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Nearer to the Heart's Desire: Tales of Psychotherapy

Nearer to the Heart's Desire: Tales of Psychotherapy

by George H. Weinberg

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
A New York City psychotherapist and author of The Taboo Scarf offers eight generally interesting accounts of his encounters with patients. A skilled observer, Weinberg adds his responses and developing assessments to his descriptions of those who come to him for help: the brash and vulnerable young comic disturbed by voices in her head; a quiet bachelor struggling with powerful impulses to strangle his young niece; an eccentric older woman whose daughter wants sent to a nursing home. In many cases, therapy is terminated before the story is resolved or Weinberg is able to ``save'' the patient he has come to care for. Yet in his attentive, compassionate descriptions these people, and their private mysteries, come to matter. (Sept.)
William Beatty
Most recent popular books on psychotherapy contain just fragments of cases and deal primarily with the patient's side of the case. Weinberg here presents eight cases, fictionalized from his own practice, in which he describes both the patients' conditions and his own reasoning and feelings, even if these led temporarily into blind alleys. This perceptive, at times fascinating, collection deals with, among others, identical twins Peter, a clinical psychologist, and Constantine, a gambler; Jessica, the stand-up comic with radio teeth; docile nurse Elinor and burned Walter; Rita and her tennis racket; and two more brothers, Danny, the success, and Artie, the leech. Weinberg's word pictures are often vivid; one tightly reined-in character he delineates as "the sort of person who went to Peter, Paul and Mary concerts mainly for the words." These well-written, understanding stories of the lives of mentally or emotionally tortured human beings should appeal to many diverse readers.

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