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Nature Never Stops Talking: The Wonderful Ingenuity of Nature

Nature Never Stops Talking: The Wonderful Ingenuity of Nature

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by Samuel J. Alibrando

From a newspaper column that unexpectedly gained popularity for its upbeat celebration of ingenuity in nature with a nod of respect to great intelligence in all great design. From 100 of the best bite-size articles celebrating “Intelligent Design,” covering a wide range of examples of nature in ways rarely considered. Easy reading with a pinch of wit


From a newspaper column that unexpectedly gained popularity for its upbeat celebration of ingenuity in nature with a nod of respect to great intelligence in all great design. From 100 of the best bite-size articles celebrating “Intelligent Design,” covering a wide range of examples of nature in ways rarely considered. Easy reading with a pinch of wit all while scientifically enlightening. An enjoyable read for adults, and a must-have Science book for home schoolers.

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
“…Alibrando surveys a wide range of examples of nature in some rather unusual, insightful, and occasionally inspiring observations. Thoroughly “reader friendly” and scientifically enlightening.”
•Midwest Book Review

“If you love nature and are a student of its intricacies you will no doubt consider this book a good read [and] it will make an excellent resource as you examine nature with your children.”
•The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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No matter what you believe about the origin of life, there are certain logical things that are inescapable:

1. Things exist.

2. Things came from somewhere.

3. There had to be a first one of everything.

4. (We will discuss now)

Number four has to do with creatures that have two genders, a mommy and daddy. No matter what you think a cow came from, at sometime in real history there was a bull and cow together to make the first calf.

The very first cow that ever was…are you picturing the first cow? Now imagine the very first cow…without a bull. This is an amazing thought alone. Most importantly, the very first cow (as we know cows today) that ever existed would have quickly vanished if there were only ONE. A single cow all by itself, no matter how much grass was around, could only live and die and that would be the end of cows. Why? Because without baby cows, cows cease to exist. No more cows!

Whether the first cow arrived suddenly or gradually, all the cows we see today is evidence that there was once a first cow AND AT THE SAME TIME AND PLACE the very first bull with the same number of chromosomes, that grazes, that moos, that has horns, etc.

The very first cow that ever was, HAD TO HAVE AN ENCOUNTER WITH THE FIRST BULL, otherwise—certain extinction...

The same logic applies on the flip side. You could not have bulls for hundreds, thousands or millions of years and then have the first female bull (cow) finally evolve from them. Bulls (as we know them) cannot have baby bulls without a cow. To say they can—that's bull!

Cows and bulls are a two-gender (boy-girl) kind of animal. The very first cow and bull could not live 3000 miles from each other and make babies. They couldn't have lived a hundred years apart and produce babies. The very first cow and bull had to be alive at the same time close enough to get together and have calves. That's plenty close!

So not just "once upon a time" but in a very specific place on a certain day, the very first cow and bull appeared and not only lived, but had the incredible ability to reproduce by coming together. Not only did they have the ability to make "babies" but also for good reason, without a trainer or manual, they knew how. From their action came the very first calf from the very first bull and cow.

It is challenging enough to ponder the wonder of any very first creature coming into existence with such incredibly sophisticated engineering that all of science cannot even copy it; but with two-gender species, THERE ALWAYS HAD TO BE TWO AT THE SAME TIME AND PLACE. Every single creature that has male and female HAD TO HAVE BOTH (male & female) EXISTING TOGETHER FROM THEIR FIRST EXISTENCE.

Number Four: The origin of every two-sex species (male & female) had to have a very first male and a very first female simultaneously, in the same place, in order to perpetuate a species.

There was no first squirrel, there had to be a first male squirrel and a first female squirrel, together. It's the same for all mammals, birds, most fish, lots of bugs, some trees (ginkgo trees are male and female, bi-gender) and whatever else takes two. This would be true for humans too. A very first man and woman (as we know them today) first appeared at the same time and place. Like the old song, “It Takes Two, Baby”.

Think of the incredible repercussions of what I am telling you. Every single two-gender species that exists today is evidence that all of them, without exception, instantaneously and simultaneously appeared in male & female form at the same location with the ability and instinct to reproduce. Any other notion is completely illogical.

Tell me again, it is not by design.


Paired Origins

Un-provable Notion: A new male and female species emerges accidentally.

Sensible Fact: New species requiring male/female reproduction cannot continue without a new species mate.

Technical Wording: All new species requiring two genders to reproduce must have both MALE and FEMALE emerge into existence at the same time AND in the same location AND with instinct and ability to reproduce.

