Naughtier Bedtime Stories

Naughtier Bedtime Stories

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by Joan Elizabeth Lloyd

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What keeps you up at night?

For one woman, finding her lover the perfect Christmas gift is challenging, until she borrows a friend's sex toy catalog. Now the question isn't what to buy but what not to try. . .

She's never been a woman for one night stands. But a quick, hot fling with an utterly gorgeous stranger is a chance to prove that a woman should


What keeps you up at night?

For one woman, finding her lover the perfect Christmas gift is challenging, until she borrows a friend's sex toy catalog. Now the question isn't what to buy but what not to try. . .

She's never been a woman for one night stands. But a quick, hot fling with an utterly gorgeous stranger is a chance to prove that a woman should never say never to delicious satisfaction. . .

An evening of dancing with her husband turns into sumptuous ecstasy on the ride home . . . and if the limousine driver wants to watch, maybe he should pull over . . .

A beautiful princess just can't seem to find a man to satisfy her, until she meets a stable hand who teaches her just how good a wild ride can be. . .

In her steamy follow-up to the bestselling Naughty Bedtime Stories, Joan Elizabeth Lloyd proves that there's no one better in bed.

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Naughtier Bedtime Stories



Copyright © 2006 Joan Elizabeth Lloyd
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0-7582-1439-1

Chapter One

The Cave of Delight

IT WAS SPOKEN OF around the village, but only in whispers. Bret had heard about the Cave of Delight from his older brothers, not as fact but as something young men fantasized about. No one would admit to having searched for it, but everyone knew that in the twilight boys from the surrounding area wandered through the woods and searched at the foot of the nearby mountains. No one had ever found it, at least not that anyone knew.

The Cave of Delight. All one's sexual fantasies came true inside. The most beautiful women would do anything to make you happy. But, according to the rumors, you could stay for only one night, after which you could never return. It would be a night worth whatever it cost, and Bret would pay any price.

So Bret searched. Every evening after working in his father's fields, he would take off in a different direction and walk until it got dark, then find his way home by the light of the lantern he carried. And occasionally he didn't return until morning. No one noticed, and he was completely at home out in the open.

One afternoon he finished his plowing, and, with a sack containing his lantern, a loaf of bread, and a small wheel of cheese, he took off in a new direction. Soon hewould marry, he thought. The match had been arranged for him by his family, and he hadn't yet seen the woman. It didn't matter. Marriage was for bearing children-strong sons to work in the fields, beautiful daughters to help their mother and eventually marry into powerful families. Good loving? Bret sighed. He hoped so and would do whatever he could to make it so, but from what he knew of his married friends and brothers, it was usually rather ordinary. It would be comfortable sex every evening if he wanted.

As the shadows lengthened and the air cooled, he kept walking toward faraway hills. Suddenly he saw a rabbit disappear behind some rocks. Realizing that he'd never been aware of anything behind the small rockfall, he followed the rabbit. Finding a small passageway, he wiggled through the narrow opening and crawled through a low tunnel.

He heard water running and felt warm air on his face, and he kept crawling. Finally the tunnel sloped downward and widened. When the ceiling became high enough, Bret stood up and walked, ending up in a small cave. He looked around in the dim light, his eyes barely able to make out the rock walls and the small pool at the foot of a low waterfall. How could he see at all in a completely enclosed cave? Where was the faint illumination coming from? He shook his head and set his pack on a ledge.

He walked to the edge of the pool and dipped his fingers in the water. Rather than the cold of the springs near the farm, this water was almost hot. Again he looked around. Nothing but rock. He realized he was hot and sweaty and thought a dip in the warm spring would feel wonderful. He quickly stripped off his clothes and walked into the water. In the center, the water came up to his shoulders so he lifted his feet and floated on the smooth surface.

"I didn't think you'd be able to swim," a soft voice said.

Bret stood up and looked around the inside of the cave but saw no one. "Who's there?" Nothing. He must have imagined the voice, but it had sounded so clear. After a few moments, he lifted his feet and put his head back, lifting his hips to the surface.

"Very beautiful," she said.

