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Naughty or Nice

Naughty or Nice

by Ray Jessel

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  1. Intro of Ray
  2. Naughty or Nice
  3. The Short Term Memory Loss Blues
  4. Short Term Memory Loss
  5. Easier Said Than Done
  6. And Then I Wrote
  7. I Think About Sex
  8. Wanna Sing a Show Tune (Intro)
  9. Wanna Sing a Show Tune
  10. What She's Got (The Penis Song)
  11. Never Change My Mind (Intro)
  12. You Will Never Change My Mind
  13. It Isn't Even Christmas (Intro)
  14. It Isn't Even Christmas
  15. With Any Luck
  16. Ménage a Trois (Intro)
  17. Ménage a Trois
  18. "M" Is for...
  19. Red White & Blue (Intro)
  20. Red White & Blue
  21. Intro to Bonus Tracks
  22. Valentine's Day
  23. Something on the Side (Intro)
  24. Something on the Side
  25. Finding Words for Spring (Intro) [from the Broadway Musical "Baker Stre
  26. Finding Words for Spring

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