Dimensions of Community-based Conservation,
CHAPTER 20 - Ecological Limits and Opportunities for Community-based Conservation,
CHAPTER 21 - Are Successful Community-based Conservation Projects Designed or Discovered?,
PART IV - The Workshop,
CHAPTER 22 - Linking Conservation and Community Aspirations,
CHAPTER 23 - Lessons Learned,
CHAPTER 24 - Recommendations,
CHAPTER 25 - A Few Big Challenges,
CHAPTER 26 - Vision of the Future: The New Focus of Conservation,
Island Press Board of Directors,

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