Natural Enemies

Natural Enemies

by Sara Cameron

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
A Turner Tomorrow Award runner-up, Cameron 's first novel lays out a complex, timely story with dexterity. The plot successfully incorporates zoology, a murder mystery and African politics. As the government of Kenya reconsiders its ban of the ivory trade, the most outspoken opponent of legalization--David Kariuki, head of the Kenya Wildlife Services--is brutally silenced when he and his wife are assassinated in Tsavo National Park, a wildlife preserve. Their bodies are found by American reporter Sam Hawthorne. Accused of the murder, Hawthorne is eventually contacted by the real killers, who claim to be members of an environmental terrorist group called the Enemies of Man. Their mission: to attack other members of the Wildlife Service, including Hawthorne's ex-lover Maya Saito, who is conducting research on elephant communication. Cameron, who has worked with an elephant research team in Kenya, moves with assurance from one point of view to another, all while developing believable characters and maintaining an unobtrusive narrative voice. She knows how to take the reader to unexpected places en route to an unforeseen destination. (Apr.)
Alice Joyce
Cameron's previous experience studying elephants in Kenya provides her with excellent credentials for this fictional account of rampaging terrorists, wildlife conservationists, and a Maasai woman involved in an elephant research project. Dr. Maya Saito becomes a pivotal figure in a provocative story featuring the cross-cultural love affair between the beautiful African researcher and Sam Hawthorne, an American journalist. When Sam's discovery of a murdered wildlife advocate leads the couple, along with local policeman Wangai, on a frenzied pursuit of the killers, Cameron's novel succeeds on the level of well-plotted thrillers. But the very real issues depicted in fictional form contribute an element of genuine tension. The author's obvious concern for Africa's elephant population propels this first novel beyond simple entertainment."

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