Suddenly he realized that he was naked, and he stood so the water concealed his body. "Okay, stop fooling around. Who's there?"

Her laugh was musical, and he knew that he'd never heard anything like it before. "Me," she said.

Again Bret stood up. "And who's me?"

"You can call me Marie." There was a splash and he felt, rather than saw, a presence in the pool. Her head surfaced beside his, and he got a dim look at his companion. Although he couldn't see her very well, he knew that she was beautiful. He couldn't tell what color her long wet hair was nor could he see her eyes clearly, but her skin was like ivory, her neck long. She stood beside him, and she was almost as tall as he was.

"I just found this cave," Bret said, "but I guess you've known about it for a while."

"Oh yes. I come here often." She ducked beneath the warm water, and he felt her hair brush against his flank as she swam below the surface. He reached down and grabbed at her and felt bare, soft flesh. Her buttocks? Was she as naked as he was?

She surfaced, and her musical laugh filled the cave. "So, you want to play." Again she dove, and he felt hands on his thigh. Shaking his head, he, too, dove beneath the water and reached for anything he could touch. Her body was indeed naked, and his hands found her breasts and her ankles.

For long minutes, they dove, surfaced, laughed, and dove again, until Bret was breathless. Finally the two stood side by side in the water, panting. "You are very handsome," she said when she could breathe easily again.

"And you are very beautiful," he said.

Then her lips were against his, and the length of her lush body pressed his. Her hand cupped his head as the kiss lengthened. This wasn't play anymore, and his body knew it. He was hard and her hand found him, circling his erection with long fingers.

When he groaned, she laughed, her joy obvious. "Wonderful," she said, holding him under the warm water. She cupped his balls and touched the tender spot just in front of his anus. He reached for her and held her breasts, stroking the soft skin, teasing her hard nipples.

"You must stop," he said.

"But why?" she asked.

"You don't know what will happen if you continue."

"Of course I do, silly. And it will be magnificent. I know." She continued to knead his hardness, forcing him to concentrate on not spurting yet. This was too fantastic. Her hands felt so good touching him, and her breasts filled his hands. He slid his palms around to her back, then down to cup her buttocks. He lifted her, and she wrapped her thighs around his waist.

He pushed her upward and, as her head fell backward, took one turgid nipple in his mouth. He suckled, listening to her moans of pleasure, trying to extend their tender lovemaking. But he knew his body would wait no longer. He lowered her slowly along the length of his chest and was inside her with one smooth thrust, the water cushioning his movements. In perfect rhythm they matched their motions as his erection slid in and out of her slick passage. It was going to be too quick, he knew, as he felt his orgasm boiling in his belly. His fingers found her clit and he rubbed, trying to increase her obvious pleasure.

"Oh yes," she screamed, and he felt small spasms ripple through her channel. His back arched, and too soon he erupted deep inside of her.

He didn't make it home that night. They stayed together in the cave, sharing his bread and cheese and making love many more times. Finally she told him that he would have to leave. "I don't want to go," he moaned.

"I know, but you have to. You are allowed only one night."

"This is the Cave of Delight?" he gasped.

"I thought you knew," she said.

He was desolate. But he knew where the opening of the cave was, so he could find it again. He would. "I hadn't thought about it, but I want to return."

"I know, but it is impossible."

Slowly he put his clothes back on, determined to come back that very night. He kissed her good-bye, and, as he crawled back through the tunnel, he heard her magical laugh.

He returned to the rocks that night, but there was no opening, no tunnel, no cave. Night after night he combed the rocks but, alas, no cave.

Months later, he was resigned to his marriage. Maybe she'd be more than he expected, yet she could never be Marie. Never.

Two days before his wedding, he traveled to his future wife's village with his parents and his eldest brother. When they arrived at her family's farm, he was seated in the small main room, and he watched as she slowly glided down the stairs. She was quite lovely, with long auburn hair and soft, white skin. "My name is Jane," she said, "but my friends call me by my middle name, Marie."

"Marie?" he said, pained by the coincidence.

