Navigating the Badlands: Thriving in the Decade of Radical Transformation

Navigating the Badlands: Thriving in the Decade of Radical Transformation

by Mary O'Hara-Devereaux

The turbulent stock market, worker migration, an overhaul of the traditional methods of strategic planning–today’s global business environment has undergone dramatic changes and there are more changes on the way. How can organizations stay on top during this perilous new phase of global transformation?

In this groundbreaking book, Mary

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The turbulent stock market, worker migration, an overhaul of the traditional methods of strategic planning–today’s global business environment has undergone dramatic changes and there are more changes on the way. How can organizations stay on top during this perilous new phase of global transformation?

In this groundbreaking book, Mary O’Hara-Devereaux–an internationally renowned business forecaster–shows how organizations can hone their competitive edge during these uncertain times. Using the metaphor of traveling through the badlands of the American West, Navigating the Badlands offers the principles, tools, transformative strategies, and essential understanding executives and business leaders need if they are to weather the rugged, global business landscape of the future. Throughout the book O’Hara-Devereaux reveals how business leaders can seize the opportunity to create new value from successful alliances, reach global markets, and find top talent.

Navigating the Badlands is filled with illustrative stories of successes and failures from a wide variety of industries, geographic areas, and organizational models that can serve as models for organizations moving forward in the unforgiving business climate. The author explores the challenges of developing executive readiness and describes nine "Organizational Pains," including new global competitors, disruptive innovations in the industry, obsolescence of a key technology central to a core business model, dramatic shifts in customer desires and purchasing habits, and loss of key talent. She offers ideas for resolving these potential stumbling blocks. She also shows how to create "New Capabilities" that enable organizations to innovate, engage, and integrate a web of relationships needed for long-term success and outlines dynamic "Principles of Transformation" that will be required for doing business in the badlands.

Navigating the Badlands provides powerful diagnostic and communication tools, short-term and long-term strategic support, and new collaborative suggestions for the perilous journey ahead.

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“This book offers a concise, coherent interpretation of alarge set of global developments and their impacts on companies.Nevertheless, one of the valuable messages reads;‘Don’t get lost in familiar territory.’ TheBadlands metaphor provides an innovation imperative, whichtranscends a pure technological scope and truly integrates thesocial and organizational experimentation we need to embrace.Navigating the Badlands provides a reconceptualization ofhow we view the world and strategies to do something about it. Agreat book.”
—Harald Preissler, DaimlerChrysler AG, Research Society andTechnology

Navigating the Badlands offers a thought-provokingexploration into the upheaval occurring in business and society.Those leaders wanting to thrive through this transformation willwelcome this opportunity to challenge their thinking and broadentheir perspective in new fresh ways. Leaders wanting to positivelyimpact our new global society will embrace the Badlandsmessage and insights on the criticality of ethicalleadership.”
—Lydia Beebe, corporate secretary, ChevronTexaco

“This book will change the way you think about the future.Mary O’Hara- Devereaux’s insights are both sobering andempowering: a must-read for citizens of the twenty-firstcentury.”
—Annalee Saxenian, dean, School of Information and ManagementSystems, University of California, Berkeley

Navigating the Badlands provides a clear economicand social context for companies to understand and respond to theimpact of global transformation on the consumer.”
—Denise Morrison, president global sales and chief customerofficer, Campbell Soup Company

“This is imperative reading in sustaining your competitiveedge in the global, U.S., and China marketplace by focusing onthree key factors—fluid strategies, adaptive leadership, andlearning about the emerging economic powerhouse China.”
—Tom Chin, CEO, Sino-American Development and InvestmentCorporation

Navigating the Badlands is a brilliant and timelyanalysis of the challenges we face as both business leaders andglobal citizens. This analysis captures the sources oftoday’s underlying current unease which exist in the businesscommunity as well as in individuals. These ‘Badlands’are contextualized and dissected by Mary’s perspective as anexperienced futurist and successful practitioner.”
—Derek Van Eck, president, Van Eck Global Investments, NewYork

Navigating the Badlands will help ChineseCEO’s build innovation companies for the global marketplaceand avoid the common problems and pains of their globalcompetitors. This book will end up in every Chinese strategymeeting.”
—Chen Zhangliang, founder and CEO of several Chinese privateventures and member, National Peoples Congress, president, ChinaAgricultural University, vice president, Peking University

“When the hearty pioneers of yesteryear headed west intheir wagons, the most savvy among them no doubt took along theearly reports of explorer John Wesley Powell or the Lewis and Clarkexpedition as a rough guide to what they’d encounter in the‘Badlands.’ Today’s new pioneers in a fasttransforming world—the metaphorical ‘Badlands’ inwhich we suddenly find ourselves—alas now have a similarrough guide. To survive and thrive along the dusty, dangerous andhazard-strewn trial that leads into the global future, keep youpowder dry, your canteen full and have MaryO’Hara-Devereaux’s remarkable new book at reach in yoursaddlebag.”
—David Judson, vice president, Kavrakoglu, Istanbul, Turkey

“Mary O’Hara Devereaux first guides you through themajor organizational and leadership shifts we have all beenchallenged to navigate, and then she delivers a carefullyconstructed framework that optimizes organizations and leadersopportunities to thrive in these turbulent times. She takes youinto the future and gives you the tools and inspiration to planfrom there.”
—Pamela Heman, executive director, Leadership California, board ofdirectors, American Society of Association Executives

Navigating the Badlands is clear, easy to read,and explains deeply the concepts that I have come to use almostdaily in my thinking and strategic development. The Badlandsframework is relevant in almost every conversation I am in aboutthe future of the nonprofit sector, philanthropy, and socialchange. The framework helps me to understand what has changed, ischanging, and will change, and what skills, capacities, andstrategies we need to support and nurture through this transitiontime. The framework provides a posture toward the world—a wayof thinking about and managing change, a way of exploring thefuture so that you might then great it betterprepared.”
—Ellen Friedman, vice president, Tides Foundation and TidesCenter

“Young people are a vital demographic that companies,governments, and the social sector can not afford to ignore.Mary’s strong sense of this generation’s importanceensures the relevance of this book for those looking to reach thisaudience. Read it and learn how to engage and inspire them torealize the potential of their abilities within your organizationand our global society.”
—Jennifer Corriero and Michael Furdyk, cofounders, TakingITGlobal,Young Global Leaders, Davos Economic Forum 2002, Toronto,Canada

“In this sweeping and penetrating analysis of the globalforces driving change over the next twenty-five years, futuristMary O’Hara Devereaux’s experienced hand draws acompelling, holistic map of the rapidly-shifiting territory we areentering, ‘The Badlands.’ Fortunately, she alsoprovides us with critical navigational tools for systematicallyscouting our paths into this dangerous future. In our BusinessAcross Borders training sessions, her Cassandra-esque propheciesmade a powerful impression on our MBAs and corporate guestsalike.”
—Leslie Jarmon, director, Business Across Borders Plus Program,MBA Program, McCombs School of Business, University of Texas atAustin

“Provocative and insightful . . . complex andstraightforward, Mary O’Hara-Devereaux presents acomprehensive and compelling picture of the impact ofglobalization. The lessons from other industries told so well inthis book have profound implications for health care. You can usethe tools in this book for her new Health Care Badlands Map tobreakthrough the gridlock and launch the radical innovations we sodesperately need.”
—Philip R. Lee, M.D., professor, Stanford University School ofMedicine, former chancellor, University of California SanFrancisco; former undersecretary for health and human services,Clinton Administration and Johnson Administration

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