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Naughty Bits: The Invitation\Invite Me In: An Erotic Short Story\Soul Strangers\Gilt and Midnight\No Apologies\Anything You Want

Naughty Bits: The Invitation\Invite Me In: An Erotic Short Story\Soul Strangers\Gilt and Midnight\No Apologies\Anything You Want

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by Lacy Danes

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Naughty Bits is the first-ever compilation of breath-hitching, leg-crossing, pulse-quickening short erotic fiction from the editors of SPICE BRIEFS. Penned by some of the genre's best authors, including Megan Hart, Delilah Devlin, Jodi Lynn Copeland, Kimberly Kaye Terry and Sarah McCarty, these fifteen provocative, flirty, haunting—but always


Naughty Bits is the first-ever compilation of breath-hitching, leg-crossing, pulse-quickening short erotic fiction from the editors of SPICE BRIEFS. Penned by some of the genre's best authors, including Megan Hart, Delilah Devlin, Jodi Lynn Copeland, Kimberly Kaye Terry and Sarah McCarty, these fifteen provocative, flirty, haunting—but always arousing—erotic encounters may be brief, but each one is guaranteed to be the naughtiest part of your day!

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You left me a gift. My shaking fingers slide along the red silk ribbon and into the loop of the bow. I have never expected a gift, and you know how much I love surprises. Pinching the tail of the bow in between my thumb and forefinger, I pull the ribbon loose and slide the card from the top of the rectangular box. My stomach flutters as I ease the stiff paper from the envelope. I close my eyes as goose bumps race over my skin. What will it say? What is in the box? My hands shake and I flip the card open as I raise my eyelids to take in your words…your wishes.

My slut,

Wear this gift and meet me on the trail at dusk…the trail where we initiated our wilderness exhibitionism. Wear shorts and a shirt, an easily lifted jacket, hiking boots, no bra or panties. Bring water and a very warm blanket.

Master Eric

A hike is something I have always enjoyed and a scene in the woods something I relish. My pussy throbs as images of you handcuffing my arms around a tree and fucking my ass flood my thoughts. Yum. What could you possibly have purchased for me to wear into the woods?

I hastily grab the box and spin about, sinking down onto the chair beside the table. I slowly lift the lid to reveal a bright blue velvet bag. The sleek fabric excites me and my nipples pebble as I pull the pouch from the box. Inside is an object of heavy weight. The shape, as my fingers smooth along the outside of the bag, is of an egg with a stem and handle. A plug. I uncinch the pouch and dump the gift into my hand and grin. Chills of delight race up my neck.

A three-inch art glass plug sits in my palm. The red and black colors swirl from tip to the flanged base and in the wide stopper end, etched into the glass, are the words Owned by E. My heart soars and I grin. My fingernail traces each letter; they look as if you handwrote them yourself. How did you do that?

Indeed, I am yours. You own my heart and I will do all you wish of me. Running my fingers over the polished surface, the image of sliding the smooth glass into my pucker, my flesh being stretched, readying me for your onslaught, makes me quiver. I fidget in my seat as heat curls between the globes of my ass. A smile of excitement stretches my lips and I can't sit still. I can't wait to see you, and see what you have in store for me. Time I go get ready…

What lies at the end of this hike—or what I hope does— thrills me. I grin and remember your instructions as my skin tingles in excitement and arousal. I am dressed as you requested. Shorts, shirt, jacket, no bra or panties. My makeup is as you like. Red lips, eyeliner…everything done to perfection.

I feel beautiful, sexy in my short shorts and tight top. I am slightly overdone for the wilderness but know how I appear will please you, and that is all that matters to me.

I start to whistle a giddy little tune as I walk. The gravel path crunches beneath my feet as your gift tugs the skin of my bottom. The plug, snugly inserted in my ass, fills me and each step rocks the egg within me, arousing my body as I walk down the trail.

My pussy quivers remembering the last time I walked this path. Remembering you using your new crop on me, then fucking me as I trembled, floating in a euphoric haze looking out at the serene lake.

I pass the location where you kissed me on the bench, and I remember the clips tugging my sensitive nipples as we walked, talking about videos and movies we had watched, about our hometowns, and about all of our favorite foods and pastimes. We are so alike yet so opposite.

I come to the small clearing, the tree where we were caught with our pants down. I grin, wanting to relive that moment, to stay cuffed to that tree as the woman passed instead of you un-cuffing me before she could see us. A small giggle bursts from my lips. God, I love to be watched, caught…it is a thrill like no other.