"Yes," she said, lowering her eyes. "You can call me Jane if you prefer."

He had to forget the night in the cave. It was a fantasy, and this was reality. "Of course I will call you Marie."

"And you are Bret. I like that name."

They talked for a few minutes, then were called into the dining room for dinner. She went into the kitchen to help with the serving, and suddenly he heard her musical laugh. It was her laugh, the angel from the cave. She walked from the kitchen, still laughing. It was her. There could be no mistake. As she sat beside him, he whispered, "It was you, wasn't it?"

"It was the cave of your delight, what you wanted most. Many have been there, and each gets what he most desires. You wanted a lover and a wife in one."

"But how?"

"I do not know, and you must not reveal any of what happened or it will disappear. Just be content that we can have our desires for the rest of our lives."

Bret couldn't control his grin. He was the happiest and luckiest of men.

Chapter Two

The Model

JUSTIN LAY stretched out on his bed with the most recent copy of the Geneva Toy Company catalog propped on his stomach. He stared at the model clothed only in a sheer stretchy black cat suit with a pattern of vines, roses, and leaves woven in. Her well-developed breasts were clearly defined beneath the lacy fabric. He sighed and traced her outline with his index finger. "I'd really love to play with that," he whispered.

"And so you shall," a woman's voice sighed into his ear.

"Yeah, right," he growled. "Now I'm hearing voices."

"No, you aren't. You're hearing me."

Justin sat up and looked around. There was nothing out of the ordinary in his room. "Hearing who?" he asked. "Where the hell are you?"

"Right here," the voice said, seeming to come from the foot of his bed.

"Right where?"


Justin stared at the place from which the voice seemed to be coming. The air appeared to shimmer, like when you drive down a road in the summer and you see the heat rising off the pavement. The air became somehow less transparent, as though seeing his dresser through a gauzy curtain. "What the fuck's going on here?"

"Just be patient. You have to be patient."

The air thickened, and slowly a shape began to appear. There was a torso, then legs. Long, shapely legs that seemed to rise forever from a pair of black, high-heeled shoes. The torso solidified, and soft breasts, a flat belly, and narrow hips were visible. Shoulders appeared, with long arms, then hands with long fingernails polished bright red. A head formed from a small plume of hazy smoke, the face smiling, the hair wild and black. As she became a woman, he realized that she was indeed the model from the catalog, dressed in the lacy, black cat suit in the picture.

"Just a few moments more," she said as her body thickened and became three dimensional. "It takes less and less time each time I do this."

"Excuse me?"

"I've learned to materialize when a man wishes for me. And you did."

"I did?" Justin was totally bemused. What was happening? Was he losing his mind? This kind of thing just didn't happen. Not to sane men. He raked his fingers through his shoulder-length brown hair.

"Yes. You said, and I quote, 'I'd like to play with that.' End quote. I distinctly heard you. So, here I am so you can play."


"Listen, buster, stop asking silly questions. You sound like the village idiot. And I've known my share, believe me."

Justin took a deep breath. "Okay. I'll stop asking questions if you explain what's going on."

"I told you," she said, sounding totally exasperated, "but I'll explain it one more time. You wished for me. I materialized. Sort of like the genie in the lamp, except you rubbed my body. Now I'm yours to play with. Do what you want with." She reached over and grabbed Justin's cock through the crotch of his jeans. "And I'll bet I know just what you want."

Justin almost said "Do anything?" but he thought one more question might make her disappear again. He looked her over carefully from head to foot, and he had to agree that he wanted to play with that. She was a perfect sex object, and the cat suit brought out both her best features. And great features they were. He reached out and touched the tip of one breast with the end of his index finger. His finger met warm, firm flesh.

Her laugh was deep and throaty. "No, your hand doesn't pass right through me. I'm real. Flesh and blood." She stepped back and placed her hands on her hips. "And not bad flesh it is, too." She turned left and right, modeling, showing off her fantastic body.

"Not bad at all," Justin said. "And it's really mine to play with?"

"All yours. What would you like?"