The simple graphic below represents male and female type species needing to be present together to continue as a species.

Male + Female SPECIES

Explaining the Law:

How many species exist today that cannot reproduce without a mate?

If this law is true, and it is, then every “accident” to bring every single one of those “I need a mate to reproduce” species has to occur in TWOs. Not just Twos but perfectly matched twos of male and female in the same location at the same time.

My Parents Were Not Like Me – An Unlikely Story

If you believe a different theory, we need to imagine the specifics of how this different theory works. Imagine the very first raccoon being the very first of its kind. This means a couple things. One, its parents were not raccoons, at least not like this new, first raccoon. Two, its parents are a different species. Do you understand for it to be a new species it must literally be a different species that never existed before. It had to be born a new species. It couldn’t be born the same species as its parents and then later in life change and become a different species.

A different species means they have a different number of chromosomes. The parents have a different number of chromosomes because they are a different species giving birth to a brand new creature. The brand new raccoon can never reproduce with its parents’ species. Hmmm, if it is a male raccoon with a unique number of chromosomes how can it ever reproduce? Its kind never existed before. It can’t just go and reproduce with any other animal on the planet. It can only reproduce with one of its own to survive as this new species. Since it just “evolved” and was just born and is unique in all the world, where can it find a mate? If it finds no mate, the first of its kind will also be the last.

Well, there are only two possibilities for finding a mate. But before I say what they are, consider the slim odds of any mother and father of one species having a baby that is a completely different species; not only a completely different species, but an improved species (according to one theory). Consider all the known scientific laws this violates. We know today that DNA is militant to make sure species reproduce only their own and if there is any dramatic deviation, the offspring are sterile. This is a type of “quality control” built into and carried out by the DNA.

Therefore, for the unlikely theory to work, the mother must have both male and female new creature babies that match so that they are able to reproduce with each other. The litter, or pair, has to all be the new, evolved species of raccoon. That seems easier to swallow than the second possibility of a close neighbor accidentally and coincidentally having an identical match for the new raccoon.

But we still are not done. This brand new male raccoon and the first ever female raccoon must be attracted to one another so that they do, in fact, mate.

The unlikelihood of the one in a billion chance has just become one in ten billion because one is absolutely not enough. We have to create/evolve/invent the exact same type of species but with opposite sex chromosomes so they can mate.

Unfortunately, we are still not done defying science as we know it. After achieving this masterful, although highly unlikely, feat their babies (the new raccoons) must “lock in” the DNA so they basically stop evolving in order to keep reproducing only raccoons for many generations. We have raccoons today and guess what they have for babies? Yep, raccoons—and only raccoons of the identical species; this is what we see in all DNA today in every single species. This is so the species is maintained and NOT CHANGED. So, to change a species, we have to overcome the policing action of DNA that prevents the change of the species and after we change it, we have to allow DNA to resume its authority and quality control again to protect the new species.

Is this getting complicated? You betcha! The further we walk away from what is sensible, the more complicated it gets. It is not sophisticated science, it is anti-science.

It is so unlike anything we know to be true and so statistically improbable; and we are only describing ONE new species. We are taught to believe that this is how every single species on the planet came into existence. From parents that were another species. Every species of insect, fish, bird, reptile, mammal and even some trees trace back to some great granddaddy single-cell that was parent to a different kind of cell and eventually became the proud grandparents of maybe a jellyfish who had descendents that were not jellyfish but fish . . .

You know the story, but have you ever been taught to think about the specifics of making this work?

I didn’t think so.

No matter what, we should be able to at least universally agree on this point:

Law #2

All new species requiring two genders to reproduce must have both MALE & FEMALE emerge into existence at the same time AND in the same location AND with instinct and ability to reproduce.

Meet the Author

Samuel Alibrando, Author, Songwriter, Performer, and Businessman was born and raised in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area. He is a graduate of Youth With a Mission, and has been writing numerous columns since the mid-1970’s. Sam was the founder of “Fresno SHARE” a large food co-op in Fresno, CA., who also published their own newspaper for 3 years.

Alibrando has been writing the column formally called “It Doesn’t Sound Like an Accident” for the Mountain Press about the marvels of nature and the fantastic ingenuity in its design for over ten years.

Sam lives in the scenic foothills of central California with his wife.

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Nature Never Stops Talking: The Wonderful Ingenuity of Nature 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The author uses science to show how impossible the 'Big Bang' theory is. He uses facts not theories. Well written and I appreciated the suttle humor.