My feet take me deeper and deeper into the wilderness and I come to the place where our first scene was performed. You stand by the rail watching me, your blue eyes filled with intense desire, excitement. My body trembles just looking at you.Your short black hair and wicked smile. Your broad shoulders and stocky build. You are the most handsome man I know. But it goes so much beyond your looks.Your mind and your soul are what captivate me.

Your mouth quirks up as I reach your side. "Greet me properly."

My lips curl into a smile. "Yes, Master." I drop to my knees, my eyes filled with adoration never leaving yours, then smooth my hands up your thighs. My fingers trail over your zipper and slide the fly down. You stand absolutely still, hands clasped behind your back. I want to shake you, to make you moan, to lose the control you always hold in check—but I will never cross that line.

My mouth waters, wanting to take you into my sweet depths, to swallow you up and make you hard. I free your cock from the confines of your pants and press the plum-shaped tip to the soft glossed lips of my mouth. My tongue slides out and circles the head of your semifirm penis. The smell of your sex shoots straight to my wet labia, making my cunt gape with need. Saliva pools under my tongue and as I slide your prick into my mouth, the slickness slips down your cock coating you with my moisture.

You taste delicious. The salty spice of your skin tingles my taste buds and I flick my tongue against the smooth ridge of your head. The skin is loose but quickly fills, tightening over your wide penis.

I nestle your dick in my mouth then pull back out to the tip. Sliding back down your length, your crown gently touches the back of my tongue. I hesitate, afraid I may gag on your thickness, and again pull back up to the tip, swirling and gently nibbling on the rim with my teeth. You moan. The sound of your pleasure emboldens me; I want so desperately to hear more and more of that sweet delicious sound as you capture your pleasure and in turn I receive mine. Licking my lips I move back to suck the large tip deeper into my throat. To create the sensation I know you so love.

You grasp my chin. "No. Stand."


The unyielding grip of your fingers on my jawbone washes through me and I tremble. Even the lightest touch from you on my skin makes me shake but when you firmly grasp me, my vision hazes and I begin to float in the euphoric bliss that goes back ages in time. Dominant man in control of his spirited woman. I stand without hesitation, my eyes clouded with nothing but the vision of pleasing you. Of giving you all my power to do with as you wish.

You smile at me, devotion and excitement swirling in the depths of your gaze.

God, you make my knees weak.

You lead me, your fingers entwined with mine, into the woods, away from the lake and the pretty view that we enjoyed on our first encounter. Deep into the trees we walk, neither one of us saying a word. I wonder what you have planned but know I will enjoy it no matter what it is.

We reach a set of trees that are equal in size and spread about five feet apart. There is a large grouping of boulders off to one side by which you have placed your backpack, and a flask.

"Give me your pack." You hold out your hand to me.

I hand over the bag, which contains the water and warm blanket you requested.

You grasp them in one hand and with the other you grab my hair. Tingles shoot through my scalp and you pull my lips to yours. The warmth of your mouth devours mine; the taste of Red Bull on your tongue as it plunges in, tangling slowly, warms me to my toes. The flavor I will forever associate with you.

My nipples are pebble-hard and I groan, wanting to touch you, to feel your skin beneath my hands, but I stand absolutely still as I have been trained by you to do.

You slip my jacket from my shoulders and off of me. I shiver, but more from excitement than the cold. I only want to please you, to excite you and bring you pleasure.

You walk me to the trees. There your fingers wrap my palm and you raise my arm, placing a fur-lined cuff about my wrist. The cuff is attached to the tree by rope. You do the same with my other hand, smiling a very devious smile. God, I love that smile. It is the smile that inhabits my every dream, my every memory of us. I tug on my arms to see if I have any room for escape. The cuffs dig into the base of my hand but don't slip over.

"No escape."

"Yes, Master. You know me, I had to check." I grin at you.

You laugh as a blindfold emerges from your pocket and you slip it over my head. The soft fur underlining slides down my forehead and the last thing I see is your lips grinning at me.

Oh dear…what do you have planned?

My heart pounds and my breath hitches in my throat. I try to relax but it is impossible—my arms and legs begin to shake in anticipation of the unknown act you are about to press upon me for your pleasure, for my pleasure, for us.

Cold metal strokes my forearm, a single caress. Too quick for me to discern what it is exactly. Then the cold traces my shoulder and up my neck.

"Hold still, my slut. I wouldn't want to cut you."

Cut? The word slides panic straight to my gut.

A knife.