Oh God, he thought, what would he like? Everything. In his twenty-eight years, he'd never had an offer like that. Everything. Where to start? "How long do I have you for?" "For now. The rest kind of works itself out." She cupped her breasts through the lacy black material of the cat suit. "Want to start here?"

"Oh yes," Justin said and cupped both palms over her magnificent breasts. He felt the nipples come alive in his hands as his fingers kneaded and squeezed. "Not too hard," she said. "Wouldn't want to bruise the merchandise."

"Sorry," Justin said. "Why don't you come here and sit beside me?"

She sat on the edge of the bed and, as Justin's hand continued to caress her breasts, unbuttoned his shirt. "Umm," she purred. "Nice. I'm not overly fond of big hairy chests. Yours is smooth and so good to touch." She ran her hands over his skin, touching all the places Justin loved to be touched. Her fingers were almost electric, causing shivers down his back. "Maybe you'd like me to take this off," she said, pulling at his shirt. He moved so his arms pulled out of the sleeves. "Yes," she purred. "Nice."

"And maybe you'd like to take that outfit off, too."

"Oh no." She fiddled with the front of the garment and soon two of the intricate leaves that had appeared to grow from the vines on the suit were in her hand. "These seem to be part of the pattern, but they really come off. See?"

He did see. The leaves that she had removed exposed her large deep brown nipples. "Very convenient." He pinched her swollen tips, causing them to get harder and tighter. "Very convenient."

She tugged at Justin's belt. "I thought you'd think so. It's for sale, but more of that later. How about taking this off?" she purred.

Justin needed no urging. His cock was so swollen that his pants had become terribly uncomfortable. What the hell? He stood, quickly pulled off his jeans and shorts. Now naked, he sat back down on the bed, his cock sticking straight up from his groin like a flagpole. "That's so big," she purred. "Can I touch it?"

Justin was afraid that if she touched his cock, he'd go off right then. What the hell? "Sure. Touch away."

She seemed to know exactly what he wanted. She wrapped her hand around his stiff cock and pushed down, then rubbed the tightened skin over the tip with the fingers of her other hand. She trapped the head of his cock in her hand, pressed down, and, as the head pushed through her tightened fingers, her other hand grasped it. Justin was in heaven.

"This would work better with some Geneva Lube," she said, and almost instantly a tube of slippery stuff appeared in her hand. She squeezed a big glob in her palm and went back to work, rubbing his cock. He was trembling with the excitement of it all, but he wasn't quite to the point of coming. It was as though she knew how to keep him just below his peak.

"Would you like me to lick it?" she asked, her voice soft and sensuous.

"Oh God," Justin groaned, dropping onto his back and spreading his legs.

"How about some Geneva-flavored gel?" she said and, as if by magic, a jar had appeared and she was spreading some on his cock. The scent of chocolate filled his nostrils. "It comes in strawberry and banana, too."

She sounded kind of like a commercial, but when her mouth enveloped his penis, he forgot everything else. Her mouth was amazing, as talented on his cock as her hand had been. She lay the flat of her tongue against the underside of his cock, then pulled her head back with just enough suction. Her tongue flicked the tip and swirled around the head. God, she was good. It felt as if he were soaring.

"Are you ready to fuck me?" she said a while later.

"Absolutely." If her pussy was as great as her hands and mouth, he was in for the best fuck of his life.


Excerpted from Naughtier Bedtime Stories by JOAN ELIZABETH LLOYD Copyright © 2006 by Joan Elizabeth Lloyd. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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harstan More than 1 year ago
These forty erotic tales run the gamut of genres to include fantasy and science fiction, but mostly are contemporaries. All are hot and may include profanities. The sexual encounters of the first kind include bondage, spankings, servitude, gender role changing, tape recordings, dildos and other adult toys, masturbation and of course plenty of sex. Joan Elizabeth Lloyd lets everything hang out and then some more. Not for everyone, these are heated tales that those who like their relationship dramas hard core will fully appreciate, but not as much as their significant other will. --- Harriet Klausner
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....ive bben around at in Kingdom Hearts rp at 'kh' result 1
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Amen but america is the best country ever
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