Naughty Spanking Two: 20 Erotic Stories

Naughty Spanking Two: 20 Erotic Stories

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by Carole Archer, Marissa Moon, Kristina Wright, Roger Frank Selby

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Twenty more buttock blushing stories that will whip up your excitement!

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Twenty more buttock blushing stories that will whip up your excitement!

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Naughty Spanking , #2
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She turned the pages until she found the photos of the night they met. It was at a fetish party. As soon as he set eyes on her he asked if he could spank her. She agreed without hesitation.

There was a definite spark between them and from this moment they were inseparable. They spent most of the evening in a private room, playing and also getting to know each other. They were both big players in the scene until now, but no-one else got close to them that night. Neither of them played with anyone else at that party – or ever again.

They spent lots of time together in the months following the party and found they were compatible in every way possible, especially their spanking desires. Within months they were living together and were soon making wedding plans.

Sarah had always loved being spanked, but she’d never gone in for the total domination that others seemed to crave. She didn’t want a 24/7 partner, she didn’t understand corner time or punishment spankings, but she soon found herself exploring all of these areas with Martin and discovered she loved it all.

She trusted Martin more than she’d ever trusted anyone in her life, and she gave him her total submission, allowing him to try anything new. She discovered she loved the cane most – an implement she had always feared in the past.

He fulfilled all her fantasies and would try anything she wanted. They had many an enjoyable play session with her wearing large split bloomers, pretending she was a badly behaved maid in Victorian times. They also explored the effect of ginger inserted into a naughty young lady’s bottom, and found this made her hornier than ever. They had a very enjoyable sex life, especially after she’d been spanked.

She loved play spankings. She also discovered that, although not enjoyable at all, she needed punishment spankings. On the rare occasions she disappointed Martin or made him cross, she felt really bad. He’d given her so much and she hated to repay him with displays of bad behaviour.

She was prone to sulking, especially when she didn’t get her own way, and she’d had some major tantrums over the years. Martin hated swearing and when she got in a particularly bad mood she’d swear at him deliberately. She always felt guilty afterwards and couldn’t wait for him to take her panties down and punish her.

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