I inhale sharply and my body trembles involuntarily. I try to hold as still as possible as the blade traces the collar on my T-shirt, flowing like an eroticized paintbrush down between my breasts. The cold steel excites everywhere it touches.

The hem of my shirt lifts and pulls from my body. The knife reaches the place where fabric no longer is a part of me and I hear the material tear. It is a sharp knife. My stomach flips on the knowledge you could cut me at any moment. I inhale slowly and my trust in you calms my beating heart.

The knife cuts through the cotton, splitting the shirt from just below my breasts to the hem. My arms jump and shake and you pull the two tails of shirt, tearing the rest apart, exposing my breasts to the air. The difference in temperature tingles along my skin and your fingers graze my nipples. I moan, arching towards you, wanting you to pinch and suckle my peaked flesh. "Please."

"Beautiful."Your deep voice is full of love and warms my heart. "Stay still."The cool tip of the knife touches the tip of my nipple then gently flicks it. A pinprick of pain is instantly soothed by the warm wetness of your tongue swirling about the bud.

"Ahhh." My pussy throbs and my legs part trying to ease the ache sharpened by your domination. Your mouth's caress leaves my puckered tip and your hair brushes the underside of my raised arm as you duck under it. I suck in a breath as my body shakes. The knife continues…

You cut up the backside of my shirt, then slide the separated pieces up my arms and off my cuffed hands. The cool air washes my heated skin and gooseflesh rises. There is a tug on my waistband, the button pops free and the zipper falls. You push the shorts down my legs and they pool at my feet. Yes, indeed. My pussy needs you.

"Kick them free." Your voice sounds as if you have stepped quite a distance from my body.

"Yes, Master." I wiggle my feet wanting to expose my hungry wet flesh for your pleasure. My legs continue to shake as I first work one foot free, then the other and kick my shorts from my body.

I stand nude for what seems like eternity, only the cold air touching my skin. I swallow hard and wait…wait to see what it is that you wish of me.

You pull my hair back and the knife scrapes like sandpaper up my neck from nape to chin. I shake uncontrollably as you hold the blade under my chin.

Your tongue snakes into my ear, swirling the curve and then dipping into the cup. "Such a sweet thing you are. Bound and totally at my will." You pull from me and I am left panting for breath as my pussy spasms, wanting any part of you to touch the sopping wet flesh.

The cold blade traces up the inside of my thigh. I jump.


I stiffen, my breath tight. My muscles aching to tremble as the press travels up the inside of my leg to the crease of my buttock cheek and thigh. You hold the steel there and your other hand rubs the cheeks of my ass as if I am a skittish dog in need of a gentle hand.

The metal turns from cold to the temperature of my body. You gently slide the base of the blade over to touch my labia.

I groan, my pussy overflowing and twitching with juices. The blade slowly parts the folds of my sex, spreading the lips wide. I hold absolutely still. Your finger slides into my cunny.

I scream, my inner muscles clamping about your finger, but I don't dare move—the knife still holds my sensitive flesh. You remove your finger. The blade releases my labia and I hear you place your fingers into your mouth and suck them. My tongue traces my lips in a search for my tart flavor, but finds none.

"The best fruit this blade has opened yet." I feel the smile in your tone.

I am proud I have pleased you. A sigh of contentedness and relief presses from my lungs.

Your footfalls sound and I sag slightly on my arms allowing the rope and cuffs to support me. Your voice calls from behind me, not far, but not close. "Arch your back and display your ass to me."

I hear the rustling of tree leaves as I widen my stance and thrust my ass back in the direction of your voice.



"This will do quite nicely." Your tone holds a note of humor.

What this is I have little time to consider.


A long thin switch cuts across my buttocks, hard. I suck in a startled breath and tense my body, readying for the next blow.


The rough wood cuts across the backs of my thighs. I cry out, half startled, half from the pain. Tears spring to my eyes, my lungs tighten and my shoulders press up to my ears as prickling heat radiates up my body to the core of me.

"Yes, indeed. Quite well. Don't you agree, my sweet?"

Heated arousal washes over me at the tone of your voice and I begin to relax. The muscles of my shoulders sag, and all the air flows out of me. "Indeed, Master."

The switch hits again, this time more gentle. The tip taps and taps my buttocks and thighs, slowly increasing in intensity and frequency. Warming my skin, readying my muscles for the more intense strokes I know will follow.

I pull on my hands. I twist against the leather cuffs that restrain me and stomp my feet. The hits get harder and closer together and I cry out, "Fuck!"

"Indeed. Take a deep breath and breathe, my love."You pull in a sharp lungful of air and I know before the sound of the switch cuts through the air this will be a harsh one. I tense, readying for the heat and pain.


The switch harshly caresses my ass.

I inhale through clenched teeth, and slip…slip into that state I so crave. My muscles liquefy and peaceful calm washes over me. I stand absolutely still and quiet as a shy child, hanging in the blissful haze as the leather cuffs and rope hold me.


The switch cuts again with the same harsh intensity. I moan at the heat and tingling in my ass as my pussy gushes and fevered arousal courses through me.

Swoosh... swoosh... swoosh... swoosh...

I rock and sway to each knee-weakening hit.

Meet the Author

Eden Bradley is the award-winning author of numerous novels and novellas, both in print and electronic format, and her work has appeared in several erotic anthologies. Eden appears regularly on Playboy Radio and conducts workshops on the writing craft and writing about sex. A psychology major, she’s fascinated with how the human mind responds to intimacy, especially when sex and romance collide. Eden lives in Hollywood. You can visit her at www.EdenBradley.com.

Megan Hart is the award-winning and multi-published author of more than thirty novels, novellas and short stories. Her work has been published in almost every genre, including contemporary women’s fiction, historical romance, romantic suspense and erotica. Megan lives in the deep, dark woods of Pennsylvania with her husband and children, and is currently working on her next novel for MIRA Books. You can contact Megan through her website at www.MeganHart.com.

Tracy Wolff collects books, English degrees and lipsticks. At six she wrote her first short story and ventured into the world of girls’ lit. By ten she’d read everything in the young adult and classics sections of her local bookstore, so started on romance novels. And from the first page, she'd found her life-long love. Tracy lives in Texas with her husband and three sons, where she writes and teaches at the local college. She can be reached online at www.tracywolff.com.

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Naughty Bits: An Anthology of Short Erotic Fiction 3.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 31 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
This first spicy Naughty Bits anthology is a hot (make that equatorial heat) erotic romance anthology. The short format is perfect for this sub-genre as the sexual action occurs between the protagonists. None of the erotic entries are depressors as each of the fifteen arousers is well written even in the limited format. Obviously plotting is somewhat diminished especially with the shorter tales (arbitrarily under fifty pages - some go into the sixties, but none attain 69), but no one will care as the fifteen provocateurs provide hot stimulating erotic tales that spread the gamut (as well as body parts) of the genre. These torrid Spice Briefs are fun to read; as they will leave your significant other in ecstasy especially spreading the encounters over several weeks.

Harriet Klausner
cloggiedownunder More than 1 year ago
Naughty Bits is an anthology of erotic short stories by fifteen different authors. The stories vary between twenty and sixty pages in length and they include succubus/vampire, BDSM (but readers who have slogged their way through the Fifty Shades Trilogy will have had their fill of that, even if this predates FSOG), male/male sex, threesome sex, sex in public places, sex in the woods, sex with strangers, medieval sex, sex with fairies, phone sex, erotic letters, strip-chess, sex by astral travel, voyeurism, shape-shifters, post-funeral sex, sex with work colleagues, a love hotel, a sexual tutor, pearls as sexual props, multiple partners and penetration of every conceivable orifice. The phrase “she came instantly” is well and truly overused. Readers who appreciate erotica might enjoy these stories, although this is not a book to be read in large chunks as that results in an erotica overload which renders the sex boring and tedious. Some of the longer stories have a bit of a plot, although often it is quite transparent or predictable; others are simply a vehicle for sexual encounters. Outstanding amongst the mediocre offerings is The Queen’s Tale by Grace d’Otare and The Well-Tutored Lover by Alice Gaines.
Katy_Beth More than 1 year ago
Last night I had a great review almost completely done using my phone app when I got a message so I went to check it and lost the whole thing. I'm going to try again to recreate my "great" review. "Naughty Bits" lives up to its name and is exactly as advertises a collection of the naughty bits. I picked up this book soon after getting my nook and discovering erotic and frankly it was all about the sex. I'm not sure how this book got "pushed" to the back of my nook shelf but after sitting there for over a year I decided I just needed to get it read. And while I enjoyed the "Naughty Bits" for the most part I discovered something about my own evolution in my reading. I realized that I really want a story. I want characters I can connect with, plots that are developed, and in most cases a "happily ever after" or at least a decent wrap up. So if you are looking for some quick reads to get your juices flowing "Naughty Bits" is the book for you but if you want story to go with your sex then you might want to pass this one up.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Colton,sexy boobs